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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 14 Recap

Xingyue keeps arrogant and asks Gao Zhenhe mysteriously about wanting to love herself. He makes Gao Zhenhe nervous for a while. Xingyue wants Gao Zhenhe to experience an electric shock so that he can fall in love, but Xingyue is completely wrong about the electric shock of love and is lovely. As Gao Zhenhe asked what was the electric shock, Gao Zhenhe impulsively threw Xingyue down and kissed him, but he was shocked by love, but Xingyue felt nothing.

In order to hide his feelings, he drove Xingyue back to the room. He was still reminiscing about the kiss. Xingyue was curious about the baby’s feeling of being electrocuted. Gao Zhenhe spoke again and Xingyue explained a wave of love and non-love. confused. But she did not give up monitoring Gao Zhenhe, fearing he would do bad things. Gao Zhenhe took the threat of death to gain Xingyue’s trust.

Shana recorded things related to Uncle Wen in the game last night to provide Gao Zhenhe with useful clues and left with Qin Shu. Xingyue once again asked Uncle Wen whether Gao Zhenhe loves himself. Uncle Wen sees that Gao Zhenhe likes Xingyue at a glance, and encourages Xingyue to test whether Gao Zhenhe is willing to spend money for Xingyue, and specially hires to buy expensive bags The method is the most accurate.

Uncle Wen was suspicious and took Xingyue to see the bag. At the same time, he also wondered why Xingyue always wore socks. Xingyue Shunzui answered Gao Zhenhe’s words for a while. Uncle Wen teaches Xingyue how to coquettishly grasp a man’s heart at the door of Baodian, and Xingyue immediately acts like a coquettish to summon Gao Zhenhe to the mall. Uncle Wen continued to instruct Xingyue to pick the most expensive limit in the store to test accurately.

When Gao Zhenhe arrived and had questions about Xingyue’s bag purchase, Xingyue’s cute coquettishness played a role. Going directly to the bag store would require the most expensive limited edition. Gao Zhenhe had also questioned why Xingyue would learn badly in a while, but could not stand it. Xingyue’s coquettishness also obeyed. Qin Shu and Shana operated to modify the anti-theft system of Uncle Wen Nursing Home, and the alarm in the Nursing Home constantly caused panic.

The price of the bags selected by Xingyue made Gao Zhenhe take a breath, but Xingyue was about to make a bag. Gao Zhenhe could not coax it unless Gao Zhenhe put the bag down under his own eyes, Gao Zhenhe had no choice but to finish. Xingyue also asked to change sides and kiss again. Gao Zhenhe couldn’t just buy a bag to make Xingyue happy. When paying, he needed to scan the barcode of the bag. Xingyue insisted on kissing, Gao Zhenhe intended to kiss Face, why did Xingyue move forward and kissed her mouth, and asked if she felt an electric shock. It must be heart-wrenching to look at Gao Zhenhe.

Xingyue was excited to report progress to Uncle Wen, and Wenshu determined that Gao Zhenhe fell in love with Xingyue and suggested to strike while the iron was hot. Uncle Wen informed the uncle about the alarm. Uncle Wen went back to check his secret box. Xingyue analyzes that Gao Zhenhe, who loves money, is willing to buy expensive bags for himself, indicating that he is more important than money, and then comes to the theory that Gao Zhenhe loves himself. Uncle Wen learned from the nursing home partners that high-tech thieves invaded the nursing home not for the sake of small money but for the big guys. Everyone laughed that maybe Uncle Wen.

Uncle Wen returned to the room and turned over his suitcase to leave the nursing home and panicked to analyze whether he believed Gao Zhenhe. Finally, she chose to contact Shana to prepare a suitcase to live in Gao Zhenhe’s house.

Qin Shu is still thinking about Yi Tian’s analysis of Xana’s dangerous predictions and persuades Xana to go through the ordinary days after completing this task. Xana doesn’t know that Qin Shu deliberately skipped it as a joke. The mission is about to succeed. Gao Zhenhe relaxes and proposes to take Xingyue to go to the island for a vacation. Xingyue thinks that she can watch the stars on the island. As a result, Gao Zhenhe unintentionally makes Xingyue mistakenly think that watching the stars has a special dress.

Uncle Wen returned to Gao Zhenhe’s house with his luggage. Qin Shu revealed that it would have been exposed before if Xingyue supervised Gao Zhenhe. Uncle Wen carefully took out the box and hid it. Yi Tian asked Xingyue to go out to play. Xingyue was seen by Shana carrying a newly purchased bag. She was particularly angry after learning that it was bought by Gao Zhenhe.

Xingyue specially asked Yitian to buy clothes suitable for watching the stars, while Gao Zhenhe and Shana, Qin Shu, and Uncle Wen had dinner together to celebrate their stay, and then left the dinner board to take home. Xingyue still hasn’t bought satisfactory clothes, but Yitian wants to continue the unfinished confession in the amusement park, but Xingyue’s understanding is that Yitian is going to be his own man, but he already has Gao Zhenhe as a man. There is no feeling of electric shock so I can’t agree.

Yi Tian did not feel discouraged and thought that he could compete fairly with Gao Zhenhe. Xingyue accidentally saw that Miss Nurse’s clothes were what she wanted. Yitian agreed to help Xingyue get more sets from her home.

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