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Good Wife 好妻子 Episode 39 Recap

Lin Tianming saw that Li Jiayu was tired and distressed very much. He called and asked Secretary Liu to send a video of the warehouse arson to each branch. If there was any news about the suspect, he was notified immediately.

Because of her guilty conscience, Zhou Xinyan was absent during the meeting. She suspended the meeting and asked the team members to celebrate in advance. Zhou Xinyan went to He Haoze, but learned from his secretary that he had cancelled the one-day trip.

He Haoze is still struggling with Gu Min’s photos. He believes that Zhou Xinyan will not be sorry for him, and Li Jiayu is so poor that he should have no money to hire someone to take pictures. He Haoze transferred the suspected target to Li Jiaxing again, but he had no evidence, so he put the account on Li Jiayu’s head.

He Haoze saw the video published on the TV at the coffee shop. At first he didn’t care, but later he saw that the suspect in the video turned out to be the eldest brother, and he was so scared that his mobile phone fell off. He Haoze hurried back to the company to find Zhou Xinyan and questioned her about the arson. Zhou Xinyan just started to quibble. He Haoze opened the video for her to watch. She saw the incident exposed and simply told He Haoze that Brother Nine was not her brother, but the son adopted by her parents. , To help them deal with troubles. After so many things, He Haoze’s trust in Zhou Xinyan was shaken. He was afraid of suffering from Chi Yu and asked Zhou Xinyan to run with her. Zhou Xinyan worked hard again, she let He Haoze divorce herself, so that she can get rid of herself. He Haoze is deeply in love with Zhou Xinyan and would rather bear it with her than divorce her.

Brother Nine’s photos are all over the street, he is like a mouse crossing the street, running around.

Li Zhengdao came to visit Shen Fenfang, and it happened that Rui Rui was also at home. Li Zhengdao is very different from the previous rich image. Rui Rui was young and did not recognize him for a while. Li Zhengdao sang the baby rabbit’s children’s song for Rui Rui, and Rui Rui finally recognized him. Li Zhengdao took their grandparents out to eat noodles with noodles. Li Zhengdao was shy and ordered noodles for them. He gnawed buns aside. Li Zhengdao remembered that although he had made a lot of money in the past, Shen Fenfang was still very economical and could not bear to spend money. Li Zhengdao bought a diamond ring for Shen Fangfang, but since she suffered a brain injury, the ring did not know where to go.

When Li Zhengdao took Ruirui to buy water, Shen Fenfang lost, and Ruirui burst into tears. Li Zhengdao didn’t dare to call Li Jiayu to call him. He took out the harmonica in his pocket and played the song they were in love. Shen Fenfang heard the harmonica and found them.

Li Jiayu saw the middle-aged handsome man in Gu Min’s photo with a woman near Dongfang Tiandi. She quickly called to inform Li Jiaxing to come and help. Seeing that this man was about to enter the hotel, Li Jiaxing hadn’t arrived yet. Li Jiayu was so anxious that he deliberately stained the man’s clothes and opened the woman. Li Jiayu seized the man to take him to Gu Min and explained clearly. The man relied on his strength and was about to break free. Fortunately, Li Jiaxing and Zheng Yanan came in time to restrain the man. Li Jiayu immediately called Gu Min to confirm. After Gu Min’s questioning, the man finally admitted that Zhou Xinyan had arranged everything. Gu Min regretted not knowing the truth.

When Gu Min was the most lonely and helpless, only Li Jiayu was willing to help her. She regretted treating Li Jiayu before. Li Jiayu persuaded her to tell the truth to He Zhenguo. Gu Min worried that even if the truth proved that she was innocent, it would not be possible to save everything.

Zheng Yanan and Li Jiaxing are in love. President Zheng has been helping her to cover up and hide from Mother Zheng. President Zheng felt that this was not the way to go. Let Zheng Yanan take the time to bring Li Jiaxing back and formally introduce it to Mother Zheng.

Li Zhengdao sent Rui Rui to them downstairs. He dared not see Li Jiayu’s younger brother. He repeatedly told Rui Rui not to talk about leaks. Shen Fenfang was already inseparable from him.

On the day of the creative press conference, Li Jiayu discovered that Zhou Xinyan’s creativity was exactly the same as his own. Zhou Xinyan preemptively showed his formula to the leader, aroused unanimous praise. Lin Guodong won enough time for Lin Tianming’s Group B, just enough for them to rearrange.

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