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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 13

The match between the Qingmeng team and the Shinhwa team has reached a white-hot stage, and Shen Yingliang had to leave the court early due to excessive physical exertion. Without a substitute, Su Nuanxia can only play in person. Anna, who hadn’t dealt with Su Nuanxia, ​​upholds the principle of unanimous external affairs, and works hard to cheer Su Nuanxia.

The Qingmeng team was only one point behind the Shinhwa team, and when Su Nuanxia made a two-pointer, they were able to lead. But in the last ten seconds, Xia Ze threw the ball to Ding Lei, who was close to the rebound. Ding Lei dunked and scored. At the same time the countdown ended, the score stopped at 51:52. The Shinhwa team won the Qingmeng team by one point.

Nonetheless, the Qingmeng team has shown good strength, and Su Nuanxia is proud of them. After the game, Su Nuanxia invited Jun Ye to have breakfast together the next day. In fact, they have dated several times, but they haven’t disclosed the progress of their relationship. Mainly Su Nuanxia has concerns. She likes Jun Ye, but she doesn’t know if it’s not safe to fall in love with the players as a coach. Jun Ye didn’t know what Su Nuanxia was worried about, but he still respected her.

Early the next morning, Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye met smoothly, and they were cut off before they had time to have breakfast. The name of the visitor is Yao Zhen, the daughter of the boss of the domestic Haitai Group, who has been studying abroad for several years. Her grandfather and Jun Ye’s grandfather are close friends and have a great friendship. And she has always liked Jun Ye, even though Jun Ye has no special feelings for her, she still runs after him. When he came back this time, Yao Zhen also came to pursue Jun Ye.

Because Su Nuanxia didn’t want Jun Ye to admit that the two were dating, Yao Zhen thought Jun Ye was still single. The arrival of Yao really made Anna feel perilous. In her opinion, Yao Zhen is much more difficult to deal with than Su Nuanxia. However, the enemy’s enemy is a friend, and she decided to form an alliance with Su Nuanxia to get Yao Zhen away. After listening to Anna’s words, Su Nuanxia also thought that Yao Zhen could not be allowed to influence Junye’s training, so she went to the security room with her, and asked the security guard to detain Yao Zhen’s car on the grounds of not having a pass and racing on campus.

I thought that this would make Yao Zhen retreat, but she didn’t expect that she would be more frustrated and brave. It just so happens that Xiao Tutu needs to go to the City Games as a volunteer and will leave for a few days. Yao Zhen volunteered to take the position of basketball manager in the past few days in the name of a senior. Xiao Tutu didn’t know the identity of Yao Zhen, so he handed over the job of team manager to her.

The eldest lady’s style is different. On the first day Yao Zhen arrived in the team, he prepared a shopping card for everyone to spend in any mall of the Haitai Group, which was worth up to 10,000 yuan. This is very effective in recruiting people, Anna is very angry. Su Nuanxia was very calm. She just asked Yao Zhen to take the box lunches for all the team members, and to stay after the training to clean up the whole hall. In addition, she organized her training drafts into files according to different team members.

Anna is not as smart as Su Nuanxia, ​​she actually took the dog to the training ground directly because Yao Zhen is allergic to dog hair. If you know that allergies can be fatal when you get serious, Anna’s approach has no good results at all. Seeing Yao Zhen kept sneezing, Jun Ye reached out and pulled her out of the training ground. Anna angrily complained that Yao Zhen would pretend to be weak, Su Nuanxia looked like iron and steel, and asked Anna to quickly take the dog away, and she followed out.

When Jun Ye took Yao Zhen away, of course it wasn’t all for her. He believes that Yao’s existence has affected the team’s training and hopes that she will leave as soon as possible. Yao Zhen asked Jun Ye back if he was not tempted by such a good self. Jun Ye frankly said that he already had someone he liked. His performance was so obvious that Yao Zhen knew it was Su Nuanxia by guessing. She thought that Jun Ye was too insightful and didn’t know how to appreciate herself, so she liked Su Nuanxia. Jun Ye didn’t intend to say anything serious to her, but she touched his bottom line when she slandered Su Nuanxia. He directly stated that Su Nuanxia did not know how many times better than a self-righteous person like her.

After speaking, Jun Ye left without looking back. Su Nuanxia behind the bushes heard their conversation clearly, with an uncontrollable smile on her face.

Soon after, the results of the unified examination came out, and Su Nuanxia passed every one. She happily confessed to Jun Ye and thanked him, and also sent a red envelope. Jun Ye saw that the amount was 5.21, and thought she confessed to herself in disguise. In the end, she explained in the next sentence that there was only so much change left in WeChat, and she asked Junye to see him the next day.

The next day, Jun Ye arrived on time for the appointment. This time, he also specially followed Su Nuanxia’s request, wearing sunglasses and a hat. Although this could not stop his handsomeness, the classmates would recognize it. Seeing Su Nuanxia, ​​Jun Ye deliberately joked and held her face to ask her to thank herself.

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