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Burning 燃烧 Episode 11 Recap

Feng Kai reported to the director that he felt that there was no flaw in her words when summoning Xu Jiatong. The director asked Feng Kai what he planned to do next. Feng Kai said he wanted to ask Zhao Yuee and Xu Jun. The Secretary told him to pay attention to the methods and methods, and be careful and careful.

The review team Feng Kai and his entourage went to Xu Jia Villa to talk to Zhao Yue’e and Xu Jun. Liu Qingye introduced to Feng Kai and others that the Xu family villa was built on the old house of Zhao Yue’e in Xu village in the past. The Xu family was engaged in real estate development in Xu village. After seeing Zhao Yuee and Xu Jun, the four talked to each other first. Zhao Yuee said that the case of her husband Xu Jiafu was no less troublesome for Liu Qingye’s father Liu Zhijian. Having said this, Feng Kai took out the paternity tests of Xu Da and Yang Heng and asked Zhao Yue’e if he knew that Yang Heng was Xu Da’s son. Zhao Yue’e was dazed and shocked, and she even said she didn’t know.

Feng Kai and his entourage discussed after leaving the Xu’s house that Zhao Yue’s answer was almost watertight. If she is not a liar master, then her answer may be true. But Feng Kai did not believe that it was as simple as he saw on the surface. He said he noticed that Xu Jun’s expression was abnormal. Zhou You hurriedly asked if he would take Xu Jun back to the criminal investigation brigade to continue to ask. Li Xia sighed and said, too late, even if there are loopholes already blocked by Zhao Yue’e. Feng Kai lamented that the three generations of the Xu family may be Xu Jun’s most important part.

Angry villagers go to Zhao Yue’e’s house

After Feng Kai and others left, Zhao Yue’s thoughts returned to 1986. At that time, the villagers of Xu Village besieged Zhao Yuee’s house. Zhao Yuee’s husband Xu Jiafu died. Before his death, he took away 400,000 yuan from the villagers. Now that the people are dead and the money is gone, the villagers besieged Zhao Yue’s home in angrily looking for the newly grown Xu Jun theory. Xu Jiafu’s younger brother Xu Jialu arrived with his son Xu Da. Xu Da turned over the wall and rescued Xu Jun. The angry villagers vented all their anger on Xu Jialu. Xu Jialu was beaten to death by the villagers. Zhao Yue’e thought of touching her forehead and returning to reality.

Feng Kai re-examined Yang Heng. Yang Heng was very excited and shivered. Feng Kai told him the result of the paternity test with Xu Da. Yang Heng simply did not want to believe that he could not accept a father who killed his mother by himself. Feng Kai bitterly persuaded Yang Heng not to be obsessed, Yang Heng cried when he heard his head.

Gao Feng came to Zhou Wei again to ask Xu Da’s situation. Zhou Wei said Xu Da’s situation was better than expected. He had a slight brain wave. Although he was not brain dead, he was a persistent vegetative. This is already a miracle. Gao Feng begged Zhou Wei to find a familiar expert to rescue Xu Da as much as possible. After talking about this, Zhou Wei asked Gao Feng if Zhou Haoyu had a crush on Xu Jiatong. Gao Feng was speechless by default.

Zhou Wei opposed Zhou Haoyu’s love with Xu Jiatong

Zhou Wei was furious. He said that Zhou Haoyu clearly knew that Xu’s family and Gao’s family were feuds. Zhou Wei was immediately excited to call Zhou Haoyu’s phone. At this time, Zhou Haoyu was at the airport with Xu Jiatong. Zhou Haoyu connected the phone Zhou Wei’s anger came from the phone, Zhou Wei ordered Zhou Haoyu to immediately resign from Long Xing. Zhou Haoyu pretended to hang up the phone without signal. Zhou Wei was desperately corrupted.

Zhou Wei pushed Gao Sihai’s wheelchair to the beach, and Gao Sihai became a person without thought after his illness. In 1986, Gao Sihai examined the charred body in the fire as a forensic doctor. Liu Zhijian, then the captain of the criminal investigation team, anxiously asked Gao Sihai whether the body was Xu Jiafu. Gao Sihai analyzed the situation of the body fairly. He said that burning the body to such an extent could not determine the identity of the deceased, and they believed that Xu Jiafu was only Zhao Yue’s report. Liu Zhijian was so anxious that he was anxiously waiting for the autopsy report to be closed.

At this time, Wei Cannon took X-rays of the corpse to find Gao Sihai. When Gao Sihai saw the light on his head, he thought of Xu Jiafu’s experience of pulling out his teeth. He didn’t say it. He just asked Liu Zhijian to go to the dental clinic to see if Xu Jiafu Medical report. Liu Zhijian was confused.

Gao Sihai suspects Xu Jiafu’s death by fraud

Gao Sihai found Zhao Yuee. He implicitly reminded Zhao Yuee to tell the truth. He said that he and Xu Jiafu were brothers. He knew Xu Jiafu very well. Xu Jiafu did everything for Zhao Yuee. Zhao Yue’e understood that Gao Sihai was suspicious of Xu Jiafu’s death for the 400,000 people. She angered Gao Sihai and drove him away.

Liu Zhijian went to the forensic appraisal department again to find Gao Sihai, and Wei Cannon said that Gao Sihai had never come. Liu Zhi was anxious. He didn’t understand why it was so difficult for Gao Sihai to produce an autopsy report.

Liu Zhijian visited Gao Sihai personally, and Gao Sihai was sad and worried. After being questioned by Liu Zhijian, Gao Sihai recounted his relationship with Xu Jiafu’s family. Gao Sihai and his mother turned to the Xu family when they fled. Xu’s family resembled Gao Sihai, and Gao Sihai and Xu Jiafu were like brothers.

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