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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 18 Recap

Things have to start from fifteen years ago. At that year’s Heroes Conference, Lin Changran, Chong Ye and Yu Wen Yu Pan saw each other as they were, and they fell in love together as heterosexual brothers. Since then, they often practice martial arts together. Chong Ye will three people The skills and mental methods were refined, and he wrote the Furong Heart Sutra and the Lotus Nine Forms. He also practiced the Lotus Nine Forms after careful practice. However, these two martial arts must complement each other to improve each other. Only practicing one of them is easy to get into trouble. Chongye can’t extricate himself like this. He often hurts martial arts people by mistake. The method of cracking is that Chongye must be close to it before it can return to normal. Mind, in order not to make Chong Ye so painful, Yuwen Yupan is determined to go to death and sacrifice himself to rescue Chong Ye from the demon, thus saving more people.

Learning the truth about Yuwen Yupan’s death at that time, Yuwen Muyuan was silent for a long time. It turned out that his father died voluntarily under the sword of his good brother Chongye. Chong Xuezhi didn’t know what to say for a while, she didn’t know how to face Yu Wen Mu Yuan, and was full of guilt for him. Lin Changran went on with the topic just now. Later, in order to save the secrets and the palace of fire, Chong Ye himself took his own life to thank the world and the entire martial arts. He hurt too many innocent people and killed him. I have a brother like myself. After listening to this heavy past, Yu Wen Mu Yuan and Chong Xuezhi looked at each other speechlessly. He patted Chong Xuezhi on the shoulder, meaning to persuade her to let go, and also persuaded herself to let go.

Looking at the fact that both young people can let go of the past without being influenced by the things of their parents, Lin Changran is very pleased. It is an important thing for him to return to the Palace of Heavy Fire this time. Since Shangguan revealed the last time he used all of his true energy for the healing of Chongxuezhi, Shentong’s will and weakness were hurt by Man Feiyue poison in Xuantianhong Lingguan. The current situation is very bad. Lin Changran hopes that Chongxuezhi can Pass the Furong Heart Sutra to Shangguantou to help him recover his skills as soon as possible. After hearing it, Chong Xuezhi hurried to Yueshanggu. Shangguantou was healing in the medicated bath. Seeing Chong Xuezhi was very surprised, she stood up involuntarily, and Chong Xuezhi ran away shyly.

The medicine Wang Yinci told Chong Xuezhi that he had used all the methods but had little effect. If he wanted to achieve the best results, he needed to practice with Chong Xuezhi and Shangguantuo together, and yin and yang would complement each other to achieve a multiplier effect, but this is still true For a heavy girl named Huang Xuezhi, I am afraid that her reputation will be damaged. However, in order to cure Shangguan Transmitter as soon as possible, Chong Xuezhi still took into account so many common etiquettes, she readily agreed to cooperate with Yaowang to start various treatments for Shangguan Transm. During the day, she and Shangguantuo practiced the Furong Heart Sutra together and perfected. It cooperated with Yaowang to study the right medicine for Shangguantuo. It was very hard but she was as happy as herself.

Shangguan looked through his eyes, and his heart was very warm. He made a statement to retain Chong Xuezhi and let her live in Yueshanggu for more time. He wanted to take her to Houshan to see the sea of ​​flowers. Chong Xuezhi remembered the last time he came , Shangguan Too was so cold to himself, could not help feeling wronged. Shangguan was very compassionate and said involuntarily that the last time he said all lies, he liked Chongxuezhi and wanted to give her a happy life, but considering his own situation, he was worried that not only would not bring her happiness, but also May cause harm, so I am a little timid.

Chongxuezhi is worried that because of her notoriety of being cursed by rivers and lakes, Shangguan Tou will stay away from herself. Shangguan Tou says that she feels the same about her situation and understands it very well. The two opened their knots, and suddenly felt close to each other in their hearts. But Shang Guantuo’s body did not improve much. After discussing with Xuezhi and Yaowang, he decided to adjust the treatment plan.

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