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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 47 Recap

Ye Chong happened to meet Qingquan Chunzi when he left, and had to explain that he had come to prepare a surprise for her. Miyamoto Aoye found his body in Sato’s office, and Kiyizumi Junko was very happy to see the roses Ye Chong prepared for her. Lin Xiaozhuang waited for Ye Chong at the agreed place. Ye Chong took Qingquan Junzi back to the banquet hall and found that Miyamoto Cangye was coming. Ye Chong hurriedly went to the bathroom when he saw it.

Miyamoto Aoye told Kiyizumi Ueno that Sato Dazang had been killed, and he had asked people that the last time he had appeared in his office was Ye Chong. Qingquan Ueno asked Miyamoto Cangye to find Ye Chong immediately to verify his suspicion. Ye Chong rushed to the alley behind the hotel to meet with Lin Xiaozhuang. At this time, Miyamoto Cangye also rushed over. Ye Chong knew that he was about to be exposed. In order to get rid of Lin Xiaozhuang, he took up his gun and aimed it. Lin Xiaozhuang in front of him.

The two had agreed long ago. If Ye rushed out of any accident, he would shoot to cover Lin Xiaozhuang’s retreat, and there would be backup information in the bathroom on the first floor of the hotel. The bullet hit Lin Xiaozhuang’s shoulder, and then Ye Chong was arrested by Miyamoto Cangye. Lin Xiaozhuang said that he discovered that Ye Chong killed Sato Dazang, so he appeared here. Qingquan Ueno asked him to take him away.

Ye Chong was searched by Miyamoto Cangye, and found a secret code near his neckline. Qingquan Junko hurried over and was shocked by the scene before her. She did not want to believe that Ye Chong was the Communist Party. Qingquan Ueno dragged her away and Ye Chong was also taken to the interrogation room by Miyamoto Aoye. . Ye Chong was beaten with blood. Qingquan Ueno came to interrogate him personally. Ye Chong admitted that he was Chinese. China belongs to Chinese. Qingquan Ueno raised Ye Chong since he was a child. In his heart, he was his own son, but Ye Chong had never thought of going out alive. He was the tibia they were looking for.

He Ying waited for Ye Chong for a long time and didn’t see anyone else. At this time, Lin Xiaozhuang endured her injuries and came to her, saying that Ye Chong was still on the mission and had no time to wait for him. He Ying was very worried about Ye Chong’s accident, Lin Xiaozhuang told her irritably that it was okay, and the two went to see Chicheng together.

Lin Xiaozhuang confessed his identity and told Chi Cheng that Ye Chong was the tibia. Lin Xiaozhuang asked He Ying to go out and wait for him first. He had important things to tell Chi Cheng. Lin Xiaozhuang gave the information to Chi Cheng, told him that Ye Chong had been exposed, and shot him in order to clarify his relationship. There is a very important connection between Ye Chong’s sending out intelligence and the Japanese plan.

They need to pass it on to the organization immediately. Chi Cheng and Wei Guoxiang obviously didn’t believe it. Lin Xiaozhuang went on to say that Ye Chong’s last request was to escort He Ying to Hong Kong . Lin Xiaozhuang gave the information and He Ying to Chi Cheng, and he must go back to the hospital immediately, otherwise the Japanese would be suspicious.

After Lin Xiaozhuang left, Chi Cheng thought for a while and decided to believe his words. The whole city of Miyamoto Aoye was searching for He Ying. Kiyizumi Ueno said that he had sent someone to send Ye Chong back to Japan. Miyamoto Aoye was a little puzzled, but Kiyizumi Ueno didn’t want to explain to him. The next day, Tang Feng successfully sent He Ying out of Hong Kong. The organization asked them to figure out the specific plan of the Japanese. Without Ye Chong, things seemed very difficult. Chi Cheng felt that the Japanese plan was Shanghai, so he decided to go there.

Qingquan Ueno told Lin Xiaozhuang that Ye Chong had been shot and asked him to send out the newspaper. Lin Xiaozhuang was surprised and sad, but Qingquan Ueno decided to let him leave Hong Kong for a new job. After He Ying arrived in Yan’an, she thought about Ye Chong every day, and Qingquan Junzi took the newspaper where Ye Chong was shot to find Qingquan Ueno. Without Ye Chong, she had no thoughts, and her heart died.

Qingquan Ueno sent Lin Xiaozhuang to Shanghai. He couldn’t trust Lin Xiaozhuang, so he felt that there must be other reasons for Qingquan Ueno to do this. What is his remaining value. Chi Cheng decided to go to Shanghai with Lin Xiaozhuang. Lin Xiaozhuang stopped. He needed to stay in Hong Kong and left him a telegraph machine. Lin Xiaozhuang suddenly received a call saying that Qiu Chan was about to return to Shanghai and asked him to cooperate.

Shanghai, hotel. Ye Chong asked for a room near the window. He was suddenly released by Qingquan Ueno before the execution. This must not be because he missed the old feelings, but because he still had surplus value. Ye Chong was soon Feng Changgeng by the deputy chief of the police station.

Found and was taken away. At the same time, Qingquan Ueno had already learned that Ye Chong had gone to Shanghai, and his purpose was to find the nest of the Shanghai Communist Party through Ye Chong. Feng Changgeng interrogated Ye Chong. He knew that Ye Chong was Qiucai. After the organization verified his identity, he released Ye Chong. Both were comrades of the Communist Party.

There are many people in Shanghai who know Ye Chong, but he came to Shanghai for the secret mission that Tanxiang said. Feng Changgeng promised to help him find a place to stay and a radio station, and find Tanxiang’s successor. However, all of this was monitored by Kiyizumi Ueno, and everything was within his plan. This is because he felt that this matter was a bit too simple, so he let his confidant go to Shanghai to monitor Ye Chong and Feng Changgeng.

Feng Changgeng asked Ye Chong to live in the room before Sandalwood was killed, gave him a radio station, and arranged everything. Ye Chong had to find the radio station in Shanghai and Qingquan Ueno. Lin Xiaozhuang and Qing Mu came to the Shanghai Hotel and asked for two adjacent suites.

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