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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 32 Recap

After the patriarch Junjiazhai hid his daughter Jun Cuihua and took the women and children in the village to the deep mountains, he was very moved to see the flower and hibiscus exhausting for the Junjiazhai martyrdom. Seeing that the situation was critical, Hua Muqin told Hu Patriarch the real purpose of Hu Yong, but he did not want the patriarch to know the identity of the two, but he just missed the gratitude of King Yu to Junjiazhai ten years ago and wanted to bless the two. But I don’t want to have enough. The patriarch saw that the flower and hibiscus are now homeless, so she made an exception and included her in the family tree of Junjiazhai.

Subsequently, the strong men in Zhaizhong all followed the design of the flower hibiscus, laying a lot of traps on the hundred-year-old ancient road where Hu Yong was preparing to go up the mountain, but he did not want Hu Yong to break in with his men in advance. Although Hua Muqin and the people in the village had already cracked down on Hu Yong’s army to the utmost extent, he was still captured by Hu Yong because he had few enemies and few surviving villagers.

In order to be able to ask Duan Yuerong’s whereabouts from the mouth of the villagers, Hu Yong did not hesitate to kill them one by one. Hua Mujin couldn’t bear the villagers to die one by one. When Hu Yong put the knife on the patriarch’s neck, he stood up and took his life The whereabouts of Duan Yuerong replaced the lives of the remaining villagers.

Duan Yuerong wanted to take soldiers up the mountain to rescue the flowers Mujun and the Junjiazhai people, but he was helpless and he did not want to gather the 10,000 soldiers of the Yu Palace at any time, and stunned himself when he was ready to go alone. When Duan Yuerong woke up After thinking over and over again, he decided to go to Yuan Feibai for help.

Originally Fei Bai heard that Hua Muqin was in danger and wanted to lead all the troops up the mountain to rescue them, but was blocked by Qing Mei. At this time, Qing Mei, despite being placed under house arrest, was still passing on the situation here. The book passed back to Ziyuan.

Sima Yun couldn’t bear to see that Hua Jinxiu was eating rancid meals every day, so he took advantage of the maid’s lack of preparation and replaced the Hua Jinxiu with meat, but didn’t want to be mistaken by Hua Jinxiu for thinking that Qingjiang had forgiven her. Blocked, all the way into the original Qingjiang study. At this time, the original Qingjiang received a letter from Qingmei, and was about to send someone to Junjiazhai to bring back the original non-white, and to execute the flower hibiscus on the spot. Hua Jinxiu broke into the house and heard that the original Qingjiang wanted to bring back the original Feibai and Huamu hibiscus, worried about the safety of her sister, and eager to go, and made a military order in front of the original Qingjiang.

Later, after seeing that everyone had retreated, Hua Jinxiu completely subdued and admitted all the previous mistakes to the original Qingjiang, and once again received the pity of the original Qingjiang. The original Qingjiang promised that as long as the flower splendid brought back the original non-white and flower hibiscus, all the previous things would be cancelled.

Hua Muqin was taken back to his residence by Hu Yong, and he was ordered to take care of her. She wanted to use her to return to Duan Yuerong tomorrow, but she didn’t want Yang Lushui to secretly release Duan Yuerong because she loved Duan Yuerong. The next day came to the place agreed with Duan Yuerong. Just because Duan Yuerong was worried about the safety of Hua Hibiscus and wanted to change his life, Yang Lushui immediately showed his identity and blocked Duan Yuerong’s bow and arrow shot by Hu Yong’s men.

The original non-Bai Ruyue came to support, seeing Duan Yuerong holding Yang Lushui’s corpse, crying out loud, and mistakenly thinking that Hua Mujin had encountered an accident. With the help of Qing Mei, Hu Yong was captured with anger. At this moment, Hua Mujin arrived in a hurry under the protection of Junjiazhai. Seeing that Yuan Feibai had been secretly protecting herself, she couldn’t help but moved to tears.

In Hunyue, Yao Biying followed Ming Fengqing all the way to the secret road hidden in the tree and found that Ming Fengqing took the opportunity to gather money here. For his own happiness, Yao Biying hoped that Ming Fengqing would leave, but Ming Fengqing did Use Song Minglei to persuade Yao Biying to turn a blind eye to what he has done. Although Yao Biying agreed to Ming Fengqing’s request, he also left three chapters of his legislation, ordered him to obtain treasure, and left quickly.

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