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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 36 Recap

Miyamoto Cangye borrowed a radio station. Ye Chong and Qingquan Junko were very strange and didn’t know what they did with the radio station. Ye Chong told Lin Xiaozhuang that he had accepted Miyamoto Ao’s apology. He didn’t want this matter to be magnified, otherwise he would not be able to justify himself in the end. Ye Chong felt that Miyamoto Aoye might use the radio to ask for some help, such as sending a report to the cabinet.

Ye Chong did not worry at all. Miyamoto Aoye might not be able to send the radio out. He has already shared the interest of this matter with Qingquan. Junko knew it, and those little tricks of Miyamoto Aoye couldn’t escape her. Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to help him stare at Bowen, he was an intelligence dealer.

Miyamoto Sono sent a report to the cabinet, reporting Ye Chong’s identity and Sato Dazou’s shelter for Ye Chong because of his identity, and requested the cabinet to investigate. Junko Qingquan intercepted the telegram soon and found the telegram record. As soon as Sato Daizo received the call from Kiyizumi Ueno, Kiyizumi Junko came to him with the telegram record, and told him that Miyamoto Aoano sent a report to the cabinet through the radio to report Sato Daizo and Ye Chong, and his share of The order of opportunity is also forged.

Sato Daizo was very angry, but Junko Kiyizumi did not tell Kiyizumi Ueno about this. This matter is related to the face of the Hong Kong Military and Political Department. Sato hopes that Junko Kiyizumi will take this matter down and deal with it internally. Junko Kiyizumi thinks so too, but Miyamoto Aoye’s behavior is aimed at Ye Chong. She also pulled Sato Daizo into the water, so she hoped that Sato Daizo would give Miyamoto a lesson.

Sato Dazou dealt with Guifang, and also suspended Miyamoto Aano. Kojima hurriedly told him about these two things. Miyamoto Sono was very angry when he learned about it, and wanted to question Sato Daizo. At this time, Sato Daizo came. Miyamoto Sono asked him why he was suspended. Only then did he realize that his telegram had been intercepted by him, so it was no wonder that he did not reply. Sato Ozo and Miyamoto Aoye had a quarrel. Miyamoto Aoye accused him of being Ye Chong’s umbrella. Sato Ozo angrily slapped him. Suspending him for a week was already his greatest tolerance. Sato Dazou told Miyamoto Aono to give him a bullet if he didn’t understand after a week.

Chi Cheng thought that the clothing factory was everyone’s protection, but he did not expect it to become the source of everyone’s fear. He still had many tasks to complete, but he didn’t know how to break the shackles. Chi Cheng drank and bought drunk in a quilt factory, and he would never give the things he made to the Japanese. Ye Chong sent the radio back to Qingquan Chunzi, and Qingquan Chunzi helped Ye breathe out a sigh of anger, and then he said thank you.

But Qingquan Junzi insisted on going to Ye Chong’s house to eat the meal he made by himself, but Ye Chong reluctantly agreed. Ye Chong bought some vegetables and went home. He Ying wanted to cook for herself, but Ye Chong told her that Qingquan Chunzi was coming today and he wanted to entertain her, so he couldn’t eat with He Ying. He Ying was very upset, but she didn’t want Ye Chong to be embarrassed, so she left after instructing him to place the kitchen seasoning.

In the evening, Ye Chong and Qingquan Junko ate together. Qingquan Junzi has been spitting out with Ye Chong and Miyamoto Cangye has no brains. Ye Chong thanked her very seriously, but he did not want Qingquan Junzi to be involved in war and politics . Qingquan Chunzi said, no matter what kind of person she was, she would not let anyone hurt Ye Chong. Ye Chong was still very worried about her. Miyamoto Aoye was like a lunatic, and she didn’t want Qingquan Junko to be harmed. And Junko Qingquan doesn’t like her current job, why doesn’t she leave here to pursue the life she wants.

But Qingquan Junzi felt that this war would always end, and by that time she would be with Ye Chong forever. Her view of love could not be changed, and Ye Chong sighed helplessly. Miyamoto Cangye wanted to come to Ye Chong to settle the accounts, but found that he and Qingquan Junko had to leave, but he would never let Ye Chong do whatever he wanted. He wanted everyone to know that his judgment was correct.

After Ye Chong had finished eating, the poetry society approached He Ying and told her about Guifang. She was from Miyamoto Aoye, and the purpose was to obtain more information, but she was now dead. Guifang was surprised, and afraid that Guifang would tell Miyamoto Aoye these words, Ye Chong quickly comforted He Ying, Miyamoto Aoye has been suspended, he did not take advantage of this matter. Lin Xiaozhuang investigated Byrne. He made a living by selling information, but the same piece of information would not be flipped twice.

That watch shop was an intelligence black market. Miyamoto Cangye and Tao Zongbo met, Tao Zongbo persuaded him to wait patiently, after all, the encirclement and suppression of Lantau Island has made them frightened. Tao Zongbo gave Miyamoto Cangye another piece of information about He Ying. He Ying rescued a boy who had fainted on the road and brought him back to the poetry society. The only two medicines left by the poetry society were also used on him. Ye Chong and Qingquan Chunzi checked the radio together. Byrne’s identity was unusual, so he told Qingquan Chunzi that he didn’t check it anymore.

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