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Good Wife 好妻子 Episode 38 Recap

He Haoze went to negotiate with Li Jiayu. Li Jiayu didn’t want to see him at all. When Li Jiaxing came back to see him entangle Li Jiayu, he rushed up and kicked him, scolded him for being mean and shameless, and drove him away.

He Haoze was determined to find out the source of the express, he went to ask the aunt nanny. The aunt charged Zhou Xinyan’s sealing fee and dared not tell the truth. However, He Haoze reminded her that He Zhenguo was admitted to the hospital because of this matter. She was responsible for this matter. The aunt was scared to give Zhou Xinyan out.

He Haoze asked Zhou Xinyan why he had to give the photo to He Zhenguo. Zhou Xinyan has a quirky mind and is good at sophistry, leaving her completely clean in three words, which in turn makes He Haoze blame himself. Zhou Xinyan used his killer skills to run away from home. Where would He Haoze suspect her, immediately begged her to stay.

Secretary Liu handed over the materials related to He Zhenguo’s operation to Lin Tianming, because He Haoze made preparations in advance, and the hospital did not leave any evidence to prove that Li Jiayu was related to the operation. The chief surgeon at the time also resigned after the operation. The more there is no evidence, the more weird, Lin Tianming vowed to debunk their true colors.

Shen Fenfang had been clamoring to eat peaches early in the morning. Li Jiayu remembered Zhou Xinyan’s mention of Li Zhengdao and suspected that Li Zhengdao had returned because he had no secrets to meet them. Li Jiaxing handed over the phone number of Zhou Xinyan’s fake parents he found to Li Jiayu.

Li Jiayu told Lin Tianming that all suppliers were of the same caliber and could not provide them with premium raw beans. Li Jiayu told him that she saw Zhou Xinyan at the Binsi Logistics Company. Although she suspected that Zhou Xinyan was playing tricks behind her, she suffered from no evidence.

Now marketing group B lacks original beans, and clever women can’t cook without rice, Li Jiayu can’t think of a better way for a while. Everyone brainstormed, and then Li Jiayu suddenly remembered that Xia Xin’s hometown also grows coffee beans. After a trial drink, Xia Xin’s hometown beans meet their requirements. Li Jiayu suggested that the process of planting raw beans in Xia Xin’s hometown be filmed. Lin Tianming affirmed her proposal.

Gu Min left a good impression on Lin Guodong, he wanted to call her, but it was difficult for him to face, and his feelings were better than face. Eventually, his emotions were better than face. He called according to the phone on the business card left by Gu Min. The man who thought to answer the phone turned out to be a man.

Lin Tianming went to the hospital to check the operation data through Lin Guodong’s relationship, but because he did not have the authorization of the He family, he could not find the truth. The hospital’s double-blind principle stipulated that the donor and the recipient should not meet each other. Although no evidence was found to prove that Li Jiayu’s liver donation was true, Lin Tianming believed that Li Jiayu didn’t treat him well when he saw such a good woman, and Lin Tianming felt even more distressed about Li Jiayu.

Lin Tianming went to Li Jiayu’s house to eat rice. He prepared the ingredients himself. Lin Tianming took care of Rui Rui and Shen Fenfang at the dinner table. Zheng Yanan saw Lin Tianming’s warm side for the first time. Ruirui liked Lin Tianming very much, but worried that Lin Tianming and Li Jiayu would bully Li Jiayu just like He Haoze. Lin Tianming told Rui Rui that he would protect Li Jiayu.

Lin Tianming took the employees from Marketing Group B to Yunnan for a business trip. Zhou Xinyan was determined that they could not find the original beans. No matter how frustrating it would be in vain.

Xia Xin Jiaxing’s father and fellow villagers welcomed Li Jiayu and others under the leadership of the village head. This year their coffee beans harvest was originally worried about sales. Now Lin Tianming’s sales to them is a win-win situation. Lin Tianming and others inspected the original beans on site and found that the quality was better than they thought, and immediately signed a contract with them. The folks are very grateful to them.

Lin Tianming and Li Jiayu have been living in the city and have come to the countryside. The environment is beautiful and the air is fresh. It is suitable for couples. The two spent a sweet night.

Back to the company, Li Jiayu took the time to work. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Everyone has no time to rest at all.

The police called Lin Tianming, and the photos of the arsonists in the warehouse had been found, and they were notified to identify the person. Lin Tianming and Li Jiayu went to the police station to cooperate with the investigation. The police found that the arsonist was the same person who attacked her at the coffee shop a few months ago. The other party’s criminal methods were very professional. At first glance, it was a professional killer. The police suspected it was a murderer. When Li Jiayu saw the photos of the suspects provided by the police, the terrible nightmare reappeared in his mind. Li Jiayu was in distress and had hallucinations again.

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