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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 42 Recap

Sato Dizou told Ikejo that the transaction between them was fair, and that the amnesty he got here would not be given to him by a second person. Sato Dazou also promised Ikejo that he would let Miyamoto Aoye stop disturbing the clothing factory. Miyamoto Aoye went to the telecommunications class again, Qingquan Junko asked him to give herself a time, she just wanted to see He Ying leave Ye Chong. And it was for Ye Chong’s sake that Qingquan Junko cooperated with Miyamoto Ao, their relationship is limited to this, and this will never change.

Blue Leopard came to Tao Zongbo. Xue Ping left Xinghehui. Tao Zongbo said that she found Tang Feng’s flaws and was unwilling to expose them. As an agent, she is now a waste. Xue Ping’s feelings for Tang Feng are the same as Lan Bao’s feelings for Xue Ping. Junko Kiyizumi heard strange noises in the quilt factory. She thought it was just an ordinary routine activity, but Miyamoto Aano felt it was unusual. Qingquan Junko’s patience was about to run out, Miyamoto Aoye quickly told her that he wanted He Ying to leave Ye Chong, there must be some reason to monitor the clothing factory is essential.

He Ying came to the clothing factory to see Liang Mansheng. Liang Mansheng dashed over when she saw her, but was shot to death by Miyamoto Aoye in the process. He Ying was surprised and sad, holding Liang Man and crying, but Chi Cheng was even more unbearable and wanted to find Miyamoto Sangye to settle the account, but Wei Guoxiang stopped her.

Miyamoto Cangye swaggered out of the quilt factory to meet with Tao Zongbo. Tao Zongbo did not have any useful information, but he found that someone had bought a batch of white phosphorus on the black market at a high price. This person was Tang Feng, perhaps because of the explosion of the warship. relationship. He Ying cried silently beside Liang Mansheng’s corpse.

When she saw Ye Chong, she said that Miyamoto Cangye killed her brother. Ye Chong asked her to take care of herself. He wanted to leave and lie down. Wei Guoxiang hoped that he would take him out. Angrily, Ikejo ran to question Sato Ozo. He had clearly promised not to let the linen factory bleed, but Miyamoto Aoye also came, and said he was not killing innocent people, because his judgment was not wrong, so I asked him First explain the explosion of the military ship. Chi Cheng became even more angry.

It was his supplies that the military ship exploded and destroyed, and he was the victim. Miyamoto Aoye told Sato Daizo that he found that someone had spent a lot of money to buy a batch of white phosphorus on the black market, and the military ship exploded. Chi Cheng pretended to be stupid and didn’t understand what white phosphorus was, but Miyamoto Ao Ye said that it was Tang Feng who bought the white phosphorus. This matter had nothing to do with the clothing factory. He demanded that Chi Cheng be arrested for interrogation immediately. Sato Daizo agreed, and asked him to take Jicheng to the interrogation room.

Miyamoto Sono interrogated Ikejo, but Ikejo still pretended to be stupid. Miyamoto Sono almost made an effort on Chi Cheng, Ye Chong suddenly appeared and said that Sato Dazou called them to the office. Ye Chong asked why Miyamoto Cangye always intervened in the clothing factory. He was the person in charge of the military control. He asked for a re-investigation. No one was allowed to kill innocent people. If Chicheng was really a Communist, she could kill him immediately he. Sato Daizo refused to agree, and told Miyamoto Aono to stop investigating the affairs of Ikejo, and write a report and shoot him directly.

Miyamoto Cangye refused, repeatedly saying that there must be Communists in the clothing factory, and Ye Chong quarreled with him again. Miyamoto Aoye said that he could prove that there were Communists in the clothing factory within two days. Ye Chong gave him three days. Once he found out that there were Communists in Chicheng or anyone around him, he was willing to take off his body. military uniform. Sato Dzo can not stop them from investigating, but they are responsible for all the consequences.

When Chi Cheng was caught, Jin Xiang came to Tang Feng very anxiously. Tang Feng said it was related to the bombing of a Japanese warship. Miyamoto Aoye feels that white phosphorus is the most powerful proof of Chi Cheng’s identity. Even if he is not a Communist Party, he will make Chi Cheng a Communist Party. Ye Chong quietly arrested the white phosphorus seller. Ye Chong took the money and hoped that he could help him. The Blue Leopard found Xue Ping and persuaded her to return to the army with her.

Xue Ping couldn’t sit still anymore when she learned about Tang Feng’s news and ignored the Blue Leopard. Miyamoto Aoye came to see the white phosphorus seller but encountered an explosion. Kojima was injured and was taken to the hospital. Blue Leopard wanted to stop Xue Ping from looking for Tang Feng, but Xue Ping would rather accompany Tang Feng to death. Kojima was nothing serious, so Miyamoto Aoye asked him to check Tang Feng’s location and prepare to arrest him.

Jin Xiang came to Sato Dazang angrily and asked him why he wanted to capture Jicheng. Na Hinghe would threaten him to release Jicheng, but Sato Dazang said that he had never instructed anyone to arrest Jicheng. They were under great pressure when the military ship exploded. As the boss of the clothing factory, Chi Cheng should cooperate with the investigation. Sato Dazang also told Jin Xiang that it was Miyamoto Aoye that she was going to deal with, and he should have found Tang Feng. Miyamoto Aoye had already arrested Tang Feng on the way that the clothing factory must pass. Tang Feng was shot in the arm and it was difficult to resist.

Xue Ping suddenly appeared to rescue Tang Feng, and Miyamoto Aoye quickly led people to chase him. During the escape, Xue Ping was shot in the chest by Miyamoto Cangye. Tang Feng was shot in the leg one after another, and neither of them could run. Jin Xiang appeared at a critical moment, but Xue Ping put Tang Feng into the car with one last breath, threw out a grenade, and died in the explosion. Tang Feng’s injury was under control, but Jin Xiang was worrying about Chicheng’s affairs. No one had a good New Year.

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