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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 38 Recap

Chicheng told Ye Chong that Miyamoto Sangye had taken He Ying to an abandoned factory not far from the clothing factory. Junko Kiyizumi was very excited because of Ye Chong’s emotions. She threatened Dazo Sato that she would use Kiizumi Ueno’s relationship, and Dazo Sato had a hard time talking. He Ying was stopped by Miyamoto Aoye’s people and refused to let her out. He Ying was very angry when she learned that Miyamoto Aoye killed a classmate from the poetry club. Miyamoto Aoye even lied that Ye Chong led them last night. After entering the poetry club, Ye Chong also killed them decisively. He Ying refused to believe what Miyamoto Aoye said, but Miyamoto Aoye asked Guifang to be brought out.

She was beaten to blood. When she saw He Ying, she hugged her and said that Ye Chong was not a Communist. He is a Japanese, and he wants to approach the anti-Japanese elements through He Ying. He Ying still refused to believe, Ye Chong saved her life, she believed in Ye Chong. Guifang lied about seeing Ye Chong cruel to the Communist Party in prison, and Miyamoto Sono mentioned Meifang even more.

He Ying was emotionally out of control when hearing Mei Fang’s name, and Miyamoto Cangye continued, Mei Fang was killed by Ye Chong himself. Guifang told He Ying with added vigour and jealousy that Ye Chong was a devil, and then pretended to cover He Ying and committed suicide with Miyamoto Aoye’s gun.

Miyamoto Cangye was stunned when he looked at Gui Fang’s body, Ye Chong hurried over to take He Ying back, but He Ying no longer believed him because of what happened just now. Miyamoto Aoye raised his gun and aimed at Ye Chong. Ye Chong shot him in the leg and warned him not to move himself and He Ying in the future. Miyamoto Aoye could only watch Ye Chong take He Ying left.

The people of Miyamoto Aono cleared Lantau Island. Although this operation was not reported, Sato Daizo was satisfied with the result. Sato Daizo asked Kiyizumi Junko to send a telegram to the cabinet, and then went to the hospital to visit Miyamoto Ao. Lin Xiaozhuang told Ye Chong that Xiaodaojie had attacked Lantau Island. One of the comrades was arrested.

Ye Chong asked him to visit Lantau Island to find out the situation. And He Ying asked Ye Chong to give herself an explanation. Ye Chong could not explain to her that the attack on Lantau Island and the arrest of comrades were all traps of Miyamoto Aoye. Qingquan Junko sent a report to the cabinet according to Sato Dazo’s request, and learned that He Ying was taken home by Ye Chong, Qingquan Junko lost her temper.

Ye Chong rushed to the interrogation room but was told that Sato Dazang had ordered the shooting in the early morning, and no one could approach before this. Tang Feng told Chicheng about the incident, Lao Liu sacrificed, Lu Tie was arrested, and more than a hundred comrades died. Chi Cheng asked Tang Feng to settle the remaining comrades. He would find a way to find out where the information was leaked. Sato Daizo gave Miyamoto Aoye the only thing left, which was the best result compared to her being executed. Miyamoto Aoye asked Kojima to throw this away.

Sato Daizo was very pleased, and said that he applied for a personal hero medal for him, hoping to use this medal to make Miyamoto Aoye and Ye Chong make a conclusion . Ye Chong also came. He wanted to apply for the interrogation of the prisoners of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Battalion, but Sato Dazang did not give him a chance at all. Sato Dazang rushed to the execution ground with Ye, and temporarily gave him some time for interrogation, and there may be accidental discoveries.

There were so many things that happened this night, and He Ying was a little bit self-blaming. If she could think more, her comrades would not be arrested. Ye Chong comforted her, he would try his best to rescue Lu Tie. After Sato shoots Lu Tie, he meets with Chicheng and asks him about the production situation of the clothing factory. Ye Chong judges that the fifth can be completed. Sato Daizo is very satisfied, and the next batch of orders will come down soon.

Chicheng was unwilling to agree, and it was impossible to complete two orders at the same time, so Ye Chong suggested adding production equipment. Chi Cheng was very excited. He didn’t even receive the first payment for the equipment. Chi Cheng was really not in the mood to have dinner with them and got up and left. Sato Dazang complained about his small belly, but Ye Chong promised that he would let Chi Cheng complete the order.

Kojima told Sangye Miyamoto that this time it was a shooting executed by Ye Chong himself, and he shot twice. However, this was Ye Chong’s strategy. He replaced it with a bullet without a bullet to ensure that Lu Tie would not die, and then asked Lin Xiaozhuang to rush to the western suburbs to save his life. With the cooperation of the two, Lu Tie was successfully rescued.

As soon as Lin Xiaozhuang came home, he saw Qingquan Chunzi coming, and he lied that he had just gone to play cards. He Ying silently mourned the dead classmates, hoping that they would not be afraid. Knowing that Ye Chong personally killed Lu Tiechicheng and Tang Feng were very angry, they must know the situation of Lantau immediately. Miyamoto Ao was discharged from the hospital before he recovered. He met Ye Chong at the entrance of the Military and Administrative Hall and started to sarcastically.

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