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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 6 Recap

At night, everything calmed down, but Ye Yunchen, who was lying on the bed, was not calm at all. At this time, he was having nightmares and his face was full of pain. He saw the past, saw him and the dark guard Lingfeng entering the city at that time. On the bedside, the good night incense talisman was placed there, Ye Yunchen did not wake up, and was still in a nightmare.

The scene from the previous life reappeared. He and the guards entered the city alone. The guard was very strange, and angrily scolded the general guarding the city. This was the god of war of the Yunfeng Nation. He had just returned from a victory, but the general guarding the city was unmoved and asked Ye Yunchen to undress. Ling Feng was very angry, and was stopped by Ye Yunchen when he wanted to draw his sword.

In order to protect Yunfeng Country over the years, every time Ye Yunchen has gone through numerous difficulties and dangers, crawling out of the dead. The defending general sneered, and said that Ye Yunchen’s sister Ye Yunlan had already admitted that the Ye clan’s premeditated rebellion had dropped Ye Yunlan’s confession. Ye Yunlan was the noble concubine of the dynasty, and the emperor read about her old love and gave her poisonous wine to commit suicide, and now she has broken herself. Ye Yunchen was very distressed.

This was obviously a trick. The eldest sister entered the palace since she was a child and worked hard for Yunfeng Nation. They actually forced him to death. Ye Yunchen picked up his sister’s confession, and felt even more heartache. Ling Feng was even more angry. The Ye clan has always been loyal and loyal. Why was it sinful to be born and die for Yunfeng Country? The defending general ordered it to be taken, several arrows hit Ling Feng, Ye Yunchen shouted Ling Feng’s name, and woke up from his dream, sweating profusely.

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