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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 22 Recap

On the day of Hui Hui’s birthday, the emperor put a banquet to celebrate, and Li Che also attended Hui Hui’s birthday banquet and presented a jade pillow as a birthday gift. The emperor asked why he had left the car alone, and Li Che resigned that the princess was sick and was unable to participate.

Both Li Che and Li Heng lost their love and borrowed wine at the banquet. The queen remembered the scene where the princess accompanied Zhu Yan dancing at the Lingxi Conference, saying that it was not the right time for the princess to be sick. Arrieti took the initiative to stand up and said that she could accompany Hui Guifei. Ariete played a long lovesick, and Zhu Yan began to dance. Dr. Li Che was drunk and regarded Aliette who was playing the piano as Changle. Zhu Yan jumped too hard and accidentally fell to the ground. Li Heng looked distressed on the side and stood up and said he wanted to match up with Hui Guifei.

Li Che felt bored to leave the seat and went out to breathe. The queen followed. She also mentioned the early death of Queen Shen. Now the princess is also ill, saying that Li Che is a lone star to bring bad luck to the people around him. It was angry and hard to make.

When the birthday banquet was over, the emperor asked Hui Hui to send him to rest. Li Heng looked at Zhu Yanyuan’s back and could only borrow wine to grieve.

came to the door of Xiyan Palace of Hui Hui, the emperor proposed to rest here tonight, Zhu Yan said that drinking too much today was not convenient for the waiter, and the emperor did not suffer from the strongman and went back alone. Coming to the door, Zhu Yan found that drunk Li Heng came to Xiyan Hall staggeringly and had to help her into the room.

Li Che returned to the Prince’s Mansion, feeling sad at the thought of Changle. At this time, a dart flew to the pillar of the room. Li Che took the dart and found a note on it: Come to Jinchen Inn in Chengxi tonight, I’ll wait for you. It can be seen from the darts that this is Changle’s letter. Li Che immediately rushed to the Jinchen Inn written on the note, but Changle did not show up. The store enthusiastically brought out some dishes and let Li Che wait while drinking. At this time, Li Che was very excited, and he dropped his guard and looked forward to seeing Changle. Unexpectedly, Li Che fell into a coma immediately. The queen and Arriet hurried to the room, which turned out to be the queen’s strategy. The queen took the token from Li Che and asked Arie to undress Li Che, and the two slept in a bed.

At dawn, the Special Envoy of Yeming State entered the palace urgently, saying that Aliette disappeared after the banquet, and the prince was also missing.

Gongsun Moye had tossed and turned hard to sleep. He got up and went out to breathe. As soon as he opened the door, a man in black took the prince’s token. He said he would leave with him if he wanted to see the prince.

It was just dawn, and the eunuch came to sue the prince and Arriety at an inn in the suburbs. Please check with the emperor in person.

came to the inn. The owner of the inn claimed that Li Che took an exotic woman to the inn and forced her into the house despite the girl’s resistance. The emperor immediately rushed to the room where Li Che lived, and really found that Li Che shared a bed with a woman. The emperor was in a rage. At this time, the woman in bed woke up, and it was actually the Crown Princess Changle. Aliette also walked into the room, claiming that someone took the Crown Prince’s token last night and led her to the inn. Chang Le also said that last night he saw the store owner put a drug on Li Che’s wine and stole his token after he was in a coma. The emperor discovered that there was another conspiracy in the matter, and immediately sent someone to interrogate the innkeeper.

After interrogation, the shop owner never gave out the behind-the-scenes ambassador, saying he was blindfolded every time he met, and he didn’t know what the behind-the-scenes ambassador looked like. The only clue was that the behind-the-scenes ambassador gave him a purse. After observation, this money bag is made of silk, and it may not be a property of the palace at first glance. In addition, the innkeeper confessed that there was a touch of jasmine on the purse, and Aliette smelled it. It was her thyme for the harem, and the spice he gave to each concubine was different. The emperor asked the eunuch who distributed the spice. The eunuch said that jasmine was sent to the Qingning Palace where the queen was. When the queen heard it, she learned that she was in the trap of Aliette.

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