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Burning 燃烧 Episode 9 Recap

Yang Heng tied Li Yan to the Beishan cave. He asked Li Yan if he was Xu Guangyi’s son. Luo Hongying killed her. Li Yan said impatiently that she really didn’t know if Yang Heng was Xu Guangyi’s son, and Luo Hongying really didn’t kill her. She only cares about money, and she won’t kill people because of love. Yang Heng doubted it. Li Yan said bitterly that if Yang Heng was really an illegitimate child of Xu Guangyi, he would rather split his property in half. Yang Heng growled and said that he does not need money, he needs the truth. But Li Yan had no truth to tell Yang Heng, Yang Heng ran outside the cave and looked up and howled in pain.

Feng Kai, Li Xia, Liu Qingye and others stayed at Li Yan’s house and waited for the kidnapper to call again. But the kidnapper never called again, Feng Kai said frowningly, he always felt that this was a bit strange. Li Xia asked him in doubt what he thought. Feng Kai said that he always felt that Li Yan’s disappearance at this time point was related to the 405 case. He said that Li Yan and Yang Sanshui might both know some of the truth of the 405 case.

Just then the kidnapper called again, Xu Huanhuan quickly picked up the phone, Feng Kai and others had all the monitoring facilities in place. After Xu Huanhuan connected the phone, Yang Heng asked for a ransom of five million yuan. What Xu Huanhuan wanted to say, Yang Heng hurriedly hung up. Feng Kai and others found nothing. Feng Kai found huge amount of property in Li Yan safe.

The review team pried open Li Yan’s safe, and Fang Fei told Feng Kai that after the inspection, Li Yan’s safe had as many as 30 million assets. Not only was Feng Kai shocked, even Xu Huanhuan was incredible.

Gao Feng found the security guard in the underground parking lot of Li Yan Community. He asked the security guard if he had discovered Li Yan’s anomaly recently. The security guard thought about it and said that the night before, Jiang Xiaoshan sent Li Yan back to talk with people at the door for a long time and added WeChat to each other. Gao Feng vaguely felt this was different. Gao Feng immediately contacted Jiang Xiaoshan to ask about the matter last night. Jiang Xiaoshan admitted that someone did add his WeChat last night.

Gao Feng found Feng Kai and told him that he had found that it was Yang Heng who kidnapped Li Yan. Feng Kai immediately ordered to investigate Yang Heng immediately. After Feng Kai realized that Gao Feng was no longer a policeman, he reminded Gao Feng to pay attention to his identity. Gao Feng is helpless.
Feng Kai immediately reported the information found by Gao Feng with Li Xia. He left Liu Qingye at Xu Huanhuan’s house and continued to squat to monitor the phone. He took others to Yang Heng. After Feng Kai left, Xu Huanhuan did not secretly call Xu Da by Liu Qingye. She told Xu Da that Yang Heng had kidnapped Li Yan. Xu Da was shocked.

Xu Da told Yang Yue about Yang Heng. Xu Da hurried back to Zhao Yue’e, he said panickingly that Luo Hengying’s son Yang Heng kidnapped Li Yan. Zhao Yue’e was shocked. She blamed herself and said why she didn’t think of Yang Heng. Zhao Yue’e urged Xu Da to hurry to the airport and leave immediately.

After Xu Da left, Zhao Yue’e was very thoughtful. Zhao Yue’e thought about opening the safe and took out a mobile phone from inside. At this time, the man who killed Yang Sanshui to monitor Li Yan’s family received Zhao Yuee’s mobile phone, and Zhao Yuee ordered him to kill the other party in time if he found a problem.

Feng Kai finally found Yang Heng’s Passat sedan in numerous road surveillance videos. He soon discovered that Yang Heng’s car had been driving north. Combined with many situations, Feng Kai judged that Yang Heng kidnapped Li Yan to the Beishan cave. At this time, Gao Feng also analyzed that Yang Heng might tie Li Yan to the Beishan cave, and he rushed to the Beishan cave. Gao Feng passed Yang passing by on the road. Gao Feng immediately contacted Feng Kai to report to him that Li Yan might be tied to Beishan Cave.

Yang Heng threatens Xu Da at the airport. Gao Feng has rushed to the Beishan cave to find Li Yan, and Li Yan screamed for help. Gao Feng saw Li Yan asking Yang Heng’s whereabouts, Li Yan told him that Yang Heng went to the airport to find Xu Da. Gao Feng couldn’t understand what Yang Heng had to do with Xu Daneng. Li Yan said excitedly that Yang Heng was the illegitimate child of Xu Guangyi and Luo Hongying. Yang Heng thought Xu Da killed Luo Hongying. Gao Feng was shocked, and he immediately contacted Feng Kai to tell him the matter. Feng Kai immediately ordered to the airport.

At this time at the airport, Yang Heng saw Xu Da who was about to board the plane. He roared and rushed over. Xu Jiatong and Zhou Haoyu, who were traveling together, were too late to react and could only watch Yang Heng like a roaring lion. Live in Xu Da. Yang Heng drew his dagger against Xu Da’s neck and stepped back step by step. In the chaotic scene, the man who killed Yang Sanshui squeezed out the crowd and pretended to be a lively crowded crowd next to Yang Heng. He deliberately hit Yang Heng, Yang Heng’s dagger slammed into Xu Da’s neck, Xu Da’s blood Everyone was dumbfounded by spraying blood like a pump.

Yang Heng stared blankly at the scene in front of him, and soon the airport police caught Yang Heng. Xu Da was quickly carried to the ambulance. Feng Kai and his party rushed to the airport at this time, they saw the scene of Xu Da being carried on an ambulance. At this time, Liu Qingye and Gao Feng rescued Li Yan from the cave in front of the Beishan cave. Zhou Haoyu wandered anxiously in the hospital corridor, and Zhou Wei arrived at the news. Zhou Haoyu hurried up and asked Zhou Wei if the carotid artery was cut and saved. Zhou Wei did not see Xu Da unable to answer.

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