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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 48 Recap

Lin Xiaozhuang made an excuse to change rooms, and Qingmu certainly knew that he didn’t want to live in his room. Ye Chong sorted out the information in the room, and he asked Feng Changgeng that Sandalwood had a notebook to carry with him. He needed this. Feng Changgeng asked him to go back first, and would send it to him when he found it. Soon, Feng Changgeng found the sandalwood notebook from the police station.

Ye Chong wanted to find the person who sent the report to Qingquan Ueno, and Feng Changgeng promised to give him a room for investigation. So, Lin Xiaozhuang and Ye Chong met by chance, but surprised, Lin Xiaozhuang hugged Qingmu quickly to cover Ye Chong’s departure. Ye Chong was very worried when he saw them, and Lin Xiaozhuang had been in a state of absent-mindedness. After Qing Mu left, he secretly went to Ye Chong’s room.

Lin Xiaozhuang was sad for a long time because of the news of Ye Chong’s death. Suddenly seeing Ye Chong who was resurrected from the dead was even more puzzled. He was afraid that Ye Chong would be in danger here. Ye Chong assured him that the shopkeeper downstairs was their own. If you want to contact Ye Chong in the future, you can pass him. Knowing that He Ying had safely arrived in Yan’an, Ye Chong was relieved a lot.

However, the meeting between Lin Xiaozhuang and Ye Chong was also within Qingquan Ueno’s plan, and Qingquan Ueno even asked Qingmu to give Lin Xiaozhuang more information. Ye Chong was very anxious when he received the news that Qingquan Ueno had joined forces with the navy, and decided to take the risk. Qingquan Junzi discovered Ye Chong’s reporting method and frequency.

Ye Chong discovered that Qingquan Ueno had cultivated a group of his own naval forces in the Northeast, and he was also engaged in Hong Kong’s revival to provide supplies to his troops. Ye Chong needs to see Sandalwood’s successor, and Guangzhou is likely to be bombed earlier than Shanghai.

Sandalwood’s successor felt that Ye Chong might be the bait sent by the Japanese, so he refused to believe him easily. After Qingquan Ueno learned about it, he asked Ye Chong to get the plan he wanted, so that they could know what they wanted to know. , A big curtain is about to begin.

Ye Chong was sad because of the distrust of his superiors, and Feng Changgeng comforted him for a reason. Ye Chong accidentally learned that his parents were also Communists. Feng Changgeng and the parents of Tanxiang and Ye Chong had worked together and joined the Communist Party of China in the same year. Qingquan Ueno disguised as a scholar and approached Ye Chong’s parents and killed them.

Then Ye Chong was taken back to Japan. In those years in Japan, Sandalwood never gave up looking for Ye Chong. Feng Changgeng told Ye Chong that Sandalwood hoped that he would become a true revolutionary. Miyamoto Aoye also came to Shanghai and killed Feng Changgeng on a rainy day.

Qingquan Ueno was very angry when he learned that Feng Changgeng was dead, which had too much influence on their plans. Qingquan Junko told Qingquan Ueno that Ye Chong was asking her superiors to provide support to Shanghai. Qingquan Ueno asked her to send a fake telegram to ensure that Ye Chong could receive it and decipher it. He wanted to catch a bigger fish through Ye Chong. Qingquan Junko endured tears and sent out a telegram requesting that the Polley troops were renovated and requested to go ashore. Lin Xiaozhuang learned that Feng Changgeng was killed by Miyamoto Cangye and quickly pulled Ye Chong away, but Ye Chong refused.

Qingquan Ueno knew about it. From the moment he let him go, he knew Ye Chong would definitely do it. Back in Shanghai, he can only cooperate with him to obtain more effective information. It turned out that Ye Chong knew that this was a conspiracy of Qingquan Ueno, and the previous events were played for him so that he could get more effective information.

Lin Xiaozhuang used the hotel phone to call Ye Chong and wrote some things on the paper. This was played for Ueno Kiyizumi, and Miyamoto Aoye quickly printed it after he discovered it. Qingquan Ueno and Miyamoto Cangye both got false news. Ye Chong would meet with Sandalwood’s successor at the Wanli Warehouse. Miyamoto Cangye also rushed over, preparing to kill Ye Chong. Lin Xiaozhuang appeared again at this time, and together with Ye Chong, he caught Miyamoto Cangye. Sandalwood has no successors at all, all this is their plan.

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