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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 39 Recap

Lin Xiaozhuang successfully rescued Lu Tie, but Ye Chong felt that he could no longer be in contact with him. Sato Dazang had already made it clear that he was suspicious of him, and left the affairs of Lantau to Miyamoto Cangye. Ye Chong had no idea. How many eyes are staring at him. The remaining comrades on Lantau still needed supplies, so Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to go to the black market. Sato Dazang asked the clothing factory to drive out the first batch of orders within a week. Ye Chong felt that this matter was not easy, and hoped that Lin Xiaozhuang would check it out.

Xue Ping suddenly came to Tao Zongbo and asked him why he wanted to do things for the Japanese. Tao Zongbo answered that the reality forced him to make a decision at this time. Xue Ping was heartbroken. This was treason. Xue Ping only realized that Tao Zongbo had been using her, but Tao Zongbo excitedly told her that everything he did was for them to survive. Xue Ping didn’t want to believe what Tao Zongbo said anymore, and even raised a gun at his teacher, but in the end he didn’t shoot.

Lu Tie found Tang Feng and Chi Cheng, and he told them that a Japanese officer had fired two shots at him. I don’t know how long after he fell down, another person pulled him out of the mud. As for the two shots, they were all penetrating wounds. It hurts to the point. Lu Tie had seen that officer in the newspaper. He was Ye Chong, but he felt that the person who pulled him out of the quagmire must not have been Ye Chong. Chi Cheng is looking for the key to the bank safe.

He needs a sum of money to buy food and munitions to Lantau Island. Both of these are the most popular items on the market. Chi Cheng does not have that much money anymore. Since he became a Japanese Goodwill Ambassador , The accounts of the Chi family are just out of order. But Chicheng couldn’t manage that much. He decided to sell Chi Mansion. Wei Guoxiang was anxious. This was Chicheng’s ancestral home.

Lin Xiaozhuang told Ye Chong that Tang Feng was also inquiring about black fire and food purchase channels. He also put up a house on the black market, Chi Mansion, but Chi Cheng has always been generous to Sato Dazang. Why did Sato Dazang treat him Does not give face at all. Ye Chong knew that Sato Dazang had been coveting the Chi Mansion for a long time, so Chi Cheng might as well sell it directly to him instead of falling down. Lin Xiaozhuang also said that there were weapons on military ships recently, and Ye Chong’s suspicion became even heavier.

Tang Feng felt that Xue Ping should have no problem now, and Chi Cheng still told him to be careful. Chi Mansion wanted to make a move as soon as possible, but the price had to be suppressed, Chi Cheng agreed. In a few days, a ship from Southeast Asia will be docked. The black market has already begun to book black fires, and Tang Feng has already contacted the grain, and we will wait until the money is in place. Chi Cheng didn’t worry about where he would live in the future, but he was a real pauper now.

Ye Chong came to Bourne and offered to cooperate with him. Chi Cheng never thought that he would be stumped by money. The Japanese were greedy, but he had to stick to it. Chi Cheng asked Tang Feng to do something about white phosphorus. Tang Feng persuaded Chi Cheng to stay in Xinghehui tonight to see Jin Xiang, but Chi Cheng refused. Lin Xiaozhuang checked the cargo ship that recently departed from the port. The record of one ship was top-secret and it was sent to Dalian Port. Lin Xiaozhuang judged that it was a military-industrial quilt, and the number was quite large.

Ye Chong felt that the Kwantung Army wanted to counterattack and the Northeast had already It is a piece of scorched earth. He must not let this ship leave Hong Kong, otherwise the Japanese will wear their cotton-padded clothes and shoot their guns at their compatriots. Lin Xiaozhuang was worried that Ye Chong would be discovered by Sato Dazang when he did this, but Ye Chong was not worried. He learned from Berne that the Lantau Island and the poetry club had not been sold, so he felt that there were other people behind the Blue Leopard. , Stole the news of Byrne, so let Lin Xiaozhuang check it.

In the Military and Political Department, Sato Daizo awarded the Medal of Honor to Miyamoto Sono. Chi Cheng asked Wei Guoxiang to count the inventory of the clothing factory. They only had two days left to complete the first batch of goods, but Chi Cheng decided to destroy all these stocks. Tao Zongbo wanted to feel safe in Miyamoto Cangye. He believed in the weak and the strong, and only followed the strong. The military rule is weakening day by day.

Tao Zongbo hopes that Miyamoto Aoye will help him establish an intelligence agency in Hong Kong. He can make Miyamoto Aoye the most powerful person in Hong Kong in the shortest time. Miyamoto Cangye said that the inspection of Tao Zongbo was not over yet, and he was only willing to agree to Tao Zongbo’s terms when he helped clear out all the anti-Japanese armed forces in Hong Kong. Tao Zongbo agreed and told Miyamoto that Cangye Chicheng had already sold Chi Mansion on the black market.

White phosphorus will ignite spontaneously when it comes into contact with air. Chi Cheng has already asked Tang Feng to find it on the black market. This is a risky matter, and he needs accurate calculations to execute it. Chi Cheng will never give these things to the Japanese, even if this method fails, he will come up with other methods. Sato Dazou was very happy to learn that Chicheng was selling Chi Mansion. Miyamoto Aono felt that it was not suitable for launching an offensive against Lantau. They were not very familiar with the terrain of Lantau. He had accurate information last time, but not this time.

Sato Daizo asked Miyamoto Ano to go to the telecommunications class, which is a paradise for information. He Ying breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that Lu Tie had been rescued, and Ye Chong asked her to contact Chi Cheng more. He thought Chi Cheng was probably their comrade. In terms of Chi Cheng’s style, he would never easily hand over the goods to the Japanese, so Ye Chong wanted to understand his recent actions. Chi Cheng needs too much white phosphorus, and he must narrow the space.

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