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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 49 End Recap

Miyamoto Cangye threatened Ye Chong not to kill him, otherwise Hong Kong would know that he was still alive. Ye Chong ignored him, and Lin Xiaozhuang prepared everything and left the warehouse. Miyamoto Cangye was treated by the people of Qingquan Ueno. The successor of Sandalwood died in the explosion. Miyamoto’s body was incomplete, and Kiyizumi Ueno only got a watch.

Qingquan Ueno wanted to release poisonous gas to Shanghai, but Ye Chong discovered it all. Ye Chong and Lin Xiaozhuang returned to Hong Kong and met Chi Cheng again. This time they were comrades. Ye Chong needs a place to work and a radio station to continue head-on with Qingquan Ueno. Jin Xiang came to deliver food to Ye Chong, Lin Xiaozhuang quickly took it in, Chi Cheng asked her to keep quiet, but Jin Xiang was very curious about Ye Chong and wanted to wait at the door with Chi Cheng.

Qingquan Ueno’s ship was sunk and learned that the corpse belonged to Miyamoto Aoye, and Qingquan Ueno was so angry that he realized that he had been deceived by Ye Chong. But Qingquan Ueno didn’t intend to give up, he knew Ye Chong well. Ye Chong received the telegram and said that if he wanted to find the remaining poisonous gas, he would come to the abandoned factory. Ye Chong rushed over and found Qingquan Ueno there. However, when Ye Chong walked over, Qingquan Ueno released the poisonous gas. Ye Chong opened his eyes again, and Qingquan Ueno was gone.

Ye Chong continued to walk in, he knew Qingquan Ueno would definitely wait for him here. Kiyizumi Ueno told him that the gas just now was a virus. He had inhaled it and would die in pain in less than thirty-four days. There were only thirty-four days left in his life. Ye Chong was already sick, Qingquan Ueno went on to say that he was going to put this virus in Guangdong and Guangxi, they would quietly usher in a perfect victory, and the current medical science has not identified it, let alone an antidote. No one knows that this is a virus. Ye Chong was very angry. Qingquan Ueno took out the only antidote he had already taken. If Ye Chong wanted to get it, he would contact the upper and lower online and dispatch all resistance forces to these two cities.

Ye Chong angered Qingquan Ueno for losing his bottom line of life, but Qingquan Ueno didn’t even realize it. Ye Chong already knew that Qingquan Ueno had killed his parents. Even if he didn’t kill Jiang Yue himself, he killed Jiang Yue. Qingquan Ueno fell in love with Jiang Yue. He wanted to take Jiang Yue and Ye Chong away, but he did not expect Jiang Yue to commit suicide.

Qingquan Ueno raised the gun. He felt that Ye Chong still didn’t know him well enough. In fact, this plan never needed Ye Chong’s cooperation. The virus has begun to break out. Ye Chong will go through a long process of death. Qingquan Ueno said frantically that he wants to put this virus into China. Ye Chong put his last effort into shooting Qingquan Ueno, who broke the antidote on his hand before he died.

Neither Lin Xiaozhuang nor Chi Cheng knew about Ye Chong’s poisoning, and he did not say. When Junko Kiyizumi heard the news of Ueno Kiyizumi’s death, his heart was ashamed. Ye Chong’s body is getting worse and worse, but he is still working hard. Chi Cheng found the location of the poison gas.

At this time, Qingquan Chunzi sent a telegram to Ye Chong, saying that there was still a lot of poison gas in her place, and proposed to meet him. Qingquan Chunzi should have understood Ye Chong’s purpose in persuading her to stay away from the war. She told Ye Chong that all the answers were in the black codes beside her. If Ye Chong couldn’t crack it, she would put the poisonous gas into it. Help her father fulfill his last wish. Qingquan Junzi committed suicide in front of Ye Chong.

Ye Chong was too late to go forward, and he fainted on the spot. Ye Chong, Lin Xiaozhuang, and Chi Cheng looked at the piles of black docks with great pain. Ye Chong discovered that these were actually Sudoku games. After solving them, they determined the coordinates and found that Qingquan Junzi’s adjusted plan was to die with the people of Hong Kong. Chi Cheng hurriedly arranged the bombing, but Ye Chong fainted again.

Ye Chong was in a coma for five days. He woke up again in the hospital. The Noah plan had been completely crushed by them. The Japanese army had surrendered unconditionally, and they were victorious. Ye Chong was going to Yan’an to find He Ying, Lin Xiaozhuang complained that his status was getting lower and lower, but he asked Ye Chong to have dinner with everyone to celebrate in the evening.

Chi Cheng came to Jin Xiang to pay back the money, and even took out a ring, saying that he would spend his entire life in interest. Jin Xiang was very happy. After Lin Xiaozhuang and Ye Chong bid farewell in front of the train, Ye Chong set foot on the road to Yan’an. On the way to Zhengzhou, Ye Chong spit out blood, he leaned on the car window, and fell asleep forever. He Ying, who was waiting for Ye Chong in Yan’an, found a letter in that cheongsam, which Ye Chong had written to her.

Ye Chong had never been to Yan’an. That was the place he yearned most. He Ying was the most important person in his life. He hoped that his sun would shine in a safe enough place. Ye Chong hoped that He Ying would live a good life where there was no him. He Ying burst into tears. It turned out that she had completely left him when she was sent to Yan’an by Ye Chong. But Ye Chong stayed in this war forever, even if he was not remembered by everyone, he stuck to his heart.

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