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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 41 Recap

Ye Chong took out the military ship distribution map and placed it in front of Chi Cheng, saying that he had arranged the linen next to the boiler room and his trouble of letting the ship leave the port in only three or four hours would be solved. Ye Chong also left the drawing to Chi Cheng, saying it was for him as a reference. Ye Chong’s prompt was too obvious, but Chi Cheng seemed a little confused because of this. Tang Feng dismissed the things and took back two gold bars, but Chi Cheng knew that those things were not worth the money. This help made no secret.

Although Chi Cheng didn’t know who he was, he was a little relieved. Of course the person who helped Chicheng was Ye Chong, thinking about the ability to force a young master like Chicheng to become a seller, this world is really hell on earth. Ye Chong needs to think about it. The Japanese will never give up after the explosion. They must plan to make Chi Cheng and his whole body retreat. Lin Xiaozhuang found Xue Ping, he had rescued the blue leopard, and had a very close relationship with Tang Feng.

Chi Cheng always felt that all this was not just a coincidence. His intuition always told him that Ye Chong was his own, but Ye Chong proved his instincts to be wrong again and again, and Chi Cheng was a little confused. Jin Xiang came to the clothing factory to look for Chi Cheng and said that it was his wife. The Japanese guards refused to let her in, but Ye Chong let her in. Xue Ping’s mood was not very good, and Tang Feng was very worried. She had lived an unkind life in the army before, but she had never changed. Xue Ping is very afraid of losing Tang Feng, so I hope he will protect herself and don’t trust anyone, including her.

Jin Xiang gave Chicheng five gold bars, which she lent to him without interest. Chi Cheng felt that it was impossible for Jin Xiang to spend so much money in the Xinghehui situation. However, Jin Xiang said that he didn’t understand himself or Xinghehui. Chi Cheng was moved to thank Jin Xiang. After Jin Xiang left, Ye Chong came to Chi Cheng again. Chi Cheng reacted very excitedly, hoping that he would not interfere with him too much outside of work.

Suddenly Miyamoto Aoye came to the telecommunications class to find Qingquan Junko, and said that he came to ask her for help. Qingquan Junko did not want to pay attention to him. Miyamoto Aoye explained that he had never targeted Ye Chong, but because he He Ying made a series of judgment errors, so he had to stop it for the sake of the empire. Qingquan Junzi was very interested in the topic of how to get He Ying to leave Ye Chong’s side. Tang Feng gave the white phosphorus to Chicheng, and the ship will leave Hong Kong tonight, and they will also start to act.

Chi Cheng gave Tang Feng a gold bar to let him take the weapon back, and Tang Feng knew at a glance that it was Jin Xiang gave him. Chi Cheng asked repeatedly and learned that it was Jin Xiang’s dowry money and quickly took the money back to her. He couldn’t be so sorry to Jin Xiang. But Jin Xiang said that he might marry Chi Cheng in this life, and he doesn’t need this dowry. He doesn’t want to be a bully. Jin Xiang stuffed the gold bar into Chi Cheng’s hand and closed the door, making Chi Cheng melancholy.

After the goods were loaded on the ship, Chi Cheng asked Wei Guoxiang to dispose of all the documents during this period, so as not to be caught by the Japanese. Sato Dazang wanted to give a banquet to thank Chi Cheng, but Chi Cheng chose to refuse. Ye Chong told him that Jin Xiang was waiting for him outside and reminded him that the new production targets need to make progress. Jin Xiang asked Chi Cheng to go to a place with her, and the two came to the dock. This was the place where Chi Cheng rescued her. Two years have passed. Jin Xiang only wanted to stay with Chi Cheng for a while, but Chi Cheng refused. He didn’t have time.

Tao Zongbo contacted Xue Ping. Xue Ping said that he had no new discoveries. Tao Zongbo wanted her to leave Xinghehui. She could not have feelings, let alone to Tang Feng. Xue Ping was unwilling to leave Tang Feng, so Tao Zongbo asked her to give herself a reason to stay. So Xue Ping quietly took away Tang Feng’s things. The military ship exploded in Shanghai, and all the cargo was engulfed in flames. Sato Ozo was very angry when he received a call in the middle of the night and quickly called Miyamoto Aoye.

News of the explosion of a Japanese military ship at sea spread quickly. Sato Daizo asked Miyamoto Aono to investigate the matter. Miyamoto Aono asked Kojima to find the Blue Leopard and asked him to go to the clothing factory to capture some workers. Lin Xiaozhuang found out that the person behind Blue Leopard was Tao Zongbo, and quickly told Ye Chong.

Chicheng came to Sato Dazang to ask him why he wanted to take the workers from the quilt factory away for interrogation. He hoped that Sato Dazang would not forget that the quilt factory was to bring them greater profits. Sato Dazang had long changed his attitude and wanted to take this opportunity Reduce some workers in the clothing factory. Chicheng still hopes that there will be no oppression and military control in the clothing factory. Sato Daizo puts forward the condition that there should be no debts between them after finishing this matter, especially the favor debt, and said that the transactions between them have always been very good.

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