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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 34 Recap

Uncle Hong was dead, and Jin Xiang became more and more disappointed in Chi Cheng. She thought Chi Cheng was forced to bribe the Japanese with the goal of saving her compatriots, but the facts made her more and more disappointed. The two had a big quarrel, and Chi Cheng finally couldn’t bear to be slandered. There were no eggs under the nest, but Jin Xiang just didn’t understand the truth. The current situation in Hong Kong is already Chi Cheng’s best effort. He doesn’t even have a life of his own.

Only in this way can he protect the citizens of Hong Kong, but Jin Xiang completely ignored Chi Cheng’s explanation. Chi Cheng kicked the table helplessly. The photo frame on the table fell over accidentally. Chi Cheng was surprised to find that there was a monitor behind the photo frame. The Japanese who listened heard that Jin Xiang was gone, and quickly told Miyamoto Aoye. Chi Cheng rushed to the street to find Jin Xiang, and found someone following Jin Xiang behind him.

Chi Cheng went to the monitor quietly with a gun, but was discovered by the Japanese. Chi Cheng killed him while he was not paying attention, and then took the monitor transcript. Jin Xiang was still immersed in the pain of losing her relatives. She was crying on the rainy street. Chi Cheng did not approach her, but found a little girl to give Jin Xiang an umbrella. After the rain cleared, Miyamoto Aoye ran to Ikejo, saying that his own people were assassinated within the jurisdiction of Ikejo and he was responsible for him. Ikejoo was not scared by Miyamoto Aoye at all.

At this time, Jin Xiang suddenly ran back to question why Chi Cheng left him on Huayuan Road and came back alone, and once again relieved Chi Cheng. Nevertheless, Miyamoto Aoye still did not dispel Ikejo’s suspicion. Jin Xiang knew that Chi Cheng was not such a person. She wanted to know why Chi Cheng did this, but Chi Cheng still refused to say.

Blue Leopard wanted to take Xue Ping away, but Xue Ping refused. She still had a mission. Tang Feng is just a prisoner now, and he may die at any time, but even so, Xue Ping has to be with Tang Feng. Chi Cheng asked what Ye Chong meant. Jin Xiang was just a woman and there was no need to monitor her, and there was an agreement between them. Ye Chong promised that such things would never happen again. Chi Cheng told Ye Chong repeatedly that he didn’t want to see the Blue Leopard go to Xinghe Meeting again, and he didn’t want Ye Chong’s dog to hurt his woman again.

Qingquan Chunzi learned that Ye Chong had gone to supervise the linen factory, and hurriedly went to the linen factory to find him, but Ye Chong went out. Seeing He Ying teaching the children, Qingquan Junko went to Sato Dazang angrily, saying that he shouldn’t transfer Ye Chong out at this time. Sato Dazang could only make Ye Chong work harder, in the clothing factory and telecommunications class Run on both sides.

Ye Chong came to Lin Xiaozhuang and told him that Sato Dazang sent himself to supervise the quilt factory. They felt that there was a Communist Party in the quilt factory. Lin Xiaozhuang suddenly became anxious, Sato Da Zang suspected Ye Chong, there was only one possibility. But Qingquan Junzi did a great help. If it weren’t for her trouble, Ye Chong would have to think about countless reasons to return to the telecommunications class. Ye Chong wanted to find the Communist Party in the clothing factory and rescue them, even though it was dangerous.

After leaving Lin Xiaozhuang’s house, Ye Chong went quietly to Xinghehui and deliberately lured the Blue Leopard over, and then beat him severely, warning him not to avenge personal revenge in the quilt factory and Xinghehui. . Ye Chong was not afraid of Blue Leopard telling Miyamoto Aoye about this, but he had better think clearly, once he said that his way of dealing with Blue Leopard was not so simple. Ye Chong knew that he had to find the weakness of Miyamoto Cangye to fight back.

Chicheng gave Sato Daizo a screen, hoping that Sato Daizo could ensure the safety of the workers in the clothing factory. He Ying met a girl begging on the road and kindly gave her some money. The other person was Guifang, and told He Ying that her family had been killed by the Japanese, and she had fled here. He Ying hurriedly gave her the food on her hand, and took Guifang to the clothing factory, where she could at least be taken in. The Japanese army refused to let Guifang in at first, but He Ying insisted repeatedly before they agreed to let them in. Guifang was very curious about He Ying’s identity.

Those Japanese seemed to be afraid of her. Guifang was literate, so He Ying took her to see Chicheng to see if she could stay and teach the children to read. Chicheng felt angry and said that Ye Chong was in charge of this factory, so she asked her to find Ye Chong. He Ying reluctantly when Chicheng agreed, took Guifang to thank you and left.

Jin Xiang asked Tang Feng to give Chi Cheng some food, and Blue Leopard didn’t bother with Xinghehui, and Chi Cheng was more relieved. Guifang was very scared, so she hoped that He Ying stayed with her, and He Ying comforted her that she was here and no one would hurt her.

Guifang then asked He Ying and Ye Chong what the relationship was. If these clothes and food had to be bowed to the Japanese in exchange for her, she would prefer not to. He Ying told her that this was not what she thought. Qingquan Chunzi wanted Ye Chong to accompany him to the movies, but Ye Chong was too tired.

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