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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 7 Recap

When Ling Feng heard Ye Yunchen’s shout, he hurried in and asked him if he wanted to make a prescription to calm the nerves and help sleep. Ye Yunchen said that he didn’t need to, but found that the soothing talisman the elder sister gave him was missing. A purple sachet. Ning Bozhu was waiting at the gate of the city early the next morning. Zixian was next to him. Ning Bozhu was not sure, and asked if Zixian could really find the person yesterday.

Zixian is very confident. Listening to Ning Bozhu’s description, that person is most likely an army master. The Tongcheng garrison will patrol here every day. They wait here and they will definitely find him. As soon as the voice fell, Ning Bozhu saw Ye Yunchen and Ling Feng coming over and hurried over. Ning Bozhu handed the sachet over and Ye Yunchen took it. Ning Bozhu said that he did drop it. The craftsmanship of the sachet is very delicate and must be very expensive. Let him keep it safe and don’t lose it again. .

Ye Yunchen retrieved the sachet and thanked Ning Bozhu very much. He asked her name and told him his own name. Ning Bozhu looked at Ye Yunchen’s appearance, very satisfied, with white skin and small face. This figure must have abdominal muscles. It is a proper popular flow. If they can come to their Ningjia Youpin as a spokesperson, they A global chain is just around the corner. Ning Bozhu was very excited to poke Ye Yunchen’s muscles, the way Ye Yunchen looked at her was strange. Ning Bozhu expressed his gratitude to Ye Yunchen and would like to give him a platinum member, super discount, and drag him to visit his store.

Ling Feng quickly stopped Ning Bozhu and told her to let go of her general. Ye Yunchen stopped him. There was a voice outside the city saying that Liu Yun had begun the attack. Ye Yunchen said that the war was imminent and it was no small matter. He asked Ning Bozhu to go back to the store to hide, and he must not walk around. After speaking, he went out with Ling Feng. Ning Bozhu watched his back gradually leave the city.

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