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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 31 Recap

The second prince Xuan Benxuan saw that the great ministers in the middle of the dynasty had been engulfed by the great prince Xuanbenfu, and under the guidance of close friends, he visited the original Qingjiang overnight and begged for his support. But he didn’t want to win the emperor’s pre-set trap while he was pulling the original Qingjiang.

Under the constant torture, Hua Muqin’s body became weaker and weaker every day. Duan Yuerong saw her alone in a daze by the small river. She wanted to go and accompany her to relieve boredom, but they did not want the two to have a dispute because of the original non-white. At this moment, Jun Cuihua took the crowd to visit Duan Yuerong’s purple pupil. Although Hua Hibiscus was repeatedly blocked, it was almost discovered that the true identity of Duan Yuerong was found by the criminals. After Hua Mujin pushed back the crowd, he did not want Hu Yong’s men and Yang Lushui to secretly observe the two in the dark.

Duan Yuerong gave the handkerchief he had embroidered to the flower hibiscus, and took the opportunity to confess to the flower hibiscus again, but was again rejected by the flower hibiscus. Not only did Hua Mujin reject Duan Yuerong’s confession, he also claimed that after helping Duan Yuerong return to the southern country to explain everything, he would return to Ziyuan to find his true love. After hearing the words of Hua hibiscus, Duan Yuerong, who was angry, threw the handkerchief into the river in a sigh of relief, and then left in a daunting manner.

Duan Yuerong thought more and more angry, and he didn’t want to dress up as a man again. When he ripped off his clothes angrily, Hu Yong, who had been hiding in the dark, saw that this purple pupil was really Duan Yuerong. Bring Hu Yong to the reward. At the time of the crisis, Yang Lushui, who had been trailing behind the two, had to subdue the two with poison needles, and rescued Duan Yuerong, who was still in a coma. It turned out that although Yang Lushui was the spy sent by Duan Guangyi to Duan Yuerong, after the chaos in the Purple Garden last time, Yang Lushui saw that Duan Yuerong was full of kindness to those who didn’t know each other, and fell in love with this man deeply. Yang Lushui picked up Duan Yuerong and put it under the tree beside him, and left.

When Hu Yong heard the report, both of the spies dispatched yesterday went back and forth, and after both disappeared near Junjiazhai, they immediately ordered to attack Junjiazhai. At the same time, Hua Mujin took Xiao Xiyan to find Duan Yuerong sleeping in the forest. Duan Yuerong thought that he had been found by Yang Lushui before he fell asleep. Those who worried that Hu Yong would come later, wanted to take Hua Muqiang and Xiao Xiyan immediately. Leave to avoid implicating innocent villagers in Junjiazhai.

On the way, the three met Hu Yong’s soldiers. After hearing that they would attack Junjiazhai immediately, Hua Muqian persuaded Duan Yuerong to take Xiao Xiyan to leave first, but he chose to return to Junjiazhai to report. Everyone in Junjiazhai heard that there would be bandits and soldiers about to attack Junjiazhai. Together with Hua Mujin, they sealed all the roads up the mountain with huge stones, but this plan could only delay the time when Hu Yong and others went up the mountain, but it did not allow Hu With courage and difficulty, he retreated, and when he saw that he wanted to take the entire Junjia Village collectively, he was rejected by the villagers. Looking at the scene where the villagers vowed to defend their homes, Hua Mujin seemed to see Huajiawu ten years ago, and insisted on leaving three thousand elite soldiers fighting Hu Yong with the villagers.

Duan Yuerong took Xiao Xiyan all the way to find the inn where he lived in accordance with the secret signal left by Meng Zhao, but no matter how Duan Yuerong persuaded, Meng Zhao was reluctant to transfer the only 10,000 soldiers from Yuwang’s palace to rescue the King’s house.

Xiangqin was ordered to wait beside Yao Biying. In order to gain the trust of Yao Biying, Xiangqin informed Yao Biying about the fact that Hua Bixi had framed Yao Biying for entering the Ruirui Pavilion, but she concealed a part of her contribution. Although Yao Biying did not want to believe it at first, she thought that as soon as she left Li Rui Pavilion, Hua Jinxiu immediately took her place, plus the previous misunderstanding of Hua Hibiscus, Yao Biying hated the Huajia sisters.

The original Feng Ding saw that the flower splendid had been suppressed and humiliated by Mrs. Lien in the small north house, so she stunned the guard at the door and wanted to take her far away, but the flower splendid at this time was still full of feelings for himself and the couple before the original Qingjiang Confident, not willing to leave.

In this monastery, everything is as expected by the queen. The ministers recommended the second prince Xuan Benxu to become the prince. Seeing the original Qingjiang on the side, he saw the queen’s strategy at first glance and immediately chose to draw with the second prince Clearing the boundary, and reporting to the emperor the fact that the second prince visited himself overnight, and was praised by the emperor.

The crown prince Xuan Benfu succeeded in becoming a prince with the support of the queen, but at this time, the king huangxuan still thought that the second prince Xuan Benxu took over his throne and wanted to focus on training it. The queen heard that although the surface Approve, but hate it, and marry his nephew queen Xuan Benxu as his wife.

At this time, in the Xiying, everything that was not in the Qing Dynasty was in Song Minglei’s plan, so he handed over the commander of the Xiying to Song Minglei, hoping that he could become a good man who led him to take the place of the world. .

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