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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 20 Recap

The fact that Arrietty contested the marriage was spread in the palace, and the queen also sent Li Heng an invitation to contest the marriage, but he only had Zhu Yan in his heart and dismissed Arriet, even without the assistance of Arriet. , He can also successfully win the throne. The queen said that Li Che had already received the invitation early, and Li Heng accepted the invitation strongly.

As soon as he thought of Li Che’s tomorrow’s participation in Ariete’s martial arts recruiting, Changle wouldn’t be angry. Seeing how Changle was jealous, Li Che felt very cute and couldn’t help but hold her in her arms and kissed her.

Gongsun Mo and Nongying took Taoyuan Village’s father and fellow villagers to the capital and asked them to pretend to be soldiers and grandma in the martial arts gathering. Gongsun Mo heard that he was free soon after making the shadow, and wanted to take the initiative to leave the shadow.

Before joining the contest to recruit relatives, Li Che performed a play with Chang Le in the courtyard, making the ambush in the courtyard mistakenly believe that the relationship between the two broke up.

Waited for withdrawal from the house. Chang Le, Qin Feiyu, Nong Ying and others took a dozen recruited martial arts masters to Liu Sheng’s house to rescue the people in the cottage.

On the upper and lower part of the capital, only Li Che and Li Heng participated in the martial arts recruitment. After Aliyati worshipped the gods and everything was ready, the martial arts recruitment began. The first hurdle in the martial arts competition is archery. There are ten arrows in each person’s barrel, and the one with the most rings wins. They are superb archers and can hit the ten rings almost every time. When shooting the last arrow, Li Che remembered what Chang Le said. If he dared to win the competition, he would rip his skin. At this point, Li Che deliberately missed the last arrow.

The second hurdle is to identify vegetables. Alieti took out three kinds of fruits and vegetables peculiar to Yemingguo, namely cabbage potatoes and tomatoes, so that the two of them can distinguish which can be eaten raw or cooked. Li Heng chose potatoes, Li Che chose tomatoes, and Li Che won the second pass.

The third hurdle is memory, who can write down the map of Ye Mingguo in the shortest time, and trace the map on a white paper to win. Li Che has excellent memory and completed the map before Li Heng. Li Heng was not convinced, saying that Allie Aitti competed with the things of the Republic of Yemen, and Li Che had sent an overnight mission to the Ming Dynasty, and he must be very familiar with the things of the Republic of Yemen. This is unfair. After hearing it, Arrie said that the fourth hurdle is Go Pei’s local game-Go. In order to delay the time, the Go competition system is a five-game three-win system, which successfully delayed the time of recruiting relatives to the evening.

The end of a game, Li Che won. The people of Li Guo who stood at the meeting place pulled out their swords at this time, took Li Che and Li Heng, and killed their grandfathers in the war between the two countries. They asked the grandfathers of the two princes to come to apologize. If there is no grandfather, grandfather Can also. The emperor immediately ordered Liu Sheng and Shen Ao to come to Yunyan Villa immediately.

Liu Sheng got the news and asked Liu Sansi to take some precautions against the dungeon, the father and son rushed to Yunyan Villa overnight. As soon as they left, they led the people to kill Liu. Qin Feiyu was responsible for solving the outer guards. Changle and Nongying successfully entered the twelfth house of the heaven and earth with the drawings, and successfully rescued the village’s old and young mothers.

Shen Ao got the news and knew there was a plan. When Liu Sheng and Shen Ao arrived at Yunyan Villa, it was already dawn. The two immediately came to the room where the two princes were detained. When they saw that Liu Sheng had been attracted, the Li Guo people looked at Li Che’s gesture and immediately retreated. Seeing this and this situation, Liu Sheng realized that this was the trap set by Li Che for him, and immediately took out his dagger to stab Shen Ao. Shen Ao thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of Liu Sheng, and stabbed Liu Sheng in the abdomen. Unexpectedly, Li Heng quietly cut the rope that bound his hands with a dagger, and held Li Che with a dagger. Hearing the sound in the room, Liu Sansi and Chang Le hurried over. The cottage cottage has been successfully rescued, and Chang Le has no worries. The two sides were stalemate and had to exchange hostages out of the room. Liu Sheng also had to eat a dumb loss, and the martial arts recruitment was gone.

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