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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 8 Recap

Outside the city, the army of the country of Yunyun began to attack, the city gate was wide open, and the people outside fled to the city one after another, their faces mixed. The army and the army outside the city handed over, and the archers on the tower were also fighting, and the generals defending the city were anxious. Seeing Ye Yunchen coming over, the defending general was relieved and quickly asked him how to deal with it.

Ling Feng assured him that Ye Yunchen, as the God of War of Yunfeng Kingdom, would definitely guard Tongcheng. There are still many people outside the city who failed to enter the city, one by one, the emperor was at a loss and hurriedly fled for their lives. Ye Yunchen saw a woman holding a vegetable basket on the tower. In his previous life, this person would be killed by soldiers if he fell and failed to escape. But now, she was supported by a woman and ran into the city, nothing happened.

The soldiers chased up to kill the woman, Ye Yunchen shot an arrow, hit the soldier and saved the woman. The woman turned her head and turned out to be Ning Bozhu. Ye Yunchen was shocked, which was completely different from his memories in his previous life. Ye Yunchen didn’t understand why everything changed as soon as Ning Bozhu appeared. Is this the change in his life?

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