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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 26 Recap

Qin’s father told Qin Qing that he was most worried about her now. He wanted a reliable person to take care of Qin Qing, so he called Zuo Yulin to the hospital. He wanted to help her see Zuo Yulin’s value in advance It is not worth entrusting, and I hope Qin Qing should not blame Zuo Yulin or worry about his body. Zhou Fang rushed to the hospital, and Qin Qing temporarily fled the ward, releasing his tears that had been suppressed for a long time.

Zhou Fang chatted with Qin’s father for a while, and then hurried out to see Qin Qing. She knew that Qin Qing must be uncomfortable. At this time, the shoulders of her girlfriends became important. Qin’s operation was very smooth, and everyone was relieved. Zuo Yulin began to worry that Qin Qing would not care about him. Zhou Fang and Song Rin comforted him, saying that Qin Qing was a forgetful person, and it would be a few days later. It’s okay, let Zuo Yulin not worry too much, but Zuo Yulin is still uneasy. Zhou Fang kept chopping dishes for Zuo Yulin. Song Rong was jealous when he saw him, so he took Zhou Fang’s dishes away, and left Zuo Yulin with them. Zhou Fang saw Song Rin’s childish behavior and understood that he was jealous, which made her feel both funny and interesting, so she added a little more food to Song Rin, and Zuo Yulin was completely indifferent to their flirting.

Song Rong and Zhou Fang went home together and met Li Ruhui downstairs in the community. Zhou Fang immediately hid in fear of being hit by Li Ruhui, and Song Rong was too scared to pretend to pick things up. Li Ruhui saw that Song Rin’s behavior was a bit unusual, and suspected that Zhou Fang was nearby, so he called Zhou Fang’s name to look for it, but he didn’t see Zhou Fang for a long time, so he had to leave first. After Li Ruhui left, Zhou Fang and Song Rin only took a sigh of relief before going home.

After Qin Qing’s operation was successful, Qin Qing still had serious concerns. She couldn’t help but ask her mother why she wanted to hide Qin’s condition from her. Qin shared her parents’ feelings with Qin Qing to let her know that they were like this Do it for her good. Qin Qing came to the hospital early in the morning to accompany Qin’s father and found that Shen Yuan was taking care of Qin’s father in the ward, which made her somewhat unacceptable. Then she asked Qin’s mother why Qin Yuan was called to accompany him. Qin mother feels that Zuo Yulin is not mature enough to be suitable for Qin Qing, and Shen Yuan is both a grown-up and a reliable person who has loved Qin Qing for so many years, so she very much hopes that Qin Qing can choose Shen Yuan.

Qin Qing said that he had treated Shen Yuan as an elder brother since he was a child, and he could not treat Shen Yuan as his other half, but Qin mother couldn’t understand it. Shen Peipei told Zhou Fang that her friend was found by Wang Zeyang to borrow money, and Zhou Fang asked Shen Peipei to help, pretending to lend money to Wang Zeyang, and deceived Wang Zeyang. Wang Zeyang thought that someone had lent him money and hurried to get money from the door, but he did not expect to return empty-handed, which made him particularly angry. Zhou Fang drove to follow Wang Zeyang and found his place. He happened to meet the debt collector and beat Wang Zeyang. After Wang Zeyang was repaired, he saw Zhou Fang and Shen Peipei and immediately asked them if they would help him. Shen Peipei pushed Wang Zeyang away and accused him of being shameless. Zhou Fang and Shen Peipei accused Wang Zeyang of using her design draft to ask Quan Ye for money, so that Wang Zeyang would destroy the original design draft now, and she would no longer hold him accountable.

Only then did Wang Zeyang understand Zhou Fang’s intentions. He used the original design draft to speak to Zhou Fang’s lion and asked Zhou Fang to give him two million. Zhou Fang said that he didn’t even want to give him two dollars. Wang Zeyang accused the two of them. Zhou Fang didn’t want to listen to his nonsense and pulled Shen Peipei away, while Wang Zeyang called Song Rong directly and wanted to make Song Rin came out peacefully. Zhou Fang was afraid that Wang Zeyang would blackmail Song Rin. He specifically called to tell Song Rin to ignore Wang Zeyang, but Song Rin said that he had a sense of justice. Song Rong went to see Wang Zeyang, asked Wang Zeyang’s intentions, and then persuaded Wang Zeyang to publicly clarify and apologize. He promised not to pursue Wang Zeyang’s criminal responsibility. Wang Zeyang felt that the copyright of the design manuscript was in his own hands and was not afraid of Song Lin’s threat.

After being drunk, Wang Zeyang ran directly to the Zhou family to call the door, and was disturbed by the neighbors of the neighborhood. Li Ruhui received the call from the neighbor and only then knew that Wang Zeyang had come to the door. Li Ruhui couldn’t contact Zhou Yunian and didn’t know what was happening at home, so he had to call Zhou Fang home to take a look. On the way back, Zhou Fang received a call from Song Rin, only to know that Song Rong had talked with Wang Zeyang and angered Wang Zeyang, and then he went to the door to make trouble. Song Rin knew that Wang Zeyang was going to Zhou’s house, and immediately drove to Zhou’s house. At this time, Wang Zeyang was holding a knife, playing a showdown at Zhou’s house with Jiujin. People are terrified. Song Rong arrived in time to stop Wang Zeyang’s mischief and sent him to the police station, which resolved the problem. After Zhou Fang calmed down, she remembered what Wang Zeyang said. She felt a little worried about Wang Zeyang’s mother, so she went to visit her in the country and paid her a living allowance.

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