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Burning 燃烧 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Da came to Xu Jiatong’s office as scheduled at night. Xu Jiatong suddenly asked Xu Da if the police were looking for him today because of the 1996 case. Xu Da unnaturally concealed that Xu Guangyi was small, and the police found him naturally. Xu Jiatong said with a smile, she clearly remembered that Xu Da often drove herself in a Lexus car in 1996, but she never saw that car after the 405 case. Xu Da bowed his head contemptuously and wanted to leave in a hurry.

Xu Jiatong suddenly stopped him and said that he went to Beishan Cave today. Xu Da was dumbfounded. Xu Jiatong took out the photo of Luo Hongying on the phone and asked Xu Da if the woman was Luo Hongying because she saw Luo Hongying get off Xu Da’s Lexus when she was a child. Xu Da’s face became pale.

Xu Jiatong smiled and said that even if Luo Hongying was killed by Xu Da, he would not tell the police, after all, he was his uncle and he was very kind to himself. Xu Da was relieved. He concealed and said that Luo Hongying was only talking about Xu Guangyi’s affairs, and he didn’t kill him. Xu Jiatong cleverly said that Xu Da was his uncle, and he believed everything he said. Xu Da hurriedly left, came to the elevator and Xu Da pounded the wall in annoyance. Not far away, Xu Jun saw this scene.

Zhou Wei dissatisfied with Zhou Haoyu’s appointment at Longxing. Because Zhou Haoyu was about to go to Britain, the Zhou Wei family invited Gao Feng to dinner together. At the dinner table, Zhou Wei sullenly said that if it was not Zhou Haoyu’s mother Shen Chaoying, he didn’t even know that Zhou Haoyu was the general manager of Longxing Financial Group. Zhou Haoyu said dissatisfiedly, what kind of grievances they had with Long Xing were the affair of their predecessors and had nothing to do with themselves. Zhou Wei blamed angrily on Zhou Haoyu for letting him resign from Dragon Star immediately. Zhou Haoyu refused to accept it. He fell down and said that if Zhou Wei was dissatisfied, they could break the relationship between father and son. Zhou Haoyu said angrily after leaving.

Zhou Wei asked Shen Chaoying after seeing Zhou Haoyu’s departure for a long time, did Longxing Group go to the UK this time to borrow more than one billion yuan. Shen Chaoying is the governor of the bank. She corrected that it was not a loan, but a domestic guarantee and a foreign loan. Zhou Wei didn’t understand this kind of professional term. He even suggested that Long Xing’s accident would involve Zhou Haoyu.

Yang Heng squatted in front of Li Yan’s tea club, and Li Yan came out after playing cards. Yang Hengying lied to claim that he was a friend of Li Yan’s car driver Jiang Xiaoshan. He said that he was entrusted by Jiang Xiaoshan to pick up Li Yan. In order to prove that he did not lie, Yang Heng reported the name of the community where Li Yan lived, and Li Yan did not doubt that he got into Yang Heng’s car.

Jiang Xiaoshan told Xu Huanhuan that Li Yan was out of touch. Li Yan’s full-time driver Jiang Xiaoshan came to the door of the tea house to meet Li Yan at the appointed time, but he could not see anyone for a long time. Xiao Jiang had no choice but to contact Xu Huanhuan. He said that Li Yan could not be reached. Xu Huanhuan called Li Yan’s brand friends, who confirmed that Li Yan was indeed separated from them. Xu Huanhuan rushed to Li Yan’s house and still found no one. Xu Huanhuan called and yelled at Jiang Xiaoshan. She suspected that Jiang Xiaoshan kidnapped Li Yan, and Jiang Xiaoshan was badly corrupted.

Xu Huanhuan was still not assured and called Xu Da to tell the matter again. Xu Da was also very surprised. He persuaded Xu Huanhuan not to call the police for the time being. Xu Da wanted to take a look at Li Yan’s community. As a result, Jiang Xiaoshan was describing the situation with the police at the door of the community. Seeing that the police were guilty, Xu Da called Xu Huanhuan and asked her not to tell the police that she knew that Li Yan was missing. Xu Da put down the phone and called Zhao Yuee immediately. He panicked that Li Yan was missing. He had all sorts of suspicions denied by Zhao Yuee. Zhao Yue’e told Xu Da that during this time, don’t contact Xu Huanhuan again.

Yang Heng took the comatose Li Yan to the Beishan cave. Li Yan suddenly woke up and struggled desperately. Yang Heng stunned Li Yan again.

Gao Feng accidentally heard of the kidnapping case in the city. After inquiring, he was surprised that Li Yan was kidnapped. The other party also offered a ransom of three million yuan. At this time Feng Kai and others asked Xu Huanhuan to investigate the disappearance of Li Yan. They found that Li Yan had also loan sharks before. In addition to this information, Xu Huanhuan can hardly provide other useful information.

Gao Feng did everything possible to find Jiang Xiaoshan’s residence, and Gao Feng clarified his identity. Jiang Xiaoshan said with emotion, that several policemen had found himself today, and now it is high wind, and he really does not understand. Gao Feng told Jiang Xiaoshan about the 405 case, and Jiang Xiaoshan understood why Li Yan had attracted so much attention.

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