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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 21 Recap

Song Luo was angry that Shen Di didn’t tell himself in advance about going abroad, so some waywards didn’t want to send him. Song Rong and Zhou Fang sent Shen Di into the airport. After Shen Di boarded the plane, Song Luo was late and she didn’t see Shen. Dee, I feel very sad. Shen Peipei met with Qin Qing. Qin Qing blamed Shen Peipei for acting as the third person to destroy Wang Zeyang’s and Zhou Fang’s feelings. Shen Peipei felt that Zhou Fang was the third. Qin Qing heard Shen Peipei’s words before she realized that Shen Peipei was also a victim. Telling Pei Pei all the process together.

After listening to Qin Qing’s description, Shen Peipei determined that she was really cheated by Wang Zeyang, but it doesn’t matter now, because she has broken up with Wang Zeyang. Under the arrangement of Qin Qing, Shen Peipei and Zhou Fang met to explain their misunderstanding. Shen Peipei apologized to Zhou Fang for accidentally becoming Xiaosan, but Zhou Fang did not care at all, because she now has someone she likes, Wang Zeyang has become a past tense, only hope they can become friends in the future, forget Wang Zeyang together This scum man.

Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu’s wedding anniversary. Mrs. Lu wore a dress designed by Zhou Fang. Like married to Mr. Lu many years ago, he embarked on the wedding red carpet again and listened to Mr. Lu’s moving wedding vows. Mr. Lu’s oath was very touching. Song Rin took the opportunity to hold Zhou Fang’s hand. He cherished the two of them and had the opportunity to hold hands. After listening to Mr. Lu’s oath, Mrs. Lu agreed to marry Mr. Lu once again. Mr. Lu solemnly gave Mrs. Lu put on her wedding ring.

Zhou Fang and Song Rin accidentally encountered Qin’s father Qin’s mother after attending the wedding in the ward, but they refused to say why they were in the hospital. Zhou Fang asked the doctor as a daughter of Qin’s daughter, and Qin’s father was diagnosed It is hard to say whether it can be cured in the middle and late stages of liver cancer, depending on the patient’s cooperation and medication effects. Zhou Fang didn’t know how to face it. When he saw Qin’s father, he couldn’t help crying. Qin’s father was very optimistic about his condition, let Zhou Fang not worry too much, and hope that Zhou Fang would not tell Qin Qing his condition. Zhou Fang understands Qin’s thoughts. She only asks Qin’s operation to be successful. She asks Qin to treat her as her own daughter, and don’t be polite to her.

Song Luo was at the age of making choices for her life, but she didn’t believe Song Rong and refused to tell Song Rin about her thoughts. Song Luo told Zhou Fang about her thoughts and asked her to help Song Rong to discuss with her. Zhou Fang wanted to help Song Luo, but before he could figure out how to speak, Song Luo pushed him to Song Rong. Song Rin knew Song Luo’s thoughts, but did not believe that Song Luo was really thinking about her life. She only thought that she was an excuse for going abroad to find Shen Di. After knowing Song Rin’s ideas, Song Luo set up a military warrant with Song Rong in front of Zhou Fang. If she entered the top ten, Song Rong had to promise to let her go abroad, otherwise everything would listen to Song Rin’s arrangement.

Zhou Fang and Qin Qing and Shen Peipei met together to talk about propaganda. Qin Qing also called Huo Chendong and introduced Shen Peipei to Huo Chendong. He did not expect that Shen Peipei had a very good impression of Huo Chendong, which surprised Qin Qing and Zhou Fang. They take this adult beauty. Father Qin wanted to see Qin Qing’s boyfriend, so he called Zhou Fang to help arrange it. Zhou Fang called Zuo Yulin and told him to go to the hospital to visit Qin Father without Qin Qing. After Zuo Yulin arrived at the hospital, Qin’s father had a good impression of Zuo Yulin, so he went to the hospital to spend the night with him. He also wanted to know more about Zuo Yulin. Zuo Yulin agreed to Qin because he could not go Qin Qing had to lie to her. After listening to Zuo Yulin’s words, she directly told Zhou Fang and Shen Peipei that Zuo Yulin was derailed. She was about to break up with Zuo Yulin, and Shen Peipei and Zhou Fang coincided. Stop talking.

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