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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 3 Recap

It was getting late, and there was no one in the shop. The maid, Xiao Xier, was dozing off on the counter. Ning Bozhu quickly awoke her, but she was looking at the jade pendant on the waist of the handsome guy who entered. Valuable things. The man was dressed in black with silver threads embroidered with patterns. At first glance, he was born a distinguished person.

With candlelight shining on his face, he looked very handsome. Xiao Xi’er was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but send out Amazed. But Ning Bozhu didn’t notice this at all, and pulled Xiao Xi’er forward to greet him, asking him what he wanted to buy, saying that he had everything in the store, only he could not think of it, there was nothing he could not buy. The man was very strange. It was clear that it was already time, but they hadn’t closed the door yet.

Ning Bozhu said that this is also the characteristic of their store. They open the door at the hour of the hour and close the door at the hour of the hour to give customers the best service. As long as he wants to buy something, their door is always open for them. The man picked up a sachet casually, and Ning Baizhu quickly brought it over and introduced it.

This is a new product they have launched, called a good night scent. Just keep it by your side and keep it until dawn. Ning Bozhu also wanted to introduce today’s shopping festival activities. Unexpectedly, before the words were finished, an arrow suddenly shot in from outside and directed at Ning Bozhu. The situation was very dangerous. Fortunately, the man reacted very quickly. He put his arms around Ning Bozhu, escaped the attack, and shot the arrow on the sign of the shopping festival in the store. Ning Bozhu looked at the face of the man close at hand, and was stunned.

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