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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 4 Recap

The assassin missed a hit and rushed into the store, holding a knife at Ning Bozhu. Xiao Xier’s anxious Shengzhi threw out the abacus, and the assassin swiped the abacus just to shatter the abacus. Ning Bozhu took the opportunity to run, but she was caught by the assassin as soon as a weak woman could run by a man, and she choked her neck. Xiao Xi’er rushed to grab the assassin, trying to save her own lady, but was pushed aside by the assassin, hitting the ground and fainted. Fortunately, the man picked up an abacus bead and hit the assassin’s neck.

The assassin let go of Ning Bozhu after suffering. Seeing that the assassin was not a man’s opponent, he could only escape first. Ning Bozhu sent Xiao Xi’er to the room and was anxious to see her unconscious. The man helped Xiao Xi’er watch it, but she was just knocked unconscious, and it was OK. Ning Baizhu was very dissatisfied. Xiao Xi’er was knocked out of such a big bag on her head, which was disfigured to the girl. Ning Bozhu was looking for cosmetic ointment to apply Xiao Xier, the man followed and asked if Ning Bozhu really didn’t know the assassin.

Ning Bozhu didn’t know who it was. The assassin was dressed in black and she didn’t even look at it. clear. Ning Baizhu thanked the man for saving them, but he didn’t expect that he was quite powerful, and drove the assassin away in two or two. If it weren’t for him today, she and Xiao Xi’er would be in danger. Ning Bozhu gave him the good night scent, saying that it was specially made by her, and it was different from the ones sold outside. She put this on the pillow to ensure that she would not have nightmares all night.

The man didn’t say anything, took the things and left. Ning Baizhu was speechless, thinking that ancient people were strange. The man is holding the gray dart thrown by the assassin. This thing is not common, unlike ordinary people in the world. The man gave the gray dart to his subordinates and asked them to go down and check to see if the assassination tonight was related to Dongchen State. The subordinates agreed and left.

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