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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 25 Recap

The sudden appearance of Song Luo made Song Rin’s previous efforts completely unsuccessful. He had to admit that he had been with Zhou Fang for a while, but then separated again. Li Ruhui pulled Zhou back home, and then began to pack up Zhou Fang’s luggage. Let her go home with herself to save her from having to contact Song Rong here. Zhou Fang refused to leave, Li Ruhui reluctantly stayed at Zhou Fang’s house, and told Zhou Yunian that he should live in Shajiabang.

Zhou Fang had to agree with Li Ruhui to stay, but Li Ruhui took the matter of Song Rin’s scandal and forced her not to be reconciled with Song Rong. Early the next morning, Li Ruhui discovered that Song Rong had been looking at this, and she was so angry that she closed the curtains directly, depriving Song Rong of her right to look across the window. Zhou Fang went to Quan Ye to talk about the plagiarism. Li Ruhui had to follow him. Quan Ye ignored Zhou Fang completely and also locked the studio. Li Ruhui and Zhou Fang stood by the door waiting for Quan Ye. Seeing that Zhou Fang refused to leave, she could not go by herself, so she called the person who provided Zhou Fang’s manuscript, and that person asked her for money again, which made Quan Ye very headache.

Zhou Fang was a little tired, fell asleep on the sofa, and Quanye had a glass of water. He asked Li Ruhui to talk in the studio, explaining that the rumors were not done by her. Li Ruhui didn’t believe Quan Ye, she thought that the rumor makers had their own motives, and Quan Ye explained that about the motivation, most players have this motive, because they all think that Zhou Fang is so smooth by relationship . Li Ruhui told Quanye that Zhou Fang had worked very hard to paint since she was a child. She came back from school and painted until one or two in the morning, so she was admitted to a first-class design institute. Zhou Fang’s ability to achieve such good results is based on her own efforts. They can’t kill Zhou Fang’s ability because Zhou Fang knows Song Rong. After Li Ruhui said Zhou Fang was good, he asked Quan Ye if he encountered a difficult problem. Quan Ye still refused to admit that Li Ruhui had to leave with Zhou Fang.

Chen Chen talked to Quanye on behalf of Wanfeng Group, reminding Quanye of the bad things he did against Zhou Fang, let Quanye think about it best. After Chen Chen finished talking with Quanye, Zhou Fang happened to come to Quan Ye, which made Quan Ye very bored, and felt that Wan Feng and Zhou Fang took turns to force her. Zhou Fang said that she came here on behalf of herself and had nothing to do with Wanfeng Group. Then she explained the problems of Quanye’s work and her characteristics clearly. I hope that Quanye can cooperate with her so that they can learn from each other’s strengths. The brand is doing well. Quan Ye was somewhat interested in Zhou Fang’s suggestion, but felt that Zhou Fang did this mainly to let herself clarify for her.

Zhou Fang bluntly said that she did have such an idea, but this plagiarism incident was paid attention to because of Song Rin. After a period of time, the storm will pass, and no one will pay attention to her. She needs a partnership more than clarifying herself. people. After hearing Zhou Fang’s words, Quanye decided to change her mind, took out the original manuscript of Zhou Fang’s works, and told Zhou Fang the facts and consequences of the plagiarism of Zhou Fang’s work accused. She reminded Zhou Fang to change her mailbox. Password, because Wang Zeyang logged into Zhou Fang’s mailbox to get the original manuscripts. Quanye told Zhou Fang that Wang Zeyang still had manuscripts in hand, and it was okay to do something with Zhou Fang. Let Zhou Fang be careful. Zhou Fang didn’t expect that the person who rectified her was Wang Zeyang. Qin Qing and Shen Peipei were also surprised. But they all felt that they should give Wang Zeyang a lesson. They should seek revenge for Wang Zeyang, but they couldn’t find Wang Zeyang yet.

When Zuo Yulin accompanied Qin Qing, he received a call from Qin Qing. He was afraid that Qin Qing would hear it and lied that it was a colleague’s call, making Qin Qing suspicious. Zuo Yulin secretly ran upstairs and took the opportunity to get the water to call back. Qin Qing heard an idea. She still suspected that Zuo Yulin was derailed, so she quietly followed Zuo Yulin behind. Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin came to the hospital and accidentally met Qin’s mother outside the ward, which surprised her a lot, and rushed into the ward, only to know that her father was sick. Qin Qing knew that her father was going to have such a big operation, but her daughter, who was completely unaware, made her more annoyed by Zuo Yulin’s concealment. She feared that if her father had an accident, she did not stay with Qin. She will regret her whole life. Based on this, she will break up with Zuo Yulin, which makes Zuo Yulin particularly distressed.

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