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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 46 Recap

Ye Chong and Lin Xiaozhuang killed Sato Dazang. He would hide the body and let Lin Xiaozhuang go back to treat the wound and meet at the Navy Command. Lu Tie said that a Japanese prisoner of war ran away, and Chi Cheng quickly asked Tang Feng to contact the comrades in the Military and Political Department. When Lin Xiaozhuang came home and found Qingquan Ueno, he angrily accused Lin Xiaozhuang of failing to monitor Lin Chong and betrayed himself.

Lin Xiaozhuang was kicked down by Qingquan Ueno. At this time, the phone rang on time, and Qingquan Ueno seemed to see through everything. Chi Cheng was anxious to learn that Qingquan Ueno had monitored telephone calls and telegrams across Hong Kong. Although Tang Feng made the call, the other party had no voice, so there was no warning. Chi Cheng had to ask him to use the method of missing persons to warn him.

Qingquan Ueno went to He Ying, asked her what she was doing at home, and asked if she fell in love with Ye Chong. He Ying admitted frankly that Qingquan Ueno did not force her to leave Ye Chong. Ye Chong and Lin Xiaozhuang secretly photographed some codebooks, and He Ying told him that Qingquan Ueno had been there and left after asking a few questions. The codebook was a new selection from the Tang and Song dynasties. It was a special codebook between Ye Chong and Tanxiang. Lin Xiaozhuang was very worried. This was like a trap.

Ye Chong and Qingquan Ueno had dinner together. Qingquan Junko was very dissatisfied with Geology and asked Qingquan Ueno why he asked Miyamoto Aoye to do monitoring activities. He was still suspended. Miyamoto Ano even killed the suspect without interrogation, which made Junko Kiyizumi even more dissatisfied. Qingquan Junko heard that Miyamoto Aoye was designing to capture the Qiu Cicada, and it was Sato Dazang’s instruction.

Ye Chong hurriedly rounded up the field and asked her to put her work away and have a good meal. Tomorrow is Junko Kiyizumi’s birthday, and Ueno Kiyizumi will give her a grand birthday party.

Too much happened this night, Ye Chong accidentally killed Sato Dazang, Qingquan Ueno found Lin Xiaozhuang and He Ying, the temptation at the dinner table just now made Ye Chong fearful. Ye Chong wanted to get all the information at the banquet tomorrow, let Lin Xiaozhuang wait at the back door, and let him send He Ying away. He didn’t have too much energy to protect her. Ye Chong would tell He Ying that there was a special task in the organization to send her to Yan’an, and that Lin Xiaozhuang would go to Chicheng, and then tell him Ye Chong’s identity.

Lin Xiaozhuang had a bad feeling and asked what Ye Chong’s plan was. Ye Chong said that he wanted Tao Zongbo’s death to repeat itself, and soon he would be wanted by the whole city. After Lin Xiaozhuang left, Ye Chong told He Ying that she was organized to send her information to Yan’an. He Ying simply believed his words and hurried to pack her things. Ye Chong sighed. He was lost and could only miss his mother silently.

Ye Chong custom-made a cheongsam for He Ying, with exquisite workmanship and exquisite materials. The two came to the photo studio together, Ye Chong asked He Ying to change the cheongsam, and the two took a group photo together. Chunzi Qingquan was busy dressing up, preparing to attend her birthday dinner, because Ye Chong actively asked to celebrate for her. Qingquan Ueno saw Qingquan Junzi’s feelings for Ye Chong and promised to wait until the end of the war to hold her the most luxurious wedding. Qingquan Junko is the most qualified person in the world to marry Ye Chong. Miyamoto Aono learns about the disappearance of Sato Daizo.

Ye Chong sent He Ying to the station. He Ying said that she would finish the mission as soon as possible and come back to find him, but Ye Chong asked her not to come back, and waited for her there. He would look for her when he completed his mission. When He Ying left, Ye Chong seemed to hug her, but they still didn’t move forward.

The birthday banquet of Qingquan Junko was the best time for Ye Chong to steal information. The two showed up hand in hand. Qingquan Junko shyly told him that Qingquan Ueno had promised them to be together just now. Qingquan Chunzi came on stage to speak, and Ye Chong took the opportunity to sneak into Qingquan Chunzi’s room to search for information. When leaving, Ye Chong happened to meet Chunzi Qingquan.

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