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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 34 Recap

After being inspired by the wish, Dai Haiyan’s thoughts came clearly. She found that reading the four sentences before entered a misunderstanding. In fact, the five sentences are five dots, connected into a line, and the blank space in the middle is their missing point. The route marked by Xu Xin was one of the currents. Because of the lack of power in ancient ships and the general navigation system, relying on ocean currents is the most labor-saving and most effective way. Now, as long as you go downstream, you can definitely find the shipwreck. This discovery made everyone very excited, but a short time later, the Japanese Ito received a call from the old court, telling him that the five points were not coordinates but a line, and he explained that he followed the Chinese ship, and he could find the position of the shipwreck. This shows that , The old people on the salvage boat do eyeliner.

The bad weather struck in the dark night, and the salvage ship encountered a huge vortex. Although the vortex was overcome, their ship was still in the center of the storm eye, and the calm was only temporary. It was still some time before the weather changed. Professor Lin hurriedly arranged Zhongshan to scan the sea, but the storm soon approached. Everyone wanted to return Zhongshan through the signal rope, but there was no response. Everyone quickly pulled up the rope and found that the rope was broken. Under normal circumstances, when the diver loses contact with the ship, he will rise in a straight line to raise the surface of the water. Professor Lin hastily arranged a lifeboat, and others looked around the sea. Wishing to find Zhongshan’s position with looking glasses, quickly put down the lifeboat and rescued Zhongshan. The situation of Zhongshan was not very good. To everyone’s surprise, this time they also rescued a Japanese diver.

After Zhongshan’s situation improved, he described his experience after launching the water. After successfully reaching the bottom, he arrived at the predetermined location and found a wreck of a shipwreck lying quietly on the side of the deep trench. As he prepared to leave and return, two Japanese divers appeared in front of the left. They were approaching the wreckage. At this time, the huge wave hit the wreckage hard. The Japanese diver was in danger. He could not see the dead and rescued him. The signal rope rescued a Japanese diver. Although he could not be sure that the wreckage of the shipwreck was Fugong, he was sure that it was a shipwreck of the Ming Dynasty. After listening to Zhong Shan’s narrative, from the location of the wreck and the determination of the wreck of the Ming Dynasty, everyone believed that the wreck was the Fugong.

Professor Lin knows everyone’s excitement. Under normal circumstances, after the storm is over, the salvage ship can be stopped directly above the wreck to salvage, but the situation in Zhongshan is no longer suitable for launching. The Japanese also know the location of the shipwreck. The situation they face is a bit bad. Wishing to propose that he go to the sea to salvage, he must not watch the Japanese take the national treasure away. Shen Yunchen disagrees with this proposal, saying that no one can go into the water without Zhongshan’s response. This is for safety reasons. At this time, the Japanese ship passed a message to send their divers back. Shen Yunchen communicated with them in fluent Japanese, and finally transferred the wounded by speedboat.

Wishing is not to let the national treasure fall into the hands of the Japanese, insist on launching to get the ten pieces of firewood, he succeeded in reaching the position of the shipwreck, but was scared by the sudden appearance of the corpse, the flashlight also fell, just as he was helpless At that time, the medicine will appear in time. Afterwards, the medicine would otherwise be a life-and-death prayer to the two corpses. This is a very serious commitment. It must be done to the responding party, and the wish is not to understand why the medicine would otherwise be done. Wishing to find a lotus petal tea cup from a wood kiln not far away from the two corpses, the two swam to the water together, but they were controlled by Liu Chenghuan, their people also brought two mask-type submersibles and the two One of the corpses is the corpse of Grandpa Yao Shenxing, who would otherwise be medicine. Yin Yinjiang once said that there was no news after Yao Shenxing went north. It seems that Yao Shenxing followed Quantian into the sea to find treasure. As a result, the two died in the sea and broke the news.

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