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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 44 Recap

Tang Feng urged Wei Guoxiang to cooperate with the comrades, and Wei Guoxiang agreed to notify Lu Tie immediately. Chunzi Qingquan came to look for the codebook and found that Chang Zelan was in a daze holding a handkerchief. It was Ye Chong’s. Qingquan Junko was very upset and warned her to stay away from Ye Chong in the future. Ye Chong came to look for Qingquan Junzi, Qingquan Junzi asked him to accompany him to the dock for a while, which is the latest radio station brought by Qingquan Ueno.

On Lantau Island, Miyamoto Aoye has led people to ambush. As soon as the radio station got it back, Ye Chong began to debug. Qingquan Junzi was a little hungry, and Ye Chong asked her to eat the cherry blossom cake brought by Qingquan Ueno. Ye Chong always feels that there is a connection between the secret line of the Navy Command and Qingquan Ueno’s radio station, which may reveal his purpose of coming to Hong Kong.

Ye Chong was looking for something, and Qingquan Ueno suddenly came. Ye Chong hurriedly stuffed the paper in his pocket into his pocket. Qingquan Ueno wanted to have a meal with Qingquan Junzi and Ye Chong, and the restaurant was already set. Lantau Island. After Miyamoto Aono spotted the Hong Kong and Kowloon Battalion’s movement, he was ready to act. Qingquan Ueno had dinner with Qingquan Junzi and Ye Chong. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time since Ye Chong went to Shanghai.

Ye Chong and Qingquan Ueno talked about Chicheng’s case. He felt that Sato Dazura and Miyamoto Aoye were unfair to Chicheng, but Qingquan Ueno was very surprised about the relationship between Ye Chong and Chicheng. He also said that Chicheng is a Chinese after all. The identity is different. Miyamoto Aoye was counterattacked by the Hong Kong-Kowloon Brigade, and the gunshots alarmed Sato Dzo and Kiyizumi Ueno. Kiyizumi Junko complained that Miyamoto Aoye would only engage in infighting like a mouse and would only embarrass Ye Chong.

Qingquan Ueno and Ye Chong have been talking about work, and Qingquan Junko is very boring. Miyamoto Cangye was still fighting with the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade. Ye Chong wanted to go back to the military and administrative hall to take a look. Qingquan Ueno let him go. Miyamoto Aoye was caught off guard by the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade. Seeing his soldiers were killed, Kojima suddenly appeared again to cover Miyamoto Aoye’s retreat, and he was killed by Lu Tie.

Kiyizumi Junko said that Sato Dazang arranged a Chinese woman next to Ye Chong and complained that she was an ugly monster. Kiyizumi Ueno comforted her without worrying. Miyamoto Cangye’s entire army was wiped out. Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to help him give him something to He Ying. He went to Sato Dazang and said that Tao Zongbo was actually the Communist Party. This time, the white phosphorus incident was caused by him in the name of Juntong Chicheng’s. Sato Dazang quickly ordered Tao Zongbo to be arrested, and Miyamoto Sangye also found Tao Zongbo angrily and questioned him why he gave him a false love.

Tao Zongbo wanted to escape, but was killed by Miyamoto Sangye in a rage. This scene happened to be seen by Sato Daizo and Ye Chong, who had brought people here. Miyamoto said that the operation failed because Tao Zongbo gave him false information. Sato Daizo was very angry and didn’t want to care about it anymore. Miyamoto Cangye went back to write a report to Ye Chong, and let Ye Chong finish the matter.

Ye Chong and Sato Dazang came to report to Qingquan Ueno. Qingquan Ueno said that they would personally handle Miyamoto Aoye’s affairs. As for Chicheng, he can report his innocence tomorrow and want to see him. Byrne left Hong Kong under the arrangement of Ye Chong. Lin Xiaozhuang asked him to wait near the bridge, and someone would ask him to take him aboard.

Chi Cheng was released, Qingquan Ueno invited him to meet. Qingquan Ueno said that he would repay Chicheng for the quilt factory as soon as possible. He chose Chicheng because of his family background and he is a business elite. In a list before, Chi Cheng was a death row prisoner, and Qingquan Ueno had ticked him off that list. If it were not for him, Chi Cheng would have become a corpse.

When Bowen left, Ye Chong dealt with his intelligence room. Lin Xiaozhuang said that Bowen left a box of things when he left. Ye Chong knew that Qingquan Ueno had seen Chi Cheng and immediately realized something was wrong. He didn’t seem to care about the truth of the explosion of the military ship. No matter the truth, he would choose to let Chi Cheng stay.

Maybe he already knew Chi Cheng’s identity and wanted to catch him through him. To Qiu Cicada. Qingquan Ueno’s radio station has not yet been activated. This may be related to the organization’s mission to send Ye Chong to Hong Kong. Miyamoto Aoye was suspended and was extremely dissatisfied with Sato Daizo.

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