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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 13 Recap

Uncle Wen fled out of the nursing home and ran back to the Xana parking spot again. Gao Zhenhe is responsible for teaching Xingyue how to deal with Uncle Wen who is about to stay at home, especially when Uncle Wenzheng will listen to Xingyue about her while Gao Zhenhe is not at home, Xingyue needs to lie, although it violates Xingyue not The principle of lying, but Xingyue is willing to listen to what Gao Zhenhe said.

When Shana sent Uncle Wen back to Gao Zhenhe’s house, she was angry when she saw Xingyue who was still around Gao Zhenhe, not only because Gao Zhenhe was different from Xingyue, but also worried that it would be dangerous to keep Xingyue around.

Gao Zhenhe deliberately left and left Xingyue alone to face Uncle Wen. He untrusted Gao Zhenhe and immediately asked Xingyue about Xingyue’s relationship with Gao Zhenhe. The person who came from his hometown, Gao Zhenhe, saw that he was pitifully left to become the live goddess of his company’s live broadcast. This wave of explanation not only was true but also paved the way for Xingyue to be exposed in front of Uncle Wen in the future.

Xingyue seeks to leave from the beginning, Xingyue who lied is in a low mood, Gao Zhenhe comforts her that she is still beautiful only to protect herself as a last resort, and Xingyue trusts Gao Zhenhe to be slightly unhappy even if he temporarily violates his original intention. Gao Zhenhe took turns calling Qin Shu and Xia Na’s phone, but no one answered. Xana Na was angry and needed Gao Zhenhe to coax herself. Gao Zhenhe just wanted to ask the two of them how to implement the next plan and put Uncle Wen in the secret box of the nursing home.

Qin Shu wholeheartedly listened to Xia Na’s words and replied. Qin Shu was going out to meet a friend the next day. Xia Na also told Qian Dingwan that she was afraid that Qin Shu would be deceived. Qin Shu went to find Yi Tian to calculate the constellation for herself and Shana. Even though Qin Shu did not say who the woman was, Yi Tian still guessed that Shana was in her chart, and she saw that she was very dominant. Although temporarily born for love, there may be betrayal in the team.

Qin Shuben didn’t want to admit that she was Shana, but she panicked when she heard that Shana might be in danger. Yi Tian questioned Gao Zhenhe’s career, and finally concluded that Shana and Qin Shu were a natural pair, and then tried to counter Qin Shu’s own alliance. Gao Zhenhe is listed as a common rival.

Xingyue has nothing to do with watching TV dramas at home. I accidentally learned a sentence from TV dramas: Watching what the stars do, seeing Uncle’s eyes is enough, and then the evil little hand pulls the eyes of Uncle Wen who is sleeping, scaring Gao Zhenhe to quickly catch the stars Moon stops her from saying the stars, and Xingyue ignorantly explains that Uncle Wen wakes up from the dream and quickly tells Xingyue that the phrase is to love you, and that the stars are in the eyes of the person who loves you. This remark directly points to Gao Zhenhe.

Xingyue opened Gao Zhenhe’s eyes again to the evil little handgrip. When Xingyue was not found, she only saw two of her. Uncle Wen teased Xingyue and proposed to play the game again. Whenever he suggested something that he had done, he folded his fingers. Xingyue didn’t have any problems related to love. Xingyue didn’t even think of anyone while playing the game. Uncle Wen Together with Gao Zhenhe, he laughed at Xingyue’s problems and was incompetent. Xingyue refused to give up and could not offer his married finger. He was surprised to ask Wen Shu three times. Gao Zhenhe took the opportunity to ask Wen Shu to ask him about his family, Xingyue and Wen Shu. Avoid it.

Uncle Wen left the phone temporarily, Gao Zhenhe asked Xingyue not to say that the two had been married, and Xingyue did not want to lie. Even if they couldn’t watch the stars together at the time, the two broke into trouble again. Li An suddenly came to the home to find Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe took Li An out of caution. Uncle Wen and Xingyue watched Gao Zhenhe gossiping about their relationship with a woman. Xingyue explained that her wedding had not finished yet and the actor fled. By the way, Uncle Wen teaches himself what love is.

Li An only said that today is a special day and interviewed the coffee shop, Gao Zhenhe asked Shana to look at Uncle Wen and Xingyue and investigate today’s day. Xingyue continued to discuss with Wen Shu what love is. Love is a feeling of electric shock. When Uncle Wen left and went to the basement in an attempt to unlock the combination lock, Xingyue was electrocuted through the patch panel, and Wen Shu heard Xingyue’s call. Lou Saver Moon was electrified together, but Shana turned off the two in time.

It was Li’an’s birthday that day, Gao Zhenhe used his sister skills to coax Li An, and then reported his progress. Li An even liked Gao Zhenhe to explain his relationship with the people behind him, and to work with him to deal with people who wanted to hurt himself. , Gao Zhenhe gently and firmly rejected Li An. All of this was seen by Dong Yunxi, and his words stimulated Gao Zhenhe to be taught by Gao Zhenhe.

Yi Tian and Qin Shu went to Gao Zhenhe’s house for a game dinner because of their common love rivals. Everyone said the truth, and Gao Zhenhe was still introspecting whether his words were too decisive. Going home was shocked by the scene. It happened that Yi Tian was saying With his own loneliness, Xingyue will protect Yi Tian and let Gao Zhenhe jealous again. Everyone was drunk and slept, only when Xingyue asked Gao Zhenhe when he was the most lonely, Gao Zhenhe dared to go upstairs.

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