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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 37 Recap

He Ying and Shishe classmates rescued a boy named Liang Mansheng, and He Ying brought some food for everyone. Miyamoto Aoye and Kojima determined that He Ying lived in the poetry club, and decided to take action. At this time, Sato Dazang came suddenly and advised him not to hold He Ying, if she was really the key to the problem, they would have succeeded. Sato Daizo asked Miyamoto Ano to come to him after the action. He had a gift that might help him win the battle. For Ye Chong and Miyamoto Aoye, Sato Dazang didn’t want to favor anyone, just wanted to see the truth.

Liang Mansheng gobbled up the grain He Ying had brought. He had no relatives anymore and joined the theatre troupe when he was five years old. The poetry club suddenly shut down, and everyone lit candles together. At this time, a classmate ran back and said that the Japanese were searching the street. Liang Mansheng was suddenly scared. He ran out of the Japanese asylum. The students asked He Ying to take Liang Mansheng to the quilt factory first, so don’t worry about them.

Ye Chong was a little worried about He Ying. She seemed to be unable to accept Guifang’s affairs. She was already serious and would definitely blame herself. Lin Xiaozhuang comforted Ye Chong to prepare for everything. After all, he couldn’t help He Ying grow up. He Ying was not a three-year-old kid anymore. The more Ye Chong showed concern, the more pressure she felt.

Miyamoto Aoye led people into the dark poetry club. The students were very scared, but Miyamoto Aoye brutally killed two students, and then killed the remaining students hiding in the corner. Sato Daizo criticized Miyamoto Ano for always putting himself on the cusp of the storm and gave him an address for him to visit. As for him and Ye Chong, Sato Daizo decided to remain neutral, which would be good for everyone.

When Ye Chong was monitoring Bernd, he heard that someone gave him a reward and mentioned the poetry club. Ye Chong hurried to the poetry club with worry. He Ying brought Liang Mansheng to the clothing factory, and Chi Cheng asked Wei Guoxiang to take him to settle down. He Ying couldn’t help her classmates. She wanted to go back to the poetry club.

Chicheng asked her to bring her classmates here, at least it was safer than the street. Ye Chong rushed to the poetry club and saw the devastation and blood dripping. He picked up He Ying’s hairpin. Ye Chong knew that only Miyamoto Cangye, a beast, would do this behavior. Liang Mansheng was very excited when he saw the Japanese in the clothing factory. He Ying quickly comforted him and asked him to listen to Wei Guoxiang’s words.

Liang Mansheng reluctantly left. He Ying just wanted to go to the poetry club and Ye Chong came. In order not to worry He Ying, Ye Chong told her that the classmates in the poetry club were very good. He would send them food and let He Ying stay in the clothing factory. After the repatriation is over, he will leave. The Japanese arrested people everywhere in the past two days, and he really couldn’t rest assured He Ying.

Tao Zongbo told Miyamoto Cangye that He Ying had fled to the clothing factory. The Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade attacked Haiphong last night to open a new waterway but failed. Tao Zongbo tracked their actions and found their footing. This is the palace. A good time for Ben Cangye to annihilate them in one fell swoop. Ye Chong went to the watch shop and asked the buddy to give this letter to Byrne as soon as possible. Miyamoto Aoye asked Kojima to assemble the team on Lantau Island without reporting to anyone.

Miyamoto Sono went to the address given by Sato Daizo, and there was a person in the room, and she was Guifang. Sato Dazang didn’t kill her, but let her go. Guifang told Miyamoto Aoye that at this moment He Ying is Ye Chong’s weakness, and He Ying’s weakness is her.

However, Miyamoto Aoye knew that this was not a seamless plan. Although Sato Daizo sent Guifang back, he was the one who was responsible for the failure of the plan. Guifang showed her determination to go to death. As long as Miyamoto Aoye can win this opportunity, she can give everything.

Miyamoto Aoye decided to implement the plan given by Sato Daizo, so that Ye Chong would not appear on Lantau Island tonight to destroy their plan. Miyamoto Sono went to the quilt factory to find He Ying, and said that he wanted to talk to her about the underground poetry society. He Yingben didn’t want to go with him, but since he mentioned the underground poetry club, she couldn’t ignore her classmates. Liang Mansheng hurried to tell Chicheng that He Ying was taken away by Miyamoto Aoye, and Ye Chong was not here. Chicheng had to ran to the Military and Administrative Office and asked Sato Dazou why Miyamoto Aoye took He Ying from his clothing factory. .

Sato Dazou didn’t care, and asked Ikejo to complete the military order. At this time, Ye Chong ran to Sato Dazang again angrily and said that he had done his best to Miyamoto Aoye, and he couldn’t bear it anymore. As for the recording, he would give it to the cabinet, and He Ying would take care of it himself. . Qingquan Chunzi suddenly ran to stop Ye Chong from not allowing him to save He Ying, but Ye Chong ignored it.

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