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Good Wife 好妻子 Episode 40 Recap

Lin Tianming, although they knew that Zhou Xinyan had stolen their ideas, but now is not the time to find their theory, but to fight back. Lin Tianming proposed to release the documentary they made, and then launched a theme of changing the fate of the country with a cup of coffee. Their main purpose is to inspire sensation. Lin Tianming put Li Jiayu in charge of her statement. Her true emotions are the biggest chance of winning.

The director of Dongfang Tiandi is very satisfied with the creativity of Group A. He even has a conclusion and feels that there is no need to listen to the statements of Group B. President Zheng tried his best to persuade the director. He Haoze ridiculed Zheng for fighting for his daughter.

Zhou Xinyan met Li Jiayu in the bathroom. She yelled to catch the thief and in turn mocked Li Jiayu for stealing her ideas. After being exposed by Li Jiayu, she laughed shamelessly and was too stupid.

Group B’s creative is the main emotional card. They let the seniors drink coffee and watch documentaries. The creative is particularly novel. With Li Jiayu’s emotional statement, a creative conference became a charity conference. Group B showed different ideas to the top, and this idea seemed to touch their hearts even more. Lin Guodong asked questions to the two groups with determination. Zhou Xinyan’s purpose is to bring the company’s profit maximization and 100% business thinking. While Li Jiayu shared some of his experiences, hoping to resonate with the seniors present, Lin Guodong was very satisfied with her creativity, but He Haoze did not give her any chance. His questions were very sharp, and the words pointed to Li Jiayu as sensational. Lin Guodong saw the turbulence here. His simple words made the director of Dongfang Tiandi make the right choice. They finally chose the creative of Group B, and there was applause on the scene. Zhou Xinyan and He Haoze’s scheming again failed, both of them looked ugly.

After the press conference, Lin Guodong talked to Li Jiayu alone. Li Jiayu did not take credit and had a team spirit, which made Lin Guodong appreciate it very much, but he did not agree that Lin Tianming was affected by personal feelings during his career development period. Li Jiayu explained to Lin Guodong that her work and Lin Tianming were not influenced by feelings, but because of the feelings between them, they urged each other and made progress together.

The idea of Group B won, and the whole group went to celebrate together. Li Jiayu immediately notified the village head of the coffee base of this good news. The whole group gathered at the KTV carnival. When Li Jiayu saw that Lin Tianming was not at the scene, he went out to find him. The feelings of the two were quite bumpy, and it was not until this moment that they could really be together.

Li Zhengdao worked as a coolie on the job site. He used to be respectful and well-educated. In addition, when he was older, he was a bit overwhelmed. The foreman was very dissatisfied with his work, and he was dismissed after he had settled the wages for the day. Li Zhengdao wanted to make money to buy a ring for Shen Fangfang. Now the foreman not only dismissed him, but also stole his wages. Li Zhengdao begged the foreman so hard that he responded to some wages. He took all the money and went to the gold shop to buy a ring for Shen Fangfang. He only had eight hundred pieces and could only buy the cheapest old ring.

The creativity of Marketing Group A failed. He Haoze promised that all those suppliers had failed. The supplier called He Haoze, but He Haoze asked them to go to Lin Tianming. The suppliers did not get the expected benefits, and even the coffee beans would rot in the warehouse. They all came to the door to discuss it. Zhou Xinyan asked Tian Xiaowei to cope with it, but he was planning to find a bigger backer to tread on Li Jiayu.

Li Jiayu asked Lin Tianming for leave, going back to prepare meals for Shen Fenfang to celebrate her birthday, Lin Tianming approved her leave, but going to the birthday party.

Li Jiayu got off work early and went shopping with Li Jiaxing. At this time, Li Zhengdao also celebrated Shen Fenfang’s birthday while they were away. He gave the ring to Shen Fenfang and saw that her hands became rough and even more blamed. Shen Fenfang saw that Li Zhengdao’s hand was injured and he blew it to him. The two were very affectionate. Li Jiayu and Li Jiaxing saw Li Zhengdao off work early and were so surprised that everything in their hands fell to the ground. Li Jiaxing saw that Li Zhengdao was very emotional and wanted to drive him out. Li Jiaxing accused Li Zhengdao of taking away all the money from his family and abandoning them.

Li Zhengdao wanted to explain the misunderstanding, but Li Jiaxing hated him so much that he did not give him a chance to let him leave the house. Faced with his children, Li Zhengdao looked sad and left. Li Jiayu hurried up and persuaded Li Zhengdao to go home. Li Zhengdao was really ashamed of his family, unable to forgive himself, and turned back. Li Jiayu persuaded Li Zhengdao to follow her home. Li Zhengdao still had something to do, and said that he would go back in due course.

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