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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 33 Recap

Tao Zongbo did not offer any exchange terms, taking this time as a meeting ceremony for Miyamoto Aoye. The opening of the quilt factory alleviated the repatriation, but the telecommunications department is another huge hidden danger opposite the quilt factory. Ye Chong is very worried, how to notify the Hong Kong and Kowloon Brigade is even more difficult. The position appeared again, and Miyamoto Aoye collapsed a bit. His action team hadn’t closed his eyes for days and nights. Ye Chong replied that they were a group of delicious and lazy rice buckets, and the two almost fought.

Qingquan Junzi naturally helped Ye Chong to speak, mocking him that he hadn’t even caught a mouse. It wasn’t a rice bucket. Miyamoto’s self-esteem took a huge blow, Sato Ozo appeared quickly to prevent the two sides from fighting, comforting them not for their teammates, but the enemy is too cunning, I hope they will not mess around. Sato Dizou gave them a vacation to get back to good condition.

Miyamoto Aokano suffocated his stomach and returned to the office. He scolded Sato Daizo in front of Kojima Suke because Ye Chong had a background adoptive father, and everyone was so partial to him, and he did not have Ye Chong. Such a prominent family background. Miyamoto Cangye calmed down and decided to send someone to follow Ye Chong, and sooner or later he would find evidence to let everyone see Ye Chong’s true face.

Qingquan Junzi wanted Ye Chong to accompany him on a picnic. Ye Chong thought about it and asked Qingquan Junzi to go back and rest for a while, so that he could have a good time tomorrow. Miyamoto Aoye discovered that Ye Chong had an appointment with someone from the bank, but did not show up, so this should be Ye Chong’s blindfold. Miyamoto Aoye had to ask Kojimasuke to investigate Ye Chong’s whereabouts today.

All of Miyamoto Aoye’s subordinates lurking on Lantau Island died in the attack. Sato Daizo was very angry, and called Miyamoto Aoye to scold him. Tao Zongbo said that he had intelligence to see Miyamoto Aoye, and the two of them made an appointment. meet. Tao Zongbo wanted to cooperate with Miyamoto Aoye for a long time, but didn’t want anything. He Ying came to see Jin Xiang. Recently, she was rehearsing the drama of the drama club, so she was busy. Jin Xiang wanted He Ying to do herself a favor. Only she could help with this matter. Jin Xiang brought He Ying to see Chicheng. The children in the clothing factory lacked teachers, so Jin Xiang invited He Ying to come. Chi Cheng has no extra money to pay He Ying, but He Ying is still willing to teach these children.

Sato Dazang wants to implement military control over the clothing factory and let Ye Chong be responsible. Ye Chong is afraid that Chicheng will disagree, but Sato Dazang takes it for granted. He suspects that there is a Communist Party in the clothing factory, so he wants Ye Chong to go to military control. Miyamoto Cangye’s bad temper is not suitable, and Ye Chong is the most suitable candidate. Sato Dazang also asked if Ye Chong had any doubts about Chi Cheng. Ye Chong honestly said Chi Cheng was very complicated and did not reveal any flaws, but on the surface he was not like a Communist Party, and there was no need to do such a dangerous thing.

Sato Dazang But I feel that those who are least like the Communist Party are most likely to be the Communist Party. As for the telecommunications class, Junko Kiyizumi will be responsible, and Miyamoto Ao will also study it. Ye Chong knew that Sato Dazang really suspected Chi Cheng and himself. The so-called military management this time was more like a test for him and Chi Cheng.

After He Ying taught the children and returned home, Ye Chong knew that she was going to be a teacher for the children in the clothing factory. He was very worried and hoped that He Ying would stop going to the clothing factory. After all, the situation here is very complicated. He Ying didn’t understand the reason. Ye Chong said that Sato Dazang asked him to supervise the clothing factory, and he suspected that there was a Communist Party inside. Ye Chong didn’t think about how to deal with this matter. He only hoped that He Ying would stay by her side, but He Ying felt that she could help Ye Chong by going to the clothing factory, and staying beside Ye Chong would not be dangerous.

The actions of Sato Dazou and Miyamoto Aoye made Ye Chong sleepless. Since the supervision of the linen factory was unavoidable, Ye Chong decided to use the plan. Perhaps this was a breakthrough for him to get in touch with other comrades. Ye Chong officially led people to supervise the clothing factory. Chi Cheng was a little surprised to see him in such a big battle, and he was even more unwilling to cooperate with Ye Chong to find Sato Dazou angrily. At this time, Miyamoto Cangye appeared again.

The Japanese army brought a little girl over and said that she bit someone. The little girl was very scared, and Miyamoto Sono had asked to deal with it. Ichijo hurriedly stopped in front of the gun and the scene was anxious. Ye Chong hurriedly prevented the Japanese army from taking action, telling Miyamoto Sono that he was the person in charge here, and advised him not to intervene at will. Miyamoto Sono had no choice but to give up, handing Ye Chong the express regulations that Sato Dazou asked him to pass on.

Miyamoto Aoye told Sato Dazou that he created a little contradiction for Ye Chong. He could see that Ye Chong was facing the Chinese side, but Ye Chong had the background of the Qingquan family. Sato Dazang could not move him easily, so he could only let the palace Ben Cangye is creating contradictions for the clothing factory, so that Ye Chong and Chi Cheng are exposed. So Miyamoto Ano let the Blue Leopard tie up the people from Xinghehui and told them to hand over their guns.

Of course Jin Xiang didn’t want to. Hong Shu stood up and resisted being shot and killed by Blue Leopard. Jin Xiang was distraught. She couldn’t just watch so many brothers die in Blue Leopard’s hands. Xue Ping asked Tao Zongbo why he wanted Blue Leopard to intervene in his work. He helped the Japanese to harm his compatriots. Xue Ping could not understand the meaning of this.

Tao Zongbo warned Xue Ping not to ruin his own future for his sons and daughters. He kept brainwashing Xue Ping and only living is the most important thing. Ye Chong asked Chi Cheng to produce 1,300 sets before next Friday. Despite the great pressure, Chi Cheng agreed. Tang Feng came to Chicheng again and said that something was wrong with Xinghe Club, and Jin Xiang was in a very bad condition now. Chi Cheng was blocked by the Japanese army, and Ye Chong quickly let him go.

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