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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 17 Recap

Lin Fengzi learned that Xia Qingmei had saved herself, and she couldn’t help feeling more favored for Xia Qingmei. Seeing the pain caused by the epidemic to the people, Shangguan revealed to the people that the epidemic was upside down and resolved the damage caused to the people as soon as possible. He decided to return to Dongdu immediately and inform his father Shangguan of the boat in detail. Despite being very reluctant, Chong Xuezhi would like Shangguan to go back to Chonghuo Palace with herself, but she knows which is more important at this time, not when it comes to her children’s personal feelings. Shangguan was very reluctant in his heart, he repeatedly told Chong Xuezhi to pay attention to safety on the road.

Xia Qingmei, under the professor of Hong Sheng, through his hard work and hard training, finally realized the five types of Lotus God. He told Hong Sheng of this news. Hong Sheng was amazed and had to admire Xia Qingmei’s talent. Alien. But he also told Xia Qingmei that if he didn’t have the help of Furong’s Heart Sutra, it would be easy for him to get into trouble. After hearing Xia Qingmei’s gloom, Hong Sheng told him that it would be better to go to Luduan Temple to steal Furong’s heart directly, so that the two complement each other and the skills must be improved quickly.

When Xuezhi would reignite the palace of fire, Feng Feng was brought back together to help him find a way to save Yu Wen Mu Yuan. The first thing that Chong Xuezhi returned to Chonghuo Palace was to immediately come to visit Yu Wen Mu Yuan and see that Yu Wen Mu Yuan couldn’t even get out of bed. He felt very uncomfortable and knew he must have suffered a lot. Yu Wen Mu Yuan saw Chong Xuezhi coming back safely, and he also felt relieved to listen to Chong Xuezhi’s arrangement to recuperate.

Yu Wen Mu Yuan took the antidote formulated by Feng She, but suddenly he fainted, and everyone was shocked. Feng She was well-informed and explained that it does not matter, this is because Yu Wen Mu Yuan’s disease took too long for the pharmacological reaction. It would be okay to sleep for one night, and everyone was relieved. Perfect, Chong Xuezhi was drinking alone in the moonlight to relieve her sorrow, Feng She came over to chat with her, Feng She comforted her, like Chong Xuezhi, at a young age, he became the young palace master of the Chonghuo Palace, and was still on the rivers and lakes. There are a lot of good friends who should be very happy. Chong Xuezhi listened to what he said was very reasonable and couldn’t help being happy.

After a period of recovery, Yu Wen Mu Yuan has been able to move freely. On this day, he came to find Grandpa, hoping to see this time Xue Xue tried every means to save his own share, let Grandpa let go of the past hatred, do not aim at it again in the future Heavy Xuezhi. Chongxuezhi practiced the five forms of lotus god, smashed Xuantian Hongling’s view, and tried to save the people’s deeds. The news posted on the rivers and lakes, Lin Zongxing was very pleased after hearing it. He could not predict how long it would be, Chongxuezhi You can practice the nine forms of lotus god.

Noisy outside the gate of Lingjian Mountain Villa, it turned out that the people of the blue crab gang came carrying the body of the iron gang master. They found that the iron gang master had a lotus mark on them, thinking that it was Zhongxuezhi who killed him, so he came to let Lin Zongxing To preach justice, Lin Zongxing responded, but said that he should investigate and deal with it. Lin Zongxing always felt a little bit strange at this time. He asked Xia Qingmei how he thought about this matter. Xia Qingmei looked around him and said that there might be something wrong, and the iron gang master might also be wrong. After Xia Qingmei stole his thoughts from Luduan Temple, he began to speculate carefully. Lin Fengzi also became more and more attentive to Xia Qingmei. She personally burned a table for Xia Qingmei, and Xia Qingmei was very moved.

To commend Shangguan Xingzhou for his success in treating the epidemic, the crown prince personally went to the door to reward him. Shangguan Xingzhou introduced his son Shangguantou, saying that it was all his credit. After seeing Shangguantou, the prince appreciated it very much, and was determined to cultivate it as his own power. Shangguan Tuo politely declined his weak nature and did not want to intervene in the temple disputes. Chongxuezhi’s reputation is growing, and it is called a sage by the people. Lin Changran returned to the Palace of Fire, and he was very pleased with Chongxuezhi’s act. He came back this time to tell Chongxuezhi all the things that happened many years ago. He Yuwen Muyuan, they have both grown up, they should know the truth of the year.

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