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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 18 Recap

Nongying grabbed the flower root from the doctor, but the flower root was burned to ashes, making the shadow anxious and kicking the doctor on the ground.

Leng Yongnian’s research organization accidentally locked himself in the organization. He promised that as long as Chang Le rescued him, he would give them the treasure box. After Changle opened the office, he bought the treasure box from Leng Yongnian at a price of sixty-six thousand two.

Li Che placed the treasure box in front of the master thief. He didn’t want to see the master thief, so he said that the treasure map was fake. In this case, it is up to them to look at their moods if they don’t help them. At this time Qin Feiyu appears to say that he is a thief. Chang Le asked why he didn’t tell them his true identity early. Qin Feiyu explained that the twelfth house of Tianji was created by his master. If he wants to get the drawings, he must pass his master. In addition, I also want Changle to clean up the portal. Leng Yongnian is actually a brother of Changle, but he learned all the tricks of abduction and abduction. He released news on the rivers and lakes that he had the treasures of the former corrupt official Shi Hongbo In the picture, everyone is rushing to go to Long Lengfu for treasure, and he is cheated by a lot of money. Changle has already cracked his institution on this trip, so he can make the institution public, so he can no longer deceive.

After this series of tests, Li Che finally got the drawings of the twelfth house of heaven and earth. Reminiscent of the twelfth house of heaven, the master of robbing the saints was a pity. This organ was originally built by General Duan, but was occupied by Liu Sheng. After getting the drawings, Qin Feiyu couldn’t wait to let Changle take himself to Xiaotushan to find Duan Nian’er’s grave. Before leaving, Chang Le once again told Li Che to stay away.

Nongying blamed herself for destroying the roots of Huohualiu, and looked at the tearful Nongying, Gongsun Mo took her into her arms with a heartache. Li Che posted Leng Yongnian’s government maps all over the street and made his strategy public.

Chang Le brought Qin Feiyu to the master’s tomb. Qin Feiyu felt a remorse against the tombstone, but Changle found that there was something wrong with the tombstone and the orientation of the tombstone changed a lot. The two worked together to open the coffin and found Duan Nian’er’s body missing.

Li Che returned to the capital and brought Arrie to meet the emperor, just as Li Heng was there. After experiencing the elopement, Li Heng was much calmer than before, and he offered to bring Ariel to play. When Li Heng left, Li Che saw anger clearly in his eyes.

After the party returned to the capital, Liu Sheng again summoned the shadow back to Liu Fu to investigate the prince’s actions in Rongcheng. It can be used to say that Li Che is just visiting the mountains and waters, and has no other activities, dispelling Liu Sheng’s doubts. Liu Sheng let Ning Ying deliberately make some troubles, creating a contradiction between Li Che and Arriety, trying to cut Li Che’s connection with Ye Mingguo. Nong Ying left Liu’s house and searched all the hospitals in Beijing, but did not find Huoyu clove.

Although he had already obtained the drawings of the Twelfth House of Heavenly Machine, Qin Feiyu felt that it would be safer to go and investigate. Gongsun Mo suggested that the investigation could be carried out on the day of the emperor’s big wedding while Liu Sheng was not in Liu’s mansion, and then wait for the rescue operation when everyone was tired after the big wedding.

Gongsun Mo found that Nong Ying and Qin Feiyu did not know what they were talking about, and felt suspicious, so he followed them all the way out of the Prince’s Mansion.

The emperor sent kilometers of eunuchs to take Zhu Yan to the Miaozhen Pavilion in the city as a wedding dress. Li Heng used his love story with Zhu Yan to impress Miaozhenge’s boss Dong girl and agreed to hide him in the store to create a chance for them to be alone. Seeing Zhu Yan, Li Heng excitedly embraced her in his arms, and he proposed to take Zhu Yan to elope again. Zhu Yan has confirmed his destiny and made a plan to marry the emperor, persuading Li Heng not to act recklessly. Zhu Yan said that even though she married the emperor, she loved Li Heng deeply, and she believed that they would be together in the near future.

Li Mogong and Sun Mo followed Qin Feiyu all the way and found out that they had met PepsiCo. The poor tracking methods of the two of them made it easy for Ning Ying to discover. After the shadow was gone, Li Che threatened Qin Feiyu with his secrets of concealing his identity. Pepsi said that the shadowy asked him to look for the herbal medicine Huoyu lilac.

So far, Gongsun Mo had no choice but to report his illness truthfully, Li Che said he must find the herbal medicine Huoyu clove.

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