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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 2 Recap

Ning Bozhu, the eldest lady of the Ning Group, was framed by her boyfriend Yang Feng and best friend Liang Xiaobing a year ago, and crossed to Tongcheng in Yunfeng Country. And now, she is already the boss of Ningjia Youpin, the most popular grocery store in Tongcheng, getting rich, getting rich, and reaching the pinnacle of life, everything is under her control. Ningjia Youpin began to hold a shopping festival. There were banners outside the store, and a maid holding an advertisement.

Many people gathered outside. Ning Baizhu told everyone at the door the rules, the first step is to pay the deposit, and then pay the balance after an hour, and the deposit will be doubled back. The second step is to make up the order, as long as you make up four hundred dollars, forty copper plates will be returned to them. The third step is to pick up the leaks. You can randomly grab a lucky bag. For things that usually cost more than 500 yuan, now you only need 99 yuan.

If you grab it, you earn it. This is the practice of modern promotion, but the ancients have never seen it before, and they all find it very new. Everyone had to go to the store, Ning Bozhu quickly stopped them and said that there was a bargaining activity. As long as they could make up enough people to bargain, these goods could be spent at no cost. As soon as he finished speaking, the people outside were gone. Ning Bozhu was wondering that these people had all returned and they were still holding weapons. Ning Bozhu was taken aback.

Someone asked her how to bargain and where to do it. Ning Bozhu was very helpless. They were talking about cutting prices, not people. The maid was very surprised and felt that no one would do this business and would definitely lose money. Ning Bozhu said that she is making full use of the consumer’s psychology, stimulating consumption, small profits but quick turnover, clearing inventory, and let her learn more. At night, there was no one in the store, and the wind chimes suddenly rang. Ning Bozhu looked up and saw a very handsome man appearing in the store.

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