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Burning 燃烧 Episode 16 Recap

After the day and night work of the Zhou Wei appraisal team in 1995, the paternity test results of Xu Jiafu and Xu Da finally came out. Zhou Wei watched the appraisal results and his hands were shaking. At this time, Gao Sihai was fidgeting in the office of Longwan Branch Bureau. Gao Jianshe just came over to deliver food to Gao Sihai, and he sat down in the office of Gao Sihai. Zhou Wei came to Gao Sihai to report the identification results.

Zhou Wei said with a heavy tone that the result of the identification was that the two samples were a father-son relationship, that is to say, Xu Jiafu was indeed buried in his grave. Gao Sihai was unbelievable. He said with excitement that it was impossible, and he asked Zhou Wei to do another test. Zhou Wei returned to the laboratory helplessly. When Gao Sihai lost his soul, Liu Zhijian called Gao Sihai to ask the result. Gao Sihai told Liu Zhijian the result, and he firmly believed that the result was wrong. Liu Zhijian slumped in a chair decadently.

Senior High School murmured that this result was impossible, Zhou Wei must have made a mistake. Gao Jianshei’s anger finally broke out. He accused Gao Sihai of saying that Liu Zhijian was hurt by him because of his stubbornness, and the leadership of the entire provincial office was also hurt by him. Gao Jianshe left angrily. At this time, Zhao Yue’e and Xu Jun, who were waiting for the identification result in Xu Village, also got answers, and Zhao Yue’e smiled proudly in heaven.

Gao Sihai insisted on going to the Beijing Ministry of Public Security for the second appraisal. Gao Sihai took Zhou Wei to Beijing by train. As a result, he was forced to get off at Dongtang Station halfway through the police. In the railway police station of Dongtang Station, Gao Sihai and Zhou Wei hurried to Deputy Director Shen. Deputy Director Shen denounced that Gao Sihai should not bring the test samples into Beijing without permission. He said that Zhao Yue’e and Xu Jun had already expressed their opinions today that they wanted to invest in Longwan. He didn’t want Gao Sihai’s stubbornness to ruin the investment project. Deputy Director Shen perseveredly persuaded Gao Sihai, who insisted stubbornly to go to Beijing. Deputy Director Shen had no choice but to let the police forcefully take Gao Sihai back to Longwan. At this time, at the signing ceremony of Longwan Investment, Xu Jun and Longwan signed the contract smoothly.

Gao Sihai was packing things in the office, and he had been transferred to the archive room. Gao Sihai is handing over his work to the police, and he tells Gao Sihai his words, Zhou Wei is also punished, and Director Liu Zhijian also submitted a resignation letter. Gao Sihai was so shocked that he hurried to find Liu Zhijian and angered that Liu Zhijian resigned as a deserter. Liu Zhijian felt very sad, he said that the initiative to resign is still the face left by the organization. Gao Sihai blamed himself. Liu Zhijian tells about his love for police uniforms and regrets that he can no longer wear police uniforms. Finally, he suddenly vomited blood and said nothing. Gao Sihai lost his comrade in arms, but did not want to live.

Xu Jiatong returned to the country, Xu Jun told her that Zhao Yue’e asked him to go to the Public Security Bureau to get Xu Da’s body back. Xu Jun believes that the public security must keep Xu Da’s body because there is still nothing to be found, but Zhao Yue’e insists on taking Xu Da’s body back. Xu Jun had no choice but to do it.

Feng Kai and Li Xia report to the Public Security Department on the progress of the review of the 405 case. Director Song said with earnestness that Feng Kai and Li Xia took a correct attitude. He said that the review work is not to prove anything, but to restore the truth of the case. He said that Feng Kai was temporarily responsible for the review, and Li Xia transferred back to arrange new work.

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