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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 35 Recap

Ye Chong didn’t like watching movies, but Qingquan Chunzi had grown up, and was no longer the bluffing little girl before. Qingquan Junzi said that she did it for Ye Chong, and Ye Chong said that no one was alive because of other people. He still hoped that Qingquan Junzi would be himself and not change everything because of anyone. He Ying came to Guifang to find out that she had gone to work in the factory, but Guifang wanted to kill He Ying because she hated the Japanese, especially after learning that He Ying was Ye Chong’s girlfriend.

Gui Fang accused He Ying of being a traitor and traitor. He Ying mistakenly thought she was the Communist Party, and Gui Fang happily admitted it. He Ying was very happy and hoped that Guifang would give herself a chance to explain. However, Guifang was actually an undercover agent sent by Miyamoto Aoye, and the two met in the middle of the night.

He Ying told Ye Chong about Guifang, she was in the bedding factory now, and Ye Chong asked He Ying to tell him the first time he had new news. The next day, He Ying came to Guifang and asked her secretly when she joined the party. Guifang said it was three years ago, on Lantau Island. Not long ago, her identity was leaked, so her family was ambushed by the Japanese.

This family is a lurker formed by everyone, and she is actually an orphan. He Ying believed it easily and said that she understood Guifang very well. They shared the same beliefs, although she was not yet a Communist Party. Qingquan Junzi said that he had something to look for Ye Chong, and Ye Chong went to the telecommunications class from the clothing factory. Qingquan Junzi told Ye Chong that he found that someone often buys radio parts in the black market, and he was assembling the radio. This person was Byrne. Ye Chong asked to leave the matter to himself, Qingquan Chunzi agreed, but asked Ye Chong to accompany her to dinner tonight.

Ye Chong and He Ying came to perform the task together. He specially put on sunglasses for He Ying and asked her to play a good wife. The two walked into a watch shop. Ye Chong took out a large bill to buy the watch. He Ying shook her head after asking the price and said she didn’t like it. Seeing that Ye Chong made a choice for He Ying, and He Ying actually initiated it. The temper said that he had bad eyesight and couldn’t figure out how to buy it. Upon seeing this, the guy hurriedly took the two to the VIP room.

Ye Chong took advantage of the guy’s carelessness to put the monitor here, and then bought a watch for He Ying. He Ying couldn’t stop it. He Ying didn’t notice how Ye Chong completed the task, so even if he completes the task, she doesn’t have to buy such an expensive watch. He Ying also advised Ye Chong that she could say that she had a problem with her eyes, but Ye Chong couldn’t say it. Ye Chong agreed, and then he won’t say that He Ying’s eyes are faulty, and he will talk about other things, such as his brain.

Guifang was investigating silently in the quilt factory. Ye Chong and Lin Xiaozhuang began to monitor Berne. They wanted to get more information from him before the Japanese. Ye Chong asked Lin Xiaozhuang to help check Guifang, and Miyamoto Cangye had given her what Guifang needed. He Ying went to see Guifang unnaturally. Guifang suddenly apologized for what happened last time, hoping that He Ying would not be angry. Guifang said she admired He Ying very much. She was much luckier than herself. She had a lover and depended on.

But He Ying knew that she couldn’t talk about love. Guifang asked He Ying to tell her story with Ye Chong, and He Ying shyly said it from beginning to end. Lin Xiaozhuang told Ye Chong that Miyamoto Cangye seemed to have evaporated recently, and that Guifang’s true identity was actually a female spy, and He Ying was deceived by her. Ye Chong hurried back to the clothing factory, shot Guifang in the leg when she wanted to go out to report, and then took her to the interrogation room.

Ye Chong has investigated Guifang’s true identity very clearly. She was dismissed from her post because of a failed assassination mission and was later taken in by Miyamoto Ao. In recent years, she has not been in the establishment and has no salary. Of course, she has supported her many births and deaths It’s the feelings for Miyamoto Sono. In order to protect Miyamoto Aoye, Guifang actually said that all of this was her strategy, and only by getting rid of him Miyamoto Aoye could he make progress. Ye Chong recorded these words while she was not paying attention, and then took the tape recorder to ask Sato Dazang. Sato Dazang quickly appeased Ye Chong, and Ye Chong threatened to submit the report to the cabinet.

Sato Dazang hurriedly Said that he would give him a satisfactory explanation. Sato Dazou called Miyamoto Aoye and asked him to go to Ye Chong to apologize. Miyamoto Aoye refused. Sato Dazang was disappointed. Ye Chong is the proud son of heaven, but they have no background and he will not let go of any of them. Threat, and now the most important thing is that Miyamoto Ao will cooperate with him.

Miyamoto Aoye went to see Guifang, and Guifang reproached himself, but Miyamoto Aoye only wanted to know the full details of this matter. Miyamoto Cangye went to the telecommunications class to find Ye Chong. Ye Chong had no time, so he waited silently. Miyamoto Aoye apologized to Ye Chong for this matter, and promised that Guifang would not appear in front of him again, and he did not want to lose his future because of this mistake. Ye Chong accepted his apology, but this matter is not just an apology to end.

Qingquan Junko heard it, she thought Miyamoto Aoye was very hateful, and she wanted to tell Qingquan Ueno for Ye Chong. Ye Chong quickly persuaded Qingquan Chunzi that it would be bad for anyone if this matter was passed back to the cabinet. However, Miyamoto Aoye felt that Ye Chong forgave himself because of a guilty conscience, and there must be something tricky in his anxiousness to handle this matter. Miyamoto Aoye asked Kojima to go to the telecommunications section to get a transmitter. He must have a chance to come back.

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