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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 19 Recap

Yaowang Chongxuezhi accepted Yaowang’s suggestion, and healed with Shangguan through the hot spring bath in the hot spring. Gradually, the internal force of her body was given to Shangguan through the water flow, and Chong Xuezhi himself fainted in Shangguan through the arms. Finally, Shangguan Tou took Chong Xuezhi back to the room and put her gently on the bed, Shangguan Holding her fair-skinned hands with pity, looking at her pale face, I sincerely hope that in the future two people will grow old together, only the envy and the envy.

Chongqin had a special liking for cinnabar, but he struggled with how to express it. Fengshe volunteered to help him, so he took the money that Chongqin gave to him and went down the mountain to buy a lover for the cinnabar. He asked him why he was unable to withstand the temptation and took the money to go to the casino to prepare for a big win. As a result, he lost all the money. He didn’t do anything but he couldn’t help it.

Xia Qingmei bought a bracelet ready to give Lin Fengzi, but worried about being rejected, Lin Zongxing saw his hesitation, because he also likes this big disciple very much, so he wanted to test his daughter’s thought. In the evening, he came to Lin Fengzi to talk to him and told his daughter to look for the other half to see if the other party treated him sincerely. People like Shangguantou were unreliable. He said that he took out the bracelet Xia Qingmei bought, but Lin Fengzi had only sibling feelings towards Xia Qingmei at the moment, and he could not accept this expression. Xia Qingmei, who was standing outside the door, saw all this, and could not help but feel a little lonely.

In the upper valley of the moon, after Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi opened their hearts to each other, the feelings of the two were like glue, and at night, Yuehua seemed to be practicing. The two talked while enjoying the moon. Speaking of Red Sleeve and Zhong Tao, Red Sleeve has buried Zhong Tao, but for Red Sleeve, the blow of losing my love is too great. She may not be able to get into love in her life. Shangguan said with great emotion. It is really rare that he and Chong Xuezhi could meet each other in the vast sea. The two people must cherish this fate and cherish every moment together.

Feng She ran to tell Chong Qing and Zhu Sha. I accidentally found a large iron ore in Houshan, and let the two go to see it quickly. Tiaoqi and Zhusha believed that it was true, and hurried over with him, but unexpectedly walked into a dark cave, which was extremely dark. The cold was unusual, and Chong Qing involuntarily hugged the cinnabar. Under these circumstances, the two people confided in their love for each other, and expressed their intentions for each other. It turned out that this was deliberately arranged by Feng She, specifically creating an opportunity for the two to speak their minds.

Lin Zongxing arranged for Xia Qingmei to attend the birthday feast of Anzhou prefecture instead of himself, and let Lin Fengzi go together. On the road, Xia Qingmei took care of Lin Fengzi and expressed with emotion that Lin Fengzi was Lingjian Villa Qian Qian, and you are just an orphan, if you don’t have a master, you won’t have your own end. Lin Fengzi comforted him and said that everything will be okay. Now Xia Qingmei is already a young hero and has a lot of power on the rivers and lakes. The popularity of the company will be very promising in the future.

In the moonlight, Shangguantou is playing chess with Chongxuezhi. At this time, the two people are in love and only hope that the years are quiet. They both perform light skills and fly to the roof. Under the shining moonlight, Shangguantou and Chongxuezhi have a deep affection. Hug, kiss deeply, and make the moon a little jealous with affection. The people sent by Liuli and Emei Zintai are privately reporting the situation of Chonghuo Palace and Chongxuezhi. She turned out to be the undercover of the Emei faction. Doing something that hurt Chong Xuezhi, Feng Xie saw it all clearly. He did not expose Liuli, but still persuaded Liuli to make it clear to Chong Xuezhi as soon as possible, and he himself was going to leave the palace of heavy fire to go The Huashan faction recognized them.

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