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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 5 Recap

Ling Feng, his subordinate, reported the situation to the man Ye Yunchen this time, and Liuyun Nation came prepared this time and ambushed 100,000 soldiers and horses near Tongcheng. Ye Yunchen asked him how the night ride was arranged, and his subordinates said that the 300,000 night riders were ready to go. Once Tongcheng was broken, they would rush to the army from four directions to encircle the army of Liuyun Nation to ensure that Tongcheng was intact.

The man praised “good job”, and his subordinates are still here, as if hesitating to say nothing. Ye Yunchen asked him what else was going on. Ling Feng said that this time the whereabouts of the army left in the cloud was secret, and he didn’t know how the general knew about it. Ye Yunchen said that this time the army of staying in the cloud was only here for testing, and that there will be even greater disasters in Tongcheng in the future.

Ye Yunchen knew that Ling Feng had been protecting his safety as a dark guard over the years, and this time he would surely let him live safely. Ling Feng said that he would swear allegiance to the general. Ye Yunchen didn’t say anything, let him go down. There is still a mess in the Ningjia Premium Products, there are scattered on the shelf, a lot of things have been knocked over, and the broken abacus is still on the ground. Ning Bozhu complained as he cleaned up.

It turned out that the dramas in the TV series were all deceitful. Which heroine would think of her like this. After crossing over, she was so poor that she finally succeeded in starting her own business and was assassinated. Ning Bozhu picked up the things one by one, and saw a yellow sachet with the word “chen” embroidered on it. This is not the good night incense charm from her shop, it should have been left by the person just now.

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