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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 40 Recap

Chicheng needed a sectional view of the freighter and decided to go to Xinghe Meeting tomorrow. Xue Ping brought breakfast to Tang Feng, who was about to go out. Recently, he and Chi Cheng are very busy. However, the Blue Leopard followed Xue Ping secretly. Tang Feng was also followed by Lan Bao’s men, but he threw it away when he found out. Tang Feng bought white phosphorus with two gold bars and warned the seller to take care of his mouth. Ye Chong was going to check the warehouse, Chi Cheng said that he had cleaned it all, and asked him to find Wei Guoxiang.

Jin Xiang was sick, and Chi Cheng was busy going to see her. After Chi Cheng left, Ye Chong sneaked into his office and found a small locked drawer. Ye Chong picked up the key on the table to open it, and found that there were many calculation formulas inside. When Wei Guoxiang came, Ye Chong noticed the movement and pretended to be waiting for someone, but Wei Guoxiang discovered that the drawer was not closed properly.

Chi Cheng came to Tang Feng early in the morning, and Ye Chong and Sato Dazang had changed their attitudes. He didn’t know what they were going to do. White phosphorus Tang Feng has already bought it, but things about the house still need to be slowed down. Chi Cheng wants to keep the price down, but if it keeps down, they won’t have the money to buy arms. It may be that someone had the idea of ​​hitting the pool mansion behind, but now there is no one bidding, and Jicheng knew that this person was Sato Daizo.

Tao Zongbo found someone to give Xue Ping something, saying that he owed her before. Chi Cheng went to see Sato Dazo and said that he needed a certain amount of money. Sato Dazo was directly scared by him. Ikejo hopes that Sato Dazo will help with the imperial bank as a guarantee, but Sato Dazo proposes that he borrows a sum of money from Ikejo in his own name, and the house guarantees him, which saves a lot of trouble. Chi Cheng was unwilling, if they hadn’t settled the payment, he would not have ended up like this.

He Ying told Ye Chong that Chi Cheng went to the Military and Political Department, and on the way back to the Xinghe Meeting, but Jin Xiang was not ill either. Jin Xiang found out that Tang Feng was looking for the ship pictures, which Chi Cheng asked for. Jin Xiang quickly asked Tang Feng to clarify what Chicheng wanted to do, but Tang Feng didn’t know what to do, so he persuaded Jin Xiang to take the opportunity to meet Chicheng and have a good chat.

Sato Dazang took away Chicheng’s house in a disguised form and gave him some military tickets that were not very circulated on the market. Tang Feng and Chicheng were angry, but Chicheng could only let Lu Tie take these to buy food for emergency.

Ye Chong sorted out what he saw in Chicheng and felt that Chicheng was going to set the batch of military uniforms on fire. Lin Xiaozhuang was very worried that once this happened, the Japanese would definitely not let go of the clothing factory. Ye Chong also felt that this method was not feasible, but Chi Cheng had been making excuses to meet with Tang Feng in Xinghe these days. Maybe he was Chi Cheng’s helper outside the bedding factory.

Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to help monitor Tang Feng and also asked him to go shopping on the black market. There are only two houses in Chicheng, far away from here, so Chicheng decided to live in a bedding factory after moving away. Wei Guoxiang told Chi Cheng that Ye Chong might have seen what he wrote last night. Chi Cheng was very worried and decided to move as soon as possible. This matter could not be delayed any longer.

Chi Cheng packed up his things and prepared to move. The servants didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay with Chi Cheng. Chi Cheng gave them some money and asked them to go to the clothing factory with them. If they didn’t want to go, they would use the money to do some business. Lin Xiaozhuang told Ye Chong that Sato Dazang had moved into Chicheng’s house. Ye Chong sighed. Tomorrow he will tell Chicheng about the military ship and guide him to put the white phosphorus on the military ship. He and He Ying After many calculations, once the white phosphorus explodes, everything will be wiped out, leaving no evidence.

Lu Tie bought grain, enough to support Lantau Island for a while. Chi Cheng asked Tang Feng to sell a piece of jade pendant. He had a lot of money to spend. As long as he could win, he didn’t care about anything. Jin Xiang took the freighter map and stuffed it directly to Tang Feng, and he ignored Chi Cheng. Tang Feng wanted to persuade Chi Cheng to accompany her, but Chi Cheng refused. He now has a heavy burden on his shoulders. Jin Xiang was very disappointed when he learned that Chi Cheng had left, but he still said nothing.

Ye Chong came to the office to look for Chicheng early in the morning, saying that the cargo in the warehouse must be repacked before boarding the ship. The structure of the military ship is different from the structure of ordinary ships on the market.

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