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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 1 Recap

Ye Yunchen is the god of war of Yunfeng Nation, with high martial arts and outstanding ability. He just returned from a victory battle, but was asked to enter the city alone with his guards. The guards were very strange, the general guarding the city also asked Ye Yunchen to unload his uniform. The guard was very angry, but Ye Yunchen didn’t say anything and took off his shirt. In the middle of the night, Ning Bozhu was dated to the wilderness by his boyfriend Yang Feng and best friend Liang Xiaobing.

Yang Feng took out a share transfer letter and asked Ning Bozhu to sign it quickly. Ning Bozhu didn’t expect such a thing to happen, her father had just left when the two of them united to betray her. Yang Feng was not afraid of her at all, and threw the equity transfer letter in front of her and asked her to sign it quickly. Liang Xiaobing smiled triumphantly, and said that he didn’t want the front page headlines tomorrow to be news about the daughter of the Ning family.

Ning Bozhu had no choice but to agree to sign. When Ye Yunchen took off his battle robe, the general defending the city indicated that Ye Yunchen had no respect for the decree, and took the military power alone and let everyone take them. Ye Yunchen’s guard was killed, and he was shot with an arrow. He was very angry. His Ye family served for Yunfeng Kingdom for generations, but the emperor slaughtered his close relatives, killed his soldiers, and became the emperor.

But no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t change the ending. There was no one around him, and there were countless arrows shooting at him. Ning Bozhu didn’t expect that he believed in Yang Feng and Liang Xiaobing so much that they would be betrayed by them. But now in the wilderness, she can’t help it. Ning Bozhu wanted to escape, but was chased by Yang Feng and fell off the cliff. Ning Bozhu regretted it, and if she could come back, she would never trust anyone again.

Ye Yunchen fell to the ground, and if he could come back, he would definitely not do his best for Yunfeng Country. Ning Baizhu woke up, a servant girl stood by her bed, crying that she was awake, but don’t do anything stupid. Ning Bozhu was surprised when he saw the strange scene. Could it be that he had passed through?

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