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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 9 Recap

After the war, the city was in a mess, many stalls were overturned, and various items were scattered all over the place. The common people were busy cleaning up and discussing the situation of the war just now. I heard that their 300,000 reinforcements arrived, and the army in the country left Yun couldn’t beat it, so they retreated immediately. They were also very happy. Ye Yunchen was the God of War of Yunfeng Nation. As long as he was there, it would be fine.

Zixian came over to find Ning Bozhu and asked her if she was okay. Ye Yunchen happened to come over and mocked how Ning Bozhu was going to be wrong. He had clearly reminded her that the battle was about to make her hide in the store. As a result, she Going deep into the enemy army and going to such a dangerous place, if it is because she has affected the situation of the battle, how can you bear it? Ning Bozhu was very aggrieved.

Don’t think that Ye Yunchen saved her twice and floated away. She couldn’t watch a pregnant woman being killed. Naturally, she wanted to save her. He also accused Ye Yunchen of being a cold-blooded person. Ye Shura, inhuman. Ling Feng was very angry when he heard it, and reprimanded Ning Bozhu for being bold, and Ye Yunchen stopped him without saying anything to leave. Ning Baizhu asked him if he didn’t care about hurting the people, at least he should send some doctors over.

There are so many wealthy businessmen in the city, they should also have money to contribute. Ye Yunchen agreed and said that as the shopkeeper of Ning Jia Youpin, Ning Bozhu is the owner of the largest grocery store in the city. He should also contribute money and effort. He publicly announced that Ning Bozhu would pay 800 taels of silver. Ning Baizhu was very depressed, his mouth couldn’t close in surprise, eight hundred taels of silver was not a small sum.

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