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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 24 Recap

Zhou Fang came to Wanfeng Group early in the morning to deal with the suspected plagiarism. The high-level hope Zhou Fang can understand Song Rin, because Song Rin has the entire Wan Feng Group to carry, and can not disregard Wan Feng’s interests for Zhou Fang’s personal reputation. Later, Song Rin held a press conference to explain that Zhou Fang’s plagiarism had nothing to do with Wan Feng Group. If Zhou Fang really plagiarized, they would terminate Zhou Fang’s contract and hold her accountable.

Qin Qing learned that Zhou Fang was sacrificed by Song Rin, and could not help but scold Song Rong. He always encouraged Zhou Fang, and he could never be involved with Song Rin again. Although Zhou Fang understood Wan Feng Group’s actions, She was still chilling. Zhou Fang feels that she is too smooth in other aspects. It is normal for her to lose a little at work. She can accept these setbacks. Qin Qing was counting Song Rin, Song Rong’s phone came, Zhou Fang wanted to answer but was stopped by Qin Qing, Song Rong went to her house without Zhou Fang, but she was not at home, Song Rong left After that, Zhou Fang returned and she shut herself up in a daze.

Song Rong found Zhou Fang when he came back. He wanted to explain to Zhou Fang what was going on at the press conference and told her not to give up her original brand, but Zhou Fang said that she was tired and did not want to cooperate with Song Rong again. Song Rin begs Zhou Fang to continue to communicate with him, but Zhou Fang did not agree. She feels that there are too many unknowns around Song Rin. She does not have so much energy to deal with these things now. Song Rin knew that Zhou Fang was still hurt by the press conference, and he left Zhou Fang’s house in disappointment. After Song Rin left, Zhou Fang couldn’t restrain his sadness anymore, and he cried sadly.

Song Rin also because of what Zhou Fang said, a person blowing the wind outside all night, he reflected on his affairs with Zhou Fang. Song Luo wanted to help Song Rong. Before Song Rong returned, he posted a note on the balcony window and asked Zhou Fang if he missed him. When Zhou Fang came home, she saw the note posted by Song Rin’s family, which surprised her. Song Rong came back and saw the note. He understood that Song Luo was the ghost. So he called Song Luo and asked him not to let Song Luo take care of his affairs again, but then he had a whim. He asked Song Luo to write an English “I Miss you”, continue to post on the window.

Zhou Fang told her employees that she couldn’t cooperate with Wanfeng Group anymore, but the employees all understood Zhou Fang and comforted her in unison. Song Rin wanted to help Zhou Fang and could not stand up brightly. He could only ask Shen Wei to deal with some defamatory legal matters, and Qin Qing also asked Shen Wei to help. Song Rin looked at Zhou Fang’s house on the balcony every day. Song Luo made a joke after seeing it. He specially sent a message to ask whether Zhou Fang was at home and told Song Fang about Zhou Rong’s bad things. Zhou Fang came out to see Song Rong.

Li Ruhui felt that Zhou Fang encountered so many things, and that there was a problem with his feng shui and Zhou Fang’s face, so he invited a master to see Feng Shui at home. Zhou Fang did not believe in Feng Shui masters, but Li Ruhui believed it firmly After taking Master Shao home to watch, he took him to where Zhou Fang now lives. Zhou Fang knew that the so-called master just wanted to cheat some more money. She wanted to stop Li Ruhui but couldn’t stop it. She could only let Li Ruhui and Master Shao come home, but she didn’t expect Song Rin to be opposite, she immediately signaled Song Rin to hide He got up, but Song Rong didn’t hear Zhou Fang’s words. Zhou Fang hurriedly sent a message to Song Rong, but when it was too late, Li Ruhui saw Song Rong opposite.

Li Ruhui was very angry when she saw Song Rong, and he called Master Shao away at the checkout, and then took Zhou Fang to Song Rong’s house to solve the problems between them. Song Rong asked Zhou Fang to delay for a while, so that he could change clothes to see Li Ruhui, but Zhou Fang really didn’t know how to drag. He could only excuse diarrhea and lied that he didn’t know where Song Rong was, but Li Ruhui saw through. Li Ruhui came to the door to ask Song Rin, what is the relationship with Zhou Fang, and threatened Song Rin not to lie on this issue, otherwise she would never let Song Rong see Zhou Fang.

Song Rin looked at Zhou Fang, and after thinking about it for a long time, he came up with a particularly good answer, saying he was pursuing Zhou Fang frantically, but Zhou Fang had not agreed. Li Ruhui was very satisfied with Song Rong’s answer, but Unexpectedly, Song Luo came home suddenly. After two sentences, Song Rong was demolished. Song Rong motioned to Song Luo to hurry back to the house and wanted to comfort Li Ruhui again, but Li Ruhui was angry because of Song Li’s lies and pulled Zhou Fang. She was about to leave, and she could not let her daughter get hurt again.

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