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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 43 Recap

The sound of firecrackers outside the window tells Chicheng that the new year is coming. Unknowingly, this war has been going on for more than two years, and it seemed like yesterday. Chi Cheng didn’t know what was waiting for him. Maybe it was the end of his life. His only regret might be Jin Xiang. When He Ying and Ye Chong set off fireworks together, Qingquan Ueno suddenly came, and He Ying hid behind Ye Chong in fear. Qingquan Ueno seemed to be familiar with what happened here, and both Ye Chong and He Ying were caught off guard. Ye Chong hurriedly asked He Ying to go upstairs to rest, staying and talking to Qingquan Ueno.

He Ying was still in shock when she returned to the room, and she felt a little frightened by Qingquan Ueno. Ye Chong wanted to ask Shang Qingquan Junko to have a meal with Qingquan Ueno tomorrow. Qingquan Ueno refused. He has been in Hong Kong for a while, so he will meet each other when he should meet. Qingquan Ueno and Ye Chong left after a few words and told him they would meet soon. Ye Chong was panicked about Qingquan Ueno’s arrival, and his arrival would never be a good thing.

The telecommunications department received an undecipherable document from the cabinet, Qingquan Junzi asked someone to help copy a copy, and then sent it as required by the military. He Ying has been having nightmares all the time, Qingquan Ueno’s eyes are too scary, He Ying wants to leave here, if she really can’t help Ye Chong, she should disappear by his side. Ye Chong told He Ying that she was not useless, she was really important to Ye Chong. Miyamoto Cangye wanted to interrogate Chi Cheng, even if he had agreed with Ye Chong not to move him.

In Miyamoto’s eyes, Ikejo was a Communist, but Ikejo knew that Sato Dazou had ordered no one to torture him, but Miyamoto Aano didn’t take these words into his eyes. Chi Cheng simply told Miyamoto Aoye righteously that China belongs to the Chinese, and these clowns who ran from a small place would definitely be defeated, and even mocked Miyamoto Aoye as a mad dog.

Sato Dazang called and asked everyone to go to the Songyuan Hotel before dawn, and Ye Chong quickly asked He Ying to take care of herself and went out. Ye Chong told Qingquan Junzi that Qingquan Ueno had come to Hong Kong. Qingquan Junzi didn’t know about this, and was surprised. Today is Sato Daizo’s welcoming ceremony for Qingquan Ueno.

He threatened to revitalize Hong Kong. Ye Chong was very puzzled. After the end, Qingquan Junko pulled Qingquan Ueno to act like a baby, complaining that he hadn’t told her after coming for so long. He ate with himself. Ye Chong said that there was still business in the evening and he couldn’t eat with them. Qingquan Junzi was a little dissatisfied, but Qingquan Ueno was very considerate, and asked Ye Chong to sort out Chicheng’s information for him.

Sato Dazou told Miyamoto Aono to stop investigating Ikejo’s affairs. Kiyizumi Ueno may have a new move, Miyamoto Aoye was very dissatisfied. The arrival of Qingquan Ueno caused Ye Chong to have a nightmare again. Qingquan Ueno brought a lot of things to the Military and Political Department, and the action office had to get more. The two sides almost fought, and Ye Chong asked them to distribute them equally. Tang Feng woke up and insisted on making a call, telling Jin Xiang that this call might save Chicheng.

Ye Chong gave Bourne some false information and asked him to send it to a radio station Tao Zongbo could steal to ensure that he could get it. Lin Xiaozhuang told Ye Chong that the phone rang again and asked them to rescue Chicheng. Ye Chong knew that he couldn’t wait any longer to save people, but Qingquan Ueno’s purpose was not simple, and it was even more difficult to save people. Ye Chong has made a plan. Tao Zongbo should have received the false news now. Tomorrow Tao Zongbo should tell Miyamoto Aoye that the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade will leave.

Ye Chong wanted to use Tao Zongbo to instruct Xue Ping to enter the Xinghehui to push the white phosphorus matter to the military command. He wanted to use the counterattack of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade to turn Miyamoto Aoye and Tao Zongbo against each other. He was determined to be Miyamoto Aoye’s character He would kill Tao Zongbo directly, which would confirm Tao Zongbo’s identity as an anti-Japanese element. Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to go to Lantau Island in person to cooperate with this action.

Miyamoto Aoye collected all the information about Ye Chong. After all, Qingquan Ueno was Ye Chong’s adoptive father, and he would not easily give these things to him. Miyamoto Aoye didn’t want to be Sato Daizo’s pawn and died for nothing, so He asked Xiaodaosuke to destroy these materials, so he could not let others know that he was investigating Ye Chong. Tao Zongbo soon came to Miyamoto Cangye and gave him the information he had overheard. Tang Feng received a call from Lin Xiaozhuang, Miyamoto Cangye had already been trapped, all they had to do was to counterattack him, Wei Guoxiang refused to act rashly, but Tang Feng had to try.

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