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Burning 燃烧 Episode 14 Recap

After Wei Cannon had surveyed the site of Xu Da’s ward and was about to leave, Feng Kai stopped Wei Cannon and asked him to stop all work, and immediately conducted a poison identification of Xu Da. Feng Kai walked into Xu Da’s ward, he felt angry and nowhere to vent. Xu Da’s important testimony was actually dead. In the case of the 405 case, it seemed that Liu Anhuahuaming was about to appear, but now he suddenly wants to start all over again.

Zhao Yue’s thoughts returned to 1995, and Xu Jun, who returned to the village to invest, hosted a banquet for the villagers. Zhao Yue’e stood up and apologized for Xu Jiafu’s behavior of absconding with money that year, and all the villagers expressed their forgiveness for Zhao Yue’e. Zhao Yue’e then pulled Xu Jun from house to house to give the money. She took out the accounts of the villagers to raise funds and said that now she would compensate each household with a standard of 20 times. All the villagers were impressed, and they praised Zhao Yue’s righteousness.

Zhao Yuee gestured to Xu Da with his eyes. Xu Da stood up and said passionately that their Xu family wanted to repay the villagers, but now some people want to do everything possible to prevent the villagers from getting rich. Under Xu Da’s instigation, the villagers were deeply engrossed in Gao Sihai’s Liu Zhi, who wanted to dig the graves of Xu’s ancestors to destroy Xu’s feng shui. They were so angry that they wanted to reason with Gao Sihai and Liu Zhijian.

At this time, Gao Sihai and Liu Zhijian came to Xu Village. Zhao Yuee immediately pretended to be profound and persuaded that the villagers should not make trouble. She said affectionately to Xu Village affectionately, and she implied that if the Feng Shui of Xu Jiazu’s grave was destroyed, Xu Jun will not come to Xu Village to invest again. The people were indignant, and they pleaded with Liu Zhijian and Gao Sihai, begging them to let Xu Jiafu go. Xu Da even blamed Gao Sihai for being a white-eyed wolf.

Zhao Yue’s thoughts returned to the present, she looked at the pictures of Gao Feng on her mobile phone. After a long time, the killer received Zhao Yuee’s message, and Zhao Yuee ordered him to keep an eye on the high wind, and reported himself if there was any abnormal situation.

Gao Feng thought hard and meditated and called Zhou Wei. He thought Xu Da died of murder. Zhou Wei asked him why he said that, Gao Feng said he was intuitive. Zhou Wei persuaded him not to mess up, but to believe in the inspection ability of Wei Cannon.

Feng Kai stood in the morgue for a long time and couldn’t calm down. He thought a lot. Finally Feng Kai dialed the Song Bureau telephone, and he asked Gao Jianshe’s cause of death. According to Song Jujiayi, Gao Jianshe was killed in a car accident when he went to Haidong to investigate the case, but he can be sure that there was no case involving Longdong in Longwan. Under Feng Kai’s questioning, Song Ju said that if he had to bullshit, only Xu Jiafu would set himself on fire in Haidong County in 1986. Feng Kai suddenly felt a flash of light, and he immediately ordered someone to find out the file of Xu Jiafu’s case.

In the United Kingdom, Zhou Haoyu once again persuaded Xu Jiatong to abandon the BAT project. He said that this project was really inappropriate. It is estimated that Shen Chaoying, a two-billion-pound domestic loan and foreign loan, would not agree, and he always felt that Xu Jiatong had changed greatly in these days. Poor communication. Xu Jiatong interrupted Zhou Haoyu impatiently. She said in words that sometimes even the closest people often did not know their true thoughts. Xu Jiatong received a call from Xu Jun at this time, and Xu Jun told her that Xu Da was dead. Xu Jiatong was very shocked. The woman in the airport who deliberately hit Yang Heng’s arm flashed in her mind again.

Feng Kai inspected the case file of Xu Jiafu’s case in the office, when Wei Cannon called. Wei Cannon told Feng Kai that if there was no accident in the poison test, Xu Da did die of cerebral infarction. Feng Kai hung up the phone in disappointment. At this time Gao Feng also came to Wei Cannon’s office to ask about Xu Da’s death, and Wei Cannon told the truth.

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