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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 45 Recap

Miyamoto Aoye didn’t understand Sato Dazou, saying that he was framed by Ye Chong this time, but no one believed it. Sato Dazang understands that Kiyizumi Ueno has other reasons for coming here, maybe it is for Qiu Cicada. The Japanese wanted to set up a shipyard and asked Ikejo to manage a new transportation company. Ikejo must agree to it, because this is the only way for him to understand Qingquan Ueno.

Ye Chong was busy working overtime in the telecommunications class. Qingquan Junzi wanted to ask him to go to dinner with Qingquan Ueno, but he refused. Sato Dazang wanted to find someone to pretend to be Qiu Chan, if it can be confirmed that Qiu Chan is in the Military and Political Department.

Qingquan Ueno came to Miyamoto Cangye, he saw the telegram he sent, Qingquan Junko knew Ye Chong’s feelings, so he understood that she would make some mistakes. Kiyomizu Ueno hoped Miyamoto Aono would tell him how true the document was. Miyamoto Aano was a little jealous of him. Kiyizumi Ueno saw his concerns at a glance, and even more understood the jealousy of Miyamoto Aoye and Sato Ozo. ,

Maybe they have discussed how to kill him. Kiyizumi Ueno asked the question just now again, and Miyamoto Aano said that he would be responsible for the authenticity of the telegram. Kiyizumi Ueno told him that he was transferred from the Military and Political Department because there was a more important task to Miyamoto Aoye.

Junko Kiyizumi moved to a hotel and lived with Kiyizumi Ueno. The military department formulated a new combat plan and changed the codebook. Junko Kiyizumi was very curious about this. After all, she didn’t even know about it, so I asked Qingizumi Ueno to tell her secretly What is the new codebook, Qingquan Ueno was moved by it.

Qingquan Junko quickly admitted her mistake, Qingquan Ueno told her earnestly that he came to Hong Kong this time to cooperate with the new battle plan. Qingquan Junko was his only blood and the only person he could believe. Qingquan Ueno issued a new plan to tailor the intelligence department and monitor all calls in Hong Kong. Sato Dazang was a little dissatisfied, and Ye Chong was worried. From now on, Chicheng called Lin Xiaozhuang and he could no longer answer.

Ye Chong wanted to ask about something from Qingquan Junzi, and also wanted to see the secret code that hadn’t been deciphered before, but Qingquan Junzi told Ye Chong not to talk about this, otherwise it would anger Qingquan Ueno. Lin Xiaozhuang brought food to He Ying, and Ye Chong was very busy recently to let her take care of herself. He Ying is arranging some dense electric fragments. After finishing, Ye Chong and Lin Xiaozhuang will go to steal the female parent. He Ying asks Lin Xiaozhuang to help her protect Ye Chong.

Miyamoto Aoye disappeared, but Sato was very angry when he could not be reached, and ordered him to be found. Ye Chong came to Lin Xiaozhuang to get the jammer. They needed to find the codebook at the Naval Command. They didn’t have a pass. Ye Chong wanted to steal Sato Dazang’s pass. The telecommunications class was equipped with a radar device, the linen factory was closed, and Ye Chong should be back.

Ye Chong used sandalwood’s usual method to decipher the secret electricity, and he noticed some danger. Ye Chong told the Lin Xiaozhuang organization that they had found them, and the organization was calling for Qiu Chan. The telegram stated that a combat unit in the northeast had suddenly disappeared, with a large number of biological and chemical weapons. It was suspected to be related to Qingquan Ueno’s sudden arrival in Hong Kong.

Sato Daizo was recently severely suppressed by Kiyizumi Ueno. He has been using alcohol to soothe his sorrows. Tonight is no exception. Lin Xiaozhuang went in as a geisha, and when Sato Dazang became drunk, he began to search for passes. Sato Dazang suddenly woke up and took a sword and cut Lin Xiaozhuang’s leg. Ye Chong appeared in time at the critical moment, and the two joined forces. Strangled Sato Daizo.

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